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Holiday Bathroom Decor You Have to See to Believe

Holiday decorations don't need to be confined to the living room and the outdoors. There are holiday decorations for just about everything, including these bathroom decor pieces that are, well, questionable.

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Santa Seat Cover

This Santa toilet seat cover and rug set brings a dose of extra Christmas cheer to any bathroom. However, it may be a bit creepy to have Santa watching your every move.

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Santa and Rudolph Shower Curtain

While this shower curtain may work for a child’s bathroom, it may be a bit too cheesy for adults. If you’re looking to include holiday decorations as part of your bathroom decor, look for items that are a little more…..subtle. Check out these spots for inexpensive Christmas decorations.

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Holiday Bath Mat

This holiday bath mat has a busy design of gifts, snowmen and gingerbread men. The description states that it can be used in places outside the bathroom, but its unlikely it will fit in with any of your holiday decorations or bathroom decor. Get ready for the holidays with these nine handy decorating tips.

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Christmas Toilet Paper

There really isn’t anything these days that’s off limits when it comes to Christmas decor. This Christmas toilet paper reads, “In case you get crap for Christmas.” Full disclosure — the words are embroidered only on the first sheet and the rest of the roll is paper towels. Makes a great gift, though!

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Christmas Tree Night Light

Night lights are common additions to bathroom decor, especially in homes with young children. This Christmas tree nightlight may be the perfect addition to a child’s bathroom, but it doesn’t really seem right for the grownups’ bathroom.

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Frosty Seat Cover

If you’re into toilet seat covers for the holidays, there are plenty of options to choose from. This one features a smiling Frosty, complete with top hat and rug. It’s unclear what’s he’s so happy about. Here are nine DIY snowman making ideas everyone will love.

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Holiday Shower Curtain

Santa is certainly the jokester when it comes to holiday bathroom decor. Here he is peeking outside the shower curtain.

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