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Home Inspector Nightmares: Vol. 17

Home inspectors see the darndest things! Who would have thought you could use pie pans as heating parts or save paint by not moving the couch.

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Stan and Andrea’s fault

This isn’t just a case of bad stucco. The homeowner is going to have to go all the way to replacing the footings.
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Larry, Curly and Moe

Apparently, there was one shingle from the old roof that just had some sentimental value. But eventually, he'll have to give up on sentiments and replace the shingle.
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Cold air return

Hard to figure out what’s going on here. Sure you need a cold air return in the basement, but why not just put a vent in the cold air return? Maybe they’re planning ahead for a future wall?
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Nerve ganglia

So the theory is, if you just hook up enough wires, something's gotta work. Installing a new outlet shouldn't be this difficult.
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Guess where the couch was...

Cutting in paint around trim isn’t all that hard to do. And it’s even easier around furniture-or you could just move it.
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Tin pan alley

Cooling fins-or radiator fins-you be the judge. Or maybe it's an attempt to stop the mice from using the ductwork as an elevated expressway?
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The stash

It’s a secret hiding place for something, but who knows what? Learn more here about clever places to hide things.
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Squirrel prepper

Why would you bury your dry goods out in the yard when there's a cozy warm attic you can use for the winter stash? Dealing with pests like squirrels in the attic can be a challenge.
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Hot line to Dominos

After training rats, B.F. Skinner decided to test his training on the kids. Or maybe it’s connected to a switched outlet where the pizza oven is plugged in.
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Rube Goldberg's basement

Jeff decided to make it his goal to use every single 2-in. PVC fitting offered at Lowes. Can you imagine how many trips to the home center this took?

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