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10 Kitchen Safety Products Every Home Cook Should Own

Your kitchen is a place where you prepare and enjoy delicious meals. It should also be equipped with appliances, tools and gadgets that ensure safety and comfort.

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Motion Sensor LED Lightvia

Motion Sensor LED Light

No more rustling around to find things in the dark! Place these high-power LED light strips ($17) above the sink, above the stove and under your cabinets. The bright lights will automatically turn on when they detect motion. Plus: Check out these 25 brilliant handy hints for the home cook.

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Toaster Cabinet Guardvia

Toaster Cabinet Guard

Before you start assembling the goods for your morning avocado toast, install this fire-preventing toaster shield ($20) directly above your toaster. It reflects heat and protects your cabinets. It also works when placed under a cabinet to protect it from the steam rising up from your coffee maker.

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Knife Sheathvia

Knife Sheath

Protect your sharp knives and prevent accidental cuts with these heavy-duty knife sheaths ($12). They slide on and off easily and hold knives securely. When it’s time to clean, they’re completely dishwasher safe. Bonus: You won’t have to sharpen your knives as often.

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Here’s the single best way to keep your knives sharp.

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Indoor Smart Home Cameravia

Indoor Smart Home Camera

Keep your eyes and ears on your kitchen no matter where you are in your home. In case an alarm goes off, you’ll know immediately thanks to this smart home camera ($38). Other features include 360-degree rotation, motion detection and Wi-Fi connection. Pro tip: Point the camera towards your oven—you’ll never have to worry if you’ve turned it off again! Plus: Did you know you can use olive oil for a lot more than just cooking? See how else you can use it around your home.

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Appliance Lockvia

Appliance Lock

Little ones in the house? Keep them safe by keeping your drawers and appliances securely shut with this easy-to-use multipurpose lock ($5). It’s ideal for childproofing the refrigerator, cabinets, microwave, dishwasher and more. Do you like using the Magic Eraser around your house? Be sure you don’t use it for this!

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Anti-fatigue matvia

Non-Slip Kitchen Rug

Stand at your sink comfortably and stop worrying about slipping on wet floors while washing dishes. This durable non-slip kitchen mat ($38) features high-quality foam to eliminate pressure and provide superior support over long periods of time. Ahh.

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Cut Resistant Glovesvia

Cut Resistant Gloves

You can never be too careful when using sharp knives. These cut resistant gloves ($13) are extra thick, but comfortable and flexible enough to get a good grip on both the knife and the object being cut.

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Boil-Over Safeguard Lidvia

Boil-Over Safeguard Lid

You can fry bacon, cook eggs, reheat meals and more safely and easily. Prevent stovetop splashes and messy microwave spills with this handy boil-over safeguard lid ($13). The splatter-proof, heat-resistant cover fits onto most pots and pans (6″ to 10″ in diameter).

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Automatic Jar Openervia

Automatic Jar Opener

No more running jars under hot water, prying them open with a knife or loosening them up with a rubber grip. Open that jar of pickles or salsa effortlessly with the push of a button! Give your wrists a break with this ergonomic automatic jar opener ($37).

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Frying Pan Splatter Guardvia

Frying Pan Splatter Guard

Whether you’re frying bacon, cooking eggs, sauteing vegetables or making pancakes, you want to prevent hot oil, water and food from burning your skin. The Frywall ($29), the frying pan splatter guard seen on the TV show “Shark Tank,” makes using the frying pan much safer.

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