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Home Inspector Nightmares: Vol. 20

As you can see from this group of home inspector photos, if you can’t fix it the right way, you can always fix it the wrong way.

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Another head-scratcher

This looks like a laundry tub faucet. But why was the spout cut off? Didn’t clear the divider maybe? It’s time for this cowboy to invest in a new laundry tub.
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Dual exhaust downspouts

This is another case of "PP" (pretty poor) planning. The garage furnace flue was cut in before figuring out clearance issues with the gutters. But aren't those downspouts perfect?
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Painter’s tape doesn’t stand up to the elements like good old duct tape. Not to mention the fact that this is an antenna for indoor use only? Barney won’t be on for long. There are other ways to improve TV reception.
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Where there’s a will…

If you close off the register, this cabinet doubles as a convection oven. Would’ve been a better idea to reroute that ductwork.
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Flashing foolishness

Looks like they got the gist of installing step flashing. Just forgot the most important part-tucking it behind the counter flashing to make a skylight leakproof.
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Tin can alley

So satisfying to see a well-planned job through to the end. Gotta check into a better way to support a shelf!
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Accidental greenhouse

Indoor plants are nice, but not when their roots are outside. Repairing the window so the plants can’t get in would be a good start to fixing this problem.
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New stairwell? Sure, hand me that reciprocating saw please.

Yup. Looks like there’s a stud wall resting on this mess. I don’t think that a 2x6 qualifies as a load-bearing post!
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DIY water heater/still conversion

Every night, Bubba added more corn to the hopper and waited by the water heater with a shot glass. I don’t think this is standard piping for a TPR valve.
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Water runs uphill right?

If so the shingles are upside down. Gutters and downspouts are generally at the bottom of eaves.

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