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10 Home Trends From 10 Years Ago We Hope Will Come Back

The aughts might not have been as bad as we thought.

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Looking Backward

As we head into a new decade, it’s fun to take a look back at the previous decade. Take a peek at some home trends from 10 years ago and see which ones can still work today.

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Pumpkin decorated with wreath with red berries (cotoneaster horizontalis) and green moss.Agnes Kantaruk/Shutterstock


With earthy tones making a resurgence, moss would fit in perfectly. It was a big hit for 2009, as people turned their attention to eco-awareness in décor and products they purchased. Green started to pop up in homes across the country as paint and decoration items. Take a look at what at a really, really green house looks like.

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twine decorLaboko/Shutterstock


Twine became en vogue as the shabby chic trend emerged, but it can still look good in your home even if you’ve long abandoned the shabby chic look. You can add a little twine to glass jars that you’ve planted succulents in.

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burlap pillowsBill Livingstone/Shutterstock


As twine came in during 2009, burlap came with it. Burlap is still sort of in and we’ve continued to advocate certain burlap décor, especially in fall.

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Living room with large windowsalexandre zveiger/Shutterstock

Uncluttered Look

Life can certainly get in the way of keeping a completely clean home, but it became more of a focal point at the end of the aughts. One easy way to declutter is to stop buying these things. Here’s how to start decluttering your home.

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hang a quiltFamily Handyman


Elle Decor pointed to patchwork as an emerging trend for 2009, which included quilted accessories, a mix of fabric, tiny flowers and color-block graphics. Quilts can always look good in a home, as they’re usually an heirloom item.

Check out our guide on how to hang pictures, heavy mirrors, keyhole shelves and quilts.

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bamboo decorAnna Oleksenko/Shutterstock

Eco-Friendly Materials

The going green trend really caught on in 2009, as people tried to add more sustainable elements to their homes. It came in the shadow of the financial crisis and people sought longer-lasting items, like bamboo flooring.

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Upcycling can look really good if done correctly. As people became more eco-conscious in 2009 they started adding thrift store, garage sale and estate sale items that they could repurpose. Any of these items you already have in your home are great for repurposing.

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World-inspired Design

Style at Home identified modern ethno as an emerging trend for 2009. What’s that mean? Modern ethno means adding artifacts from different cultures and combining them with classic pieces for a unique look. This meant Moroccan influenced décor items, pottery, African beadwork and wall coverings.

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Moen-Arbor-oil-rubbed-bronze-faucetFamily Handyman

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil-rubbed bronze faucets appeared all over in the aughts and it still looks good. It’s a classic metal that continues to dot homes and it’s a nice break from the ubiquitous stainless steel. Here are some of the best bathroom and kitchen faucets you can find.

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Wood Corner Blocks

Wood corner trim blocks like this one are found in older homes but they have a classic look that never really goes out of style. It gained more prominence as the rustic farmhouse look went wild, but a little decorative trim can be a good look in any decade.