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You’re Not Going to Want To Miss Ikea’s Holiday Collection This Year

It's IKEA's most wonderful time of the year!

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Curl Up with this Velvety Pillow

Some call it cold and frigid, but IKEA calls it “intense, relaxing, social, solitary, cold and warm.” It’s winter! And the Swedish home furnishings giant is well-prepared to excite you this holiday season. First up is this holiday bedroom of your dreams.

A dark green throw pillow offering a floral pattern that appears three-dimensional will complement a velvety accent chair at the foot of your cozy bed. Pair with a maroon fleece blanket (that’s also in the collection) for added warmth. Check out these 16 reasons IKEA is a DIYers dream destination.

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Smell the Season with this Cinammon Apple Scented Candle

A small slice of wintry heaven awaits in this red candle tucked into a metal cup. As the snow falls, watch the flame flicker as you breathe in the warm scent of sweet apples spiced with cinnamon. Check out these eight secret ways you can save at IKEA.

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Create a Magical Mix of Tiny Christmas Trees

Have yourself a very minimalist Christmas with this sweet and simple decoration. This set of three tiny trees will add the perfect touch of holiday spirit to an otherwise bland entryway or side table.

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Hang This Star-Shaped Eucalyptus Wreath

If the frills of Christmas make you cringe, but you love the spirit of the season, this wreath is for you. Metal is shaped into a simple star, with just a tinge of artificial eucalyptus and white flower buds hugging one side. Check out these 12 incredible IKEA hacks you need to see.

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Give the Gift of Gold

Santa Claus hoisting a bag of presents over his shoulder, reindeer playing in a field of snow and elves tinkering in their workshop may all serve as fun wrapping paper scenes, but not for a minimalist. If you’d prefer something a little more chic, wrap your gifts in a sleek layer of gold paper this holiday season. You may also be interested in learning how IKEA products got their crazy-sounding names.

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Savor the Season in Style with These Side Plates

The theme of rich reds matched with deep blues is big this holiday season at IKEA. Stack one color atop the other for a simple yet bold statement that will set a festive dinner scene. Make sure you know these IKEA kitchen sale secrets from the retailer’s insiders.

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Light Up the Night With a Red Candle on a Golden Tray

Avoid the busy look of a side table overtaken with garland, bulky nutcrackers and chunky trays. Opt instead for a golden candle tray filled with tall red candles for an understated nod to the season.

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Feel the Warmth of a Perfectly Wrapped “Gift”

When night falls and it’s time to turn in, curl up on the couch with the perfect mood lighting. This minimalist look combines tabletop decor with a table lamp for an uncluttered, cozy look in the shape of a glowing present.

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Dress Up Your Window Sill Simply

A minimalist isn’t about in-your-face Christmas decor. Dressing up a window with understated tones could be the perfect avenue for you. These white pine cone shaped LED lights will give you some glow while you let it snow all winter long. Here’s how to make a Mid-Century Modern console with an IKEA Kallax unit.

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Hang Your Stockings With Care, Not Flair

Gray is a minimalist’s dream color. A busy pattern is a nightmare Hang these stockings for the perfect combination of simple and spirited. The touch of flannel trim is all you need for a holiday look. Next, check out the secrets IKEA employees will never tell you.

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