12 Heavy-Duty Garage Storage Racks

Getting your garage organized doesn't need to be difficult. There are plenty of products on the market to help you create a place for all of your gear. Here are 12 heavy-duty garage storage racks to consider.

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Overhead Garage Storage Rack

This 4-foot by 8-foot overhead garage storage rack allows you to get items off the floor and utilize the space up above. It’s suitable for up to 550 pounds and it’s easy to assemble, according to the manufacturer. Users note you can also hang things, such as exertion cords and drop lights from the rack.

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Industrial Storage Rack

DeWalt offers this industrial storage rack with a patented racking system made especially for heavy-duty use. These shelves cost less than $200 and they are built to last a lifetime. Use these 51 brilliant ideas to organize your garage.

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Family Handyman

Garage Storage Tower

In a weekend, you can build this DIY garage storage tower. It works great when you have big, plastic storage bins to organize. It would also work well in a basement or mudroom. Learn how to build this garage storage tower.

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Tool Storage Rack

Keep all those tools from falling over with this tool storage rack. It holds up to 200 pounds of gear—everything from rakes and brooms to chainsaws and weed whackers.

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Overhead Storage Kit

This overhead garage storage kit from Costco has two 4-foot by 8-foot racks, along with rail hooks and utility hooks. It’s designed to be attached to two separate ceiling joists and will give you plenty of room to store everything from camping gear to tools and hang bikes and outdoor equipment. Try these inexpensive DIY workshop storage solutions.

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Bike Storage Rack

Prevent your bikes from toppling over with this garage storage rack for bicycles. It holds up to 200 pounds of gear and includes five bike storage attachments. Buyers noted the rack is easy and quick to install, and is adjustable to accommodate various bike sizes. Here are 10 essential bike storage tips to keep in mind.

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Five-Shelf Garage Storage Rack

For a simple heavy-duty rack, Gladiator offers this model which holds up to 1,00 pounds on each of the five shelves. And, the innovative click-and-lock system makes for easy, tool-free assembly. Find out how to use the 150 square feet of unused space in your garage!

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Lumber Storage Rack

If you have lumber to store, try this wall mounted storage rack. It holds up to 600 pounds on six levels of storage. “For the price you can’t beat these,” noted one Amazon buyer. Do you find lumber dimension confusing? If so, check out this explanation.

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Bin Storage Rack

Perfect for storing smaller items, this heavy-duty garage storage rack has seven tiers to store bins. Included are 16 bins and four bin dividers. “This thing is really cool and the more I use it the more I like it. I found it to be very simple to assemble and took less than 30 minutes,” said one Amazon buyer. These simple storage solutions are great for small spaces.

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Pegboard Storage Rack

Pegboard is a great option for storing just about everything. This stainless steel pegboard storage rack from Northern Tool includes 60 assorted hooks. Its design allows you to easily move it around the garage. These 14 ideas will help you organize anything with pegboard.

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Lockable Storage Cabinet Featured

Lockable DIY Storage Rack/Cabinet

You probably store some dangerous tools and products in your garage—things you don’t want your kids to get into. This lockable cabinet gives you a safe place to store chemicals, paint, pest control products, sharp tools and other potentially dangerous objects.

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Adjustable Garage Storage Rack

This five-tier garage storage rack will give you plenty of ways to organize all of your gear. It holds up to 386 pounds on each shelf. Buyers noted that the shelves are fairly easy to put together and are great for smaller and mid-sized items. Learn how to build a garage storage wall in just one day.

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