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Home Inspector Nightmares: Volume 23

Upside-down, sideways, too close, too high, or simply wrong. You’ll find it all in this edition of home inspector nightmares.

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Finally, a new use for the Yellow Pages

Here’s a clever solution to avoid burning up your bed with an electric baseboard heater. And the blue tape is a nice touch, as well as a good permanent solution, right?
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Service panel/shower combo

This is so handy. If a breaker trips while you’re in the shower, you can just reach around the wall and feel around until you find the breaker that’s tripped.
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Fun-House Door

What you can’t see in the photo is the pair of gravity boots attached to the ceiling. And all you have to do to use the door is hang upside down and work the handle. Or, learn how to hang a door right-side-up.
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Valve Stacking

Looks like they pulled the guts out of the first valve, and then connected another valve to it? I guess you’d have to control the initial valve from an interior shutoff?? Seems like replacing the old hose bib would’ve been the right choice.
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We’ve all been there…

Instead of moving the electrical box, or buying a light fixture that allows the door to open, or getting rid of this handy storage space for nothing… Another example of a DIY’er who’s obviously single.
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Shoe dryer

Clever, but baseboard heaters should be ONLY installed horizontally, at or near floor level. And that’s a lovely installation as well. The blue flexible conduit really goes nicely with the fake stone.
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Popcorn wall

Delores was so taken by the beauty of popcorn ceilings, that she decided to put in on the walls as well. Unfortunately, the next owners will likely want to remove that awful texture.
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Filters declare their independence

I don’t know about you, but if my furnace filters are sentient and start making demands, I’m moving out! But at least they’re very clear about what they require for maintenance.
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Sealed up tight

There’s no way rain is getting in here. Not even when it runs down to the cardboard. I think maybe this window might be a bit large for a window unit.
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The Steel Curtain

Not sure what the goal is here. Maybe just to protect the window from flying debris? If they’re planning an egress window, they might want to do a little research.

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