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Home Inspector Nightmares: Volume 21

Using the right stuff the wrong way seems to be popular with DIYers who made these repairs. If only good intentions were all that was required.

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Exterior wall sconce rough-in?

Pretty sure the downspout goes directly into the beam and shoots out the endgrain. So every so often, you'll have to replace the “rain-collecting” end of the beam. I’m guessing there’s lots of rotten wood to replace here.
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Stainless steel fasteners are cool but…

Why not put them into the post? Actually since the rim joists are resting on, rather than bolted to the post, they are quite well supported. And there is other deck hardware that would also work here.
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What is it about…

Start out with a flexible drain. And then add a few traps and other parts and you’ve got a drain system every DIYer would be proud of. Plus you’d think cutting a slot in the back of the shelf instead of hacking the whole thing away would have been in order.
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Fresh air or exhaust?

Not sure why this flexible duct is stuck into the fresh air intake. Maybe it was a convenient way to vent the bathroom.
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Shingles from Noah’s Ark?

Shingles from Noah’s Ark?

It’s amazing how bad a roof can look and still shed water. Even if that’s true, it might be time for a shingle tear-off and reroof. Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech
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Inside outPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Inside out

Someone should tell this guy that Teflon tape goes between the threads. But maybe, just maybe, if you wrap it tight enough, it works this way too.
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DIY doorstop

I think I’ll add a pink wood block to warn others from tripping over the orange wood block. Might need to re-work the door placement.
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Liquid cooled A/C

Generally, A/C compressors are air-cooled. But it can’t hurt to add some more natural coolant right? Guessing this unit might need some A/C repairs in the future.
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Valley of the dolls

Gravity combined with no shingle nails equals a soggy attic. Roof leaks are no laughing matter.
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Now that’s what I’d call a “pee-trap”

At least, without a wall, you can converse with your friends while you’re taking care of business. Not sure why that urinal is installed so close to the sink, but I’m sure it’ll up the resale value.

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