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10 Last-Minute Gifts Under $20 Found at Walmart

It’s not too late (or too expensive!) to find great gifts for everyone on your list at Walmart. Snatch up these eleventh hour ideas ASAP.

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Need a thoughtful gift for a child or adult on your list without spending a bundle? Walmart has you covered. Read on for some of our favorites.

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Engine Toy

Get the kid in your life something to spark their curiosity. This miniature four-cycle internal combustion gasoline engine toy teaches kids how gas engines work. It’s just right for kids who love Hot Wheels and monster trucks.

It’s got a lot of small parts and takes some effort to assemble, so it’s better for older kids. The manufacturer recommends it for ages eight and up, but some reviewers say it’s better for kids at least 10.

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Candle Warmer

Candles are a classic gift, particularly during the winter holidays. Step things up this year with a candle warmer, which lets you use a candle without the open flame. They also let you use up that last bit of wax at the bottom of the jar when the candle wick is spent.

It melts candles evenly and keeps them looking clean. Say goodbye to soot residue and long-handles lighters.

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Food Slicer

A food slicer makes prep work a snap. It’s a great kitchen gadget for the amateur chef, and this food slicer is on sale at Walmart now for less than $20!

Six interchangeable blades, plus a peeler, handle all your vegetable cutting needs. It works well for shredding carrots, slicing potatoes and even peeling cucumbers.

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Hummingbird Feeder

For the gardener with the gorgeous patio, consider a hummingbird feeder. It brings those feathered jewels up close for observation. This traditional glass hummingbird feeder has five feeding stations and a built-in ant moat. The tried-and-true design is sure to attract hummingbirds summer after summer.

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Baking Dish and Tote

Home bakers love to share their creations, but transporting a fresh pan of brownies is a delicate matter. This glass baking dish comes with a cover and an adorable carrying tote. It makes it easy to bring bars, casseroles, dips and more to family gatherings and parties. You can also buy a tote without a baking dish.

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TV Tray

A folding TV tray is essential for breakfast in bed and soup when you’re sick. This acacia wood TV tray has a sleek, attractive design that folds up for easy storage. It’s a timeless piece that will come in handy again and again. Since it makes breakfast in bed possible, it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils have many uses around the home, including cleaning, pest control and aromatherapy. You can even buy essential oil mixing kits to create unique scents.

This essential oil diffuser spreads scents through a room without heat, so it’s safe for homes with kids or pets. The LED light has seven color options. The diffuser automatically shuts off when the tank is empty, or you can set a timer for one or three hours.

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Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are trendy for a reason. They’re an attractive décor piece on and off.

During the day, the one-of-a-kind shape and delightful pink color add a natural touch to any room. At night, the light gives off a warm, rosy glow. They give off the perfect amount of light for movie night without reflecting in the TV.

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Grill Tool Kit

Most outdoor cooking enthusiasts own a grill brush, but many bring the rest of their tools out from the kitchen. A designated grilling tool set with a carrying case makes grilling easier by eliminating trips between the kitchen and the yard. Instead, this case of tools can stay in the garage, closer to the grill.

The 10-piece set even has a side pocket to hold a cell phone.

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Grow Lights

Give the gift of sunlight this winter. Grow lights let gardeners continue their hobby indoors all year. They’re also useful for dark homes or rooms without windows.

This GE grow light bulb has a standard base, giving indoor gardeners the freedom to choose a lamp that matches their décor.

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