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Living Room Paint Ideas Guaranteed to Transform Your Space

Trade out the old for something new and modern. These living room paint ideas are guaranteed to transform your space.

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Try Cream for Neutral

Cream shades are good paint ideas for living room because they are both warm and flexible. And creams allow you to coordinate with other colors of furniture, including bright reds and blues.

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A Little Pink Will Warm the Room up

Pink isn’t just for nurseries anymore! If pink is your color of choice, choose a tone that isn’t too bright, but instead warms up the room with a soft blush tone. Pink paint ideas for living room are outside of the box.

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horizontalstripes paint living roomCourtesy of Hesen-Sherif

Try Stripes for a Modern Look

Vertical stripes have been a trendy paint idea for living room accent walls for a few years. But horizontal stripes for paint ideas for living room can give the room a modern twist. And try a bold color with some more muted tones, such as light and dark gray.

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A Bold Accent

Not willing to go all in on a bold color? Try using it as an accent. Living room paint ideas that feature white walls, with a built-in shelf painted a bright yellow-green for a punch of color are a rising home trend.

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Black is Striking and Bold

Black is a hot color and are paint ideas for living room accents that adds a lot of drama. And black can be treated as a neutral and is striking with crisp white furniture.

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Yellow is Vibrant

Sunny yellows will brighten up even the darkest living room. So try pairing a vibrant yellow with light wood accents for a modern look.

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Use Metallics

Metallics don’t have to be flashy; these days metallics are treated as neutrals in living rooms. And try painting the ceiling in your living room gold for a fresh look.

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Blue is Timeless and Pairs Well

Blues are paint ideas for living room walls that never really goes out of style. Try painting your living room with a crisp, light blue for a calming feel, or a deeper shade of blue for a more dramatic and energized look. Bonus: Blues pair well with not only wood accents, but bold colors and crisp whites.

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Pastels Work Well With Accents

It’s time to branch away from classic white walls. For a look that’s different but not vibrant, try a soft pastel such as mint green or a sandy pink, or try pairing a few pastels together in a geometric pattern. And soft pastels work well with black and white accents.

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Orange bedroom with a ceiling fanAndrea Rugg/Getty Images

Orange is Vibrant and Punchy

Orange doesn’t have to be vibrant and punchy. Here, walls are painted a muted orange and paired with wood accents and beige for a warm, modern look.

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tech green living room wall colorCourtesy of Douwzer

Tech Green is the Go-To Shade

Dark greens were the popular paint ideas for living room wall colors in the ’90s, but now tech green is the go-to shade. Pair bright green walls with muted wood and neutral white accents.

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Taupe Walls and White Trim are a Timeless Look

A neutral shade, taupe works well with warmer colors such as oranges and deep browns. Pair taupe walls with white trim for a classic, timeless look.

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Gray is Definitely Not Bland

There’s nothing bland about this paint idea for your living room. And crisp gray on living room walls pairs well with both wood accents and bold tones, such as orange, yellow and green.

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