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How to Organize School Supplies at Home

Are you ready for the start of the new school year? Discover efficient and decorative ways to organize your school supplies so you and your children can easily find them.

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Use an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Don’t just fill these holders with shoes. Fill over-the-door shoe organizers with school supplies, which you can easily hang over a bedroom, office or playroom door. Pick up a shoe organizer now on Amazon.

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Put Up a Mail Organizer

A mail organizer is a smart addition for the back of the door or wall space next to a desk. Use it to sort papers, store textbooks, and organize your school supplies. You can also build your own mail organizer!

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Fill Glass Jars

Smaller craft and school supplies might seem difficult to organize, but not if you use glass jars. Buy new glass jars at the grocery store, or wash and reuse pickle, olive, jam or jelly jars. You can reuse Mason jars in many ways, including for school supplies.

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Use a Tiered Cake Stand for School Supplies

Create your own decorative craft caddy by stacking cake stands together on a lazy Susan. Once filled with school supplies, you can place this caddy next to your child’s desk or in the middle of a table so that multiple children can access what they need.

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Create a Craft Peg Board

Hang up a peg board to organize your school supplies and make them quick and easy to grab on the go. And to help you keep everything in order, try painting sections of the peg board using different colors of acrylic paint for specific supplies.

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Make a K-Cup Caddy

Fill a K-cup holder with disposable condiment cups. As a result, you’ve created an inexpensive way to hold tiny school supplies, like glitter, beads or sequins. Best of all, you can easily find the materials you need to make this K-cup caddy at any supermarket or discount store.

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aadfh17aug019aa_07 File Your FabricsCourtesy of Laura Silva

File Your Fabrics

Keep your fabrics organized by using a filing cabinet. Simply wrap fabric around the filing cabinet folders, hang them and voila! This professional-looking holder helps you find the fabric you need without a lot of mess or hassle. You’ll need this school supplies organization hack when your little one is in need of a homemade costume. And it’ll help your teen stay organized for home economics class. If their home ec class gets assignments online, like most classes nowadays, check out these back to school devices.

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Serve Up School Supplies in a Silverware Tray

Move over flatware, the school supplies are taking over! Reuse any silverware tray as a craft and school supply organizer that easily fits into a drawer or cabinet.

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Hang Galvanized Pails

Fill small pails with school supplies, then hang them on wall hooks, a coat rack, on string, a peg board or cabinet knobs. Paint them with acrylic paint to make them more colorful, or leave the pails unpainted for a more rustic look.

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Utilize a Kitchen Cart

Wheel your school supplies wherever you need them by organizing them in a kitchen cart. And with multiple levels, you can sort your supplies by type, by class or by color for easy access.

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Knife Block Crayon Holder

Wrangle crayons and their messes with a DIY holder your kids will want to use. Transform an old knife block into a cute crayon holder by drilling holes into the knife slots. You can also attach a few brackets on the sides to hold scissors, glue sticks or pencils.