9 Kids’ Room Paint Color Ideas

Put away that boring white paint! These playful kids' room color ideas come from every part of the rainbow.

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Painting a Kids Room
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How to Choose a Paint Color for a Kid’s Room

A kid’s room or nursery can be one of the most fun places in your home to decorate. This is not the time to go conservative. Be playful, especially when it comes to paint color. But how do you narrow your choices? We turned to interior design and color experts to learn their best tips for choosing the right color for your child’s room.

Get your kid’s input

“If your child is old enough, consider letting them help select paint colors for their room, allowing them to express their own unique creativity!” says PPG Paints senior color marketing manager Amy Donato. “Let them choose a color family and then choose the specific shade to help match the décor and style of the rest of the room.”

Test the color virtually

Explore the paint color online before making a decision.

“Take advantage of paint brand websites that offer virtual color simulators, so you can show your child how it might look on four walls,” says interior designer and color expert Diana Hathaway. “Some sites feature a photo upload option so you can see exactly how the color will look in their room.”

Consider mood

Different colors can evoke different moods in your child. So when choosing a paint color, think about the type of emotional environment you want to create in their room. “If you want to instill a sense of calm and relaxation in your child’s room, turn to cool blues and subtle greens,” Donato says.

Warm colors like yellow and orange can help increase energy, improve mood and stimulate creativity, according to Color Psychology. Keep in mind these might not be great choices if your child has trouble unwinding at bedtime.

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Kids’ Room Paint Color: Coral

If you want to use a vibrant color in your child’s room, try limiting it to one accent wall, like in this cute nursery by @hayleed11. By keeping the other three walls neutral, the bright color adds energy without overwhelming the space. This panel wall adds texture as well as color.

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Kids’ Room Paint Color: Dark Blue

Dark blue is one of the best interior paint colors of 2021 — kids’ rooms included! Take a cue from @balanceinteriordesign and balance that dark paint with light bedding, art and accessories to give the room balance and cheer. Want to turn one of your rooms into a casual hanging spot? Here, find out the best paint colors for your hangout room.

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Kids’ Room Paint Color: Pink

This room by @lindseymeehandesigns proves that pale pink isn’t just for nurseries! The lovely blush color in this sophisticated tween-to-teen room looks beautiful paired with the floral wallpaper and simple bedding. To achieve a similar look, choose the wallpaper first, then pull a color from the pattern for the coordinating paint color.

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Kids’ Room Paint Color: Light Gray

A neutral color like this light gray in a room by @hellokristendickson helps keep the focus on the room’s accessories and furniture. Plus, neutrals age well with your child as their tastes mature, unlike bright colors that they may eventually outgrow. If you want to incorporate brighter colors, use them in the pillows or artwork, which are easy to switch out.

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Kids’ Room Paint Color: Teal

If you’re nervous about using a dark color, try painting only half the wall. Use white on the top to keep the space bright and open. We love the sweet scalloped detail on this earthy teal used by @athomewiththeraines, which makes the grown-up color a little more playful.

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Kids’ Room Paint Color: Dark Green

If you’re looking for a bold, sophisticated color for your kid’s bedroom, dark green paint is an on-trend option. The rich color is having a moment in the interior design world, and for good reason — it’s soothing and grounding, and makes a big statement. It works well as an accent wall, shown here in this modern kids’ bedroom by @xcb_life.

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Kids’ Room Paint Color: Ivory

When you think of kids’ rooms you usually think of color. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a neutral kids’ room! We love the calm, soothing feel of this baby room by @ktroccoli. The ivory walls combined with the white and wood accessories work together to create a tranquil space that can easily adapt to other designs in the future.

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Kids’ Room Paint Color: Dusty Rose

Dusty rose, like the color used here by @miniundstil, is traditionally feminine and beautiful without being too sugary sweet. It’s a grown-up pink that will continue to work as your child gets older, too. If used incorrectly, it can look kind of dreary, so try pairing it with light furniture and accents to avoid making the room too dark.

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Kids’ Room Paint Color: Vibrant Blue

A kid space is the perfect place to use a happy, vibrant color that might be a little too intense for other parts of the house — especially if the color stops partway up the wall, as in this playroom by @mrs_ermerson. We’re taking notes on the fun monochromatic trick of painting the furniture the same color as the wall!