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Home Inspector Nightmares: Vol 13

Welcome to the funhouse! Plus in this issue, you’ll see some in-wall paleontology.

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Wonder what the bedroom ceiling looks like?

What twisted freak designed this? It’s like a funhouse bathroom! Might want to take a look at some good ways to remodel a bathroom.
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At least they’re stainless!Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

At least they’re stainless!

It’s a little known fact, but bolts have to go through the material they’re intended to hold in place. Deck joists need to be installed properly for maximum support.
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Death Valley

Don't cry honey, I have no idea what happened to your pet iguana. But rest assured, he'll always be with us. Or is it a wayward squirrel that couldn't find his way out?
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Who needs a steel post-of the right length-that’s anchored, or something?

Is this a game of whole-house Jenga? These load-bearing posts are supposed to support the whole house, the little blocks don’t have the compression strength to do the job.
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Surgical clamp

Well, if the saddle valve doesn't fail, at least the C-clamp on the hose will. My guess is that the saddle valve already failed, so someone found a clever way to turn it off!
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Who needs a “Pee”-trap?

"See, this way the city can't monitor the water going down my drain and I don't get charged for it. And if I'm not feeling like using the toilet, I can just let loose anywhere in the basement!" Yes, it’s true. In order to work properly, a drain actually has to be connected to something.
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Architectural detailing for the ages

Here's proof. The cool thing about installing shingles is that any dummy can do it! But, there is a right way to do it!
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OSHA approved

There. That’ll keep the inspector off my back. I hope he doesn’t bring a tape so he can check the distance between the balusters on my new stair rail.
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So I asked the plumbing guy at the home center….

This is a perfect install, if the only use is for flooding your basement. This utdoor sillcock could've been thought through a little better.
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Stick shift toilet

So, I sit backwards, project my video game on the tank, and use the flusher as a joystick. Might be time to replace this old beauty.

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