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10 Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Add brightness and style to your kitchen with these lighting ideas from Instagram.

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Bright Kitchen Skylight in the daytimeCourtesy @thehomedoover/Instagram

Kitchen Skylight

Everyone loves a bright white kitchen, and we’re swooning over the gold pendants above the island in this beauty. But don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed skylight! It’s one of our favorite kitchen lighting ideas.

The skylight in this kitchen by @thehomedoover allows beautiful natural light to pour in. A skylight makes a small kitchen feel bigger. It’s also great solution if you don’t have many (or any!) windows.

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Brass Pendants

The three brass pendant lights in this kitchen by @twinconstruction steal the show. If you have a large kitchen island, hanging pendants above it not only adds extra light, but extra personality and style as well.

Pendants over the island should be at least six inches back from the edge of the counter, 30 to 32 inches apart and 30 to 32 inches above the countertop.

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Island Chandelier

For a different look, opt for a chandelier above your island. The modern chandelier beautifully offsets the traditional style of this kitchen by @patti_wilson_design.

Don’t be afraid to bring in an unexpected lighting style. The contrast adds depth and interesting layers to the overall look of your kitchen.

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Woven Pendant Chandelier Basket Weave Courtesy @desiarnold/Instagram

Woven Pendants

Woven (AKA basket-weave) pendants bring welcome texture to your kitchen, where most surfaces are smooth and solid. The black woven pendants in this kitchen by @desiarnold stand out against the white kitchen. (Here’s a similar option.) Woven lights bring a casual, lived-in element, in contrast to the more formal look of gold or glass pendants.

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Gold Wall Sconce LightingCourtesy @because.of.the.boys/Instagram

Wall Sconces

Overhead kitchen lighting is important, but you can add layers of light with wall sconces. The gold sconces in this kitchen by @because.of.the.boys highlight the floating shelf and bring task lighting to this area of the countertop. Sconces work well in the kitchen above shelving, over the sink or flanking the range hood.

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Indirect Kitchen Lighting spruces up an open kitchen with soft lighting. Courtesy @oracdecor_usa/Instagram

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: Indirect Lighting

We like the effect of the lights tucked into the tray ceiling in this kitchen by @oracdecor_usa. This indirect lighting creates a warm, cozy atmosphere. And well after dinner, there’s enough pleasant glow to hunt around for a late night snack without flipping on the main lights. Cove lights are another option.

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Tableside Kitchen Lamp with soft, accent light.Courtesy @malkafrost_lightingdesign/Instagram

Kitchen Lamp

Table lamps are usually reserved for living rooms and bedrooms, but lately we’re seeing them pop up on kitchen counters!

A cute little table lamp, like this one by @malkafrost_lightingdesign, feels welcoming and homey while also providing nice ambient light. Lamps are especially useful for dark corners and underneath cabinets where your overhead lighting doesn’t reach.

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Under Cabinet Lighting accents a Bright KitchenCourtesy @styledesignboulevard/Instagram

Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

Speaking of dark areas beneath the cabinets, another option is under-cabinet lighting, like in this kitchen by @styledesignboulevard. Under-cabinet lighting is easy to install, especially if you opt for LED strips.

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Gold cabinet sconces adorn teal cabinetsCourtesy @addicted2decorating/Instagram

Cabinet Sconces

We love this idea of installing sconces as part of a wall of kitchen cabinets. In this example from @addicted2decorating, traditional gold sconces look gorgeous paired with the dark teal cabinets and the gold quatrefoil metal mesh behind the glass doors.

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Double Light Sconce Kitchen SinkCourtesy @thephinery/Instagram

Double-Light Sconce

Here’s another example of a well-placed sconce, this time with two lights. In this kitchen by @thephinery, a double-light sconce is the perfect choice for the wall above the kitchen sink.

The size of the fixture is in proportion to the rest of the elements, and the emerald green shades provide a nice dose of color in the otherwise all-white kitchen.

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