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5 Go-To Gutter Cleaning Products for Fall and Beyond

You should clean your gutters at least one a year. Prevent blockages from fallen leaves and other debris with these go-to gutter cleaning tools.

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Clean Your Gutters for Fall

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important chores around the home that you need to do at least once every year, especially with trees shedding their leaves for fall. Keeping crud from clogging up your gutters helps prevent water damage to the siding and your yard. Most importantly, it prevents damage to the foundation, which can be a nightmare for any homeowner. If you don’t want to pay to have your gutters cleaned, it’s a relatively straight forward job that you can do in a day, depending on the size of your home. These products will help make cleaning out your gutters snap. Don’t forget, you’ll also need some basic tools for the job, like a ladder, gloves, a bucket and gloves.

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Sweet Sprayer Kit

For blasting leaves, dirt and other gunk out of your gutters, you need the Ezy Flo Deluxe high-reach gutter cleaning kit. Just attach this to your pressure washer to make clearing gutters from the ground super simple. Plus, the scrubber attachment gets every nook and cranny clean.

Have you ever heard of a gutter cleaning robot? Yep, it exists!

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Serious Scoop

This flexible, lightweight, easy-to-use scoop is great for that first pass after your leaves start to fall. It’s sized perfectly to fit inside your gutters, and it lifts a lot of debris and sludge at once—something other small garden tools can’t handle. Do your gutters and downspouts make a lot of noise? Here’s how to quiet them.

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Easy-To-Install Guard

The snap-in mesh of these gutter guards makes keeping junk out of your gutters really simple. And that means less cleaning throughout the year! Learn everything you need to know about installing gutter guards yourself.

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Blower Extension

You can easily blast your gutters clean with your blower and these handy extensions. The attachments are easy to put together and fit most major brands of gas and electric blowers. Plus, the whole tool is very lightweight.

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Make This Fall Chore a lot More Fun

This little helper not only looks cool, it cleans really well, too! Attach the high-pressure rocket nozzle to your standard garden hose and push it though your gutters and downspouts. It drives leaves and debris through, releasing clogs in no time. Follow these steps if you are looking to do gutter cleaning the old-fashioned way.

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