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These 12 Home Décor Ideas Will Improve Your Interior with Minimal Effort

Simple ways to make your home look like you spent a lot more time and money than you actually did.

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Arc Floor Lamp

Oversized arc lamps are all the rage right now. Lamps Plus offers an exciting array to choose from, including this contemporary piece. Minimal in material, the drama comes from the graceful arc design that is perfect for extending over your living room sofa for a luxe look that will make guests think you spent a couple thousand dollars on it! Here are 14 epic trends in lighting that will inspire you to make these fresh, easy upgrades.

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Hairpin End Table

A simple, sturdy table with a high-end look, the dainty legs of a hairpin end table complement a more grounded tabletop. It’s a small addition with big appeal. Plus, there’s no assembly required! Here are five hairpin leg projects you can make.

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Leaning Ladder

This vintage-look wood ladder is the perfect way to display your collection of throw blankets or quilts. It will be right at home leaning against a wall in a traditional, modern farmhouse or rustic setting, ready to add a relaxing touch. Curvy couches and statement ceilings are just some of the trends to get excited about in 2019.

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Faux Fur Throw Blanket

There’s something simply luxurious about a throw blanket effortlessly draped across a sofa, on an accent chair or neatly tucked onto a leaning ladder. When you add the glamour of faux fur, you kick it up another notch. These 11 simple DIY home decorating ideas can help you transform a space from drab to fab with minimal time and effort.

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Crushed Velvet Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are another easy way to jazz up a space with minimal effort. If your sofa could use a pick-me-up, try adding some crushed velvet pillows for a truly elegant look. Three experts in the field of style and interior design tell us what your home decor choices reveal about you.

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Antique Gold Glass Coffee Table

Gold is so hot right now, and when combined with a vintage look, it makes for visual extravagance. Swap out your stained, bulky coffee table for this one, featuring a gold leaf finish and polished mirror top. It will completely change the look of your living room. Refresh your memory on these essential home decor ideas that represent the heart and soul of mid-century modern style.

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White Scandinavian Kitchen Cart

A kitchen island is a swanky investment, but if you don’t have the space or budget for a permanent one, this simple cuisine cart will do! The cart features a solid wood base with an innovative lightweight, aged-finish concrete top. There’s also a spice rack, two towel bars and a utility drawer. Check out these 100 cheap decor ideas that look expensive.

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A Colorful Tribal Rug

An area rug can transform a space and requires no major set-up. Adding rich patterns in soft hues can make the room feel both unique and sophisticated. This rug is inspired by the vibrant rug markets of Morocco. Learn how to clean area rugs yourself.

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Rope Basket

Typical storage boxes are pretty unsightly, which is why they’re tucked into closets and under beds. But rope creates a warm, sophisticated look, and a basket is the perfect “open concept” design for storing easy-to-access things like throw blankets and more. Learn about the healthy Swedish lifestyle concept of “lagom.”

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A Sputnik Chandelier

Just the word “chandelier” screams chic. Adding a little uniqueness keeps things light, like this mid-century modern fixture with many arms. There’s even a farmhouse feel with the rustic gray wood. Here are 12 unique and unexpected ways to use metal in home decor.

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A Set of Hex Knobs

Give your kitchen cabinets, bedroom dresser or bathroom vanity new life with a set of hex knobs. They’ll spice up a boring piece without breaking the bank. Take a look at our top 10 home decor items from Target.

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Luxurious Bedding

It’s impossible to forget the bedroom when it comes to improving your interior. While you might not want to sweat over a complete makeover anytime soon, the simple addition of luxurious bedding can make your entire room feel refreshed. For buttery soft sheets that are inexpensive but high quality, and lightweight, fluffy down comforters, Brooklinen has you covered. These are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to buy a new mattress.

You should also consider wall stencils for painting. They’re very inexpensive and easily create a focal point in any room.

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