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How to Get Just About Anything Delivered to Your House

Stay home, stay safe, and get everything you need.

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Package Delivery on Doorstep during Covid-19 LockdownRoschetzkyIstockPhoto/Getty Images

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These days, we aren’t leaving home all that much as we try to stay safe. But, of course, we need food and other essentials to survive, as well as some items we didn’t realize we’d need while in lockdown. And occasionally, we also find ourselves wanting the odd item—even if it’s technically not essential or it’s borderline indulgent. Maybe you realized you’re low on your pet’s favorite treats, that your supply of wine is about to run dry, or that you’d simply like a fresh bouquet to add some cheer to your surroundings. You’d be surprised at just how much you can have delivered right now, and the best part is that a purchase provides you joy and supports a business.

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go puffvia

Household Essentials: GoPuff

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If you’ve found yourself frustrated over the lack of toilet paper and cleaning supplies both online and at your local stores, don’t let the tears roll just yet. Nationwide delivery service GoPuff will bring those items—and many more household essentials—to your doorstep in under an hour. Yes, you read that right. We tried it and had 16 rolls of toilet paper in the house within 30 minutes. Just be aware that items are a bit more expensive than what you’d find in stores. Customers can place orders conveniently online or through the goPuff app (iOS and Android versions). GoPuff currently operates in 170-plus cities, and deliveries are available 24/7 in many of them. While you’re ordering, don’t forget to buy these household products that kill coronavirus.

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Customized garden: Seedsheet deliveryvia

Customized Garden: Seedsheet

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Warm weather calls for more backyard time, so make sure you’ve got a project to work on. If you’ve got a green thumb or want to see if you’ve got what it takes to start a garden, Seedsheet offers a unique approach. You essentially design a “sheet”—ideal for raised beds or prepared soil—with your preferred herbs or vegetables. The sheet is then laid over soil and will yield a nutritious harvest when tended to with water and sunlight. These are the 17 easiest foods to grow at home during quarantine.

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Booze and all the fixings: Drizlyvia

Booze and All the Fixings: Drizly

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Instead of (or in addition to) wine, consider having your favorite spirits dropped off on your doorstep. Drizly drivers will usually have your order to you within an hour, and you can even get drink extras like soda, juice, and snacks. Need some inspiration? You’ll love creating this cocktail herb garden this summer.

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Gourmet meal kits: Sun Basketvia

Gourmet Meal Kits: Sun Basket

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Those who enjoy cooking will appreciate the chef-caliber recipes, the high-quality produce and meats, and the convenience of having all the ingredients you need measured and delivered via Sun Basket. The service provides vegetarian, pescatarian, and meat options, the ability to order for two or four people, and lots of extra items you can add to your order, like cuts of meat, organic produce, and snacks.

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Premade meals: Freshlyvia

Premade Meals: Freshly

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On the other hand, if you’re not all that into cooking and prefer the ol’ microwave technique, Freshly is the meal-delivery service for you. All meals are prepared by their chefs and just need to be heated up, which means that dinner’s ready in literally three minutes. Just make sure you’re not using your microwave the wrong way.

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Pet food, treats, and supplies: I and Love and Youvia

Pet Food, Treats, and Supplies: I and Love and You

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I and Love and You is based in Boulder, Colorado, and specializes in healthy pet food. The company provides an assortment of options to choose from for both cats and dogs, including raw and human-grade food. Additionally, you can purchase treats, chews, and meal enhancers.

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Premium wines: Wincvia

Premium Wines: Winc

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You may feel like you’re breaking all the rules by having wine delivered to your door, but Winc is a legit delivery service. Its curated selection of wines is packaged carefully and shipped straight to you, ensuring you’ve got the option to sip on something lovely after a long day. Someone 21 or older must sign for the delivery. Now that you’re stocked up, make sure you’re storing your wine the right way.

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Quality paint: Backdrop Home deliveryvia

Quality Paint: Backdrop Home

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Backdrop Home has redefined the way we paint our homes and is proof that you don’t have to put that painting project off any longer. The company has curated a selection of 50 gorgeous premium interior paints and will deliver as much as you need within two business days. Here’s how to paint a room fast.

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Potted plants: Bloomscapevia

Potted Plants: Bloomscape

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Another way to add a little life to your home (literally) is to purchase a potted plant. Bloomscape offers a wide variety, ranging from cacti to succulents to trendy tropicals. One of the coolest things about the company is that it provides the services of a botanical “plant mom,” who can answer all your plant-related questions, whether it’s which plants are safe for your pets or why your plant’s leaves are browning along the edges. Got a brown thumb? Consider these 11 houseplants that are invincible and anyone can grow.

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delivery Eco-friendly feminine hygiene: Raelvia

Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene: Rael

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Running off to the store or pharmacy at the last minute to pick up feminine-hygiene items is a thing of the past. Countless delivery services exist, including Rael, which boasts an entire collection of eco-friendly menstrual care. Items include organic cotton tampons, pads, and liners, feminine wipes, and even period-proof panties.

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K-Beauty skin care: Soko Glam deliveryvia

K-Beauty Skin Care: Soko Glam

Soko Glam

South Korea isn’t just known for its innovative beauty formulations and unique ingredients. It’s also beloved for products that are often quite affordable and that offer a fun user experience. Soko Glam is a one-stop destination for all things K-Beauty, so go wild. At the very least, pick up a sunscreen! Here’s how to care for dry-cracked hands.

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Beautiful bouquets: The Bouqs Co.via

Beautiful Bouquets: The Bouqs Co.

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Whether you want to brighten up your place, send a surprise bouquet to a friend, or are shopping for someone’s birthday or a holiday, The Bouqs Co. has you covered. This flower-delivery company enlists local florists to source stems and create the bouquets, making it a collaborative effort that supports local businesses, too.

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Luxe gift boxes: Box Fox deliveryvia

Luxe Gift Boxes: Box Fox

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Searching for the perfect gift? Peruse the gorgeous selection at Box Fox. Each box is carefully curated according to a theme—like Domestic Goddess, Breakfast in Bed, or Stay Well. In lieu of being able to be with the person you’re gifting, Box Fox boxes are a great way to celebrate from afar.

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Cross-stitch kit: Amazon delivery via

Cross-Stitch Kit: Amazon

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They say that if you’re bored, you’re boring. We don’t know if that’s necessarily true, but we do know that there’s always time for a project that’ll busy your mind or hands. Cross-stitching affords you both, and Amazon has an assortment of kits that provide you with everything you need to complete the task.

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All things handmade and crafty: Etsy delieryvia

All Things Handmade and Crafty: Etsy

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Founded in 2005, Etsy is your one-stop online destination for all things handmade or craft-oriented. Peruse artisan-crafted goods and vintage finds, pick up seeds for your herb garden, or buy everything you need to DIY your own necklace, chocolates, or watercolor painting.

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