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The 10 Most Insanely Painted Houses

Updating your exterior house paint can certainly up your home's resale value and curb appeal, but not all paint jobs are created equal. From tacky to funky, these are 10 of the most insanely painted houses. Some may make you gasp.

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The Painted Brick House

Patrick Grogan decided to make his home his canvas by painting graffiti over the exterior brick. According to NBC affiliate WLBT, Grogan transformed the front of his four-plex with a work of art, turning it into a Jackson, Mississippi landmark. Follow these expert tips and techniques for painting your home’s exterior.

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The Multi-Color House

Choosing a paint color can be tough, so why not choose them all? Custom Paints, a residential and commercial painting company, shows this multi-color house as an example in their photo gallery. From purple siding to green trim and yellow and orange accents, it’s a lot to take in all at once.

These 10 simple steps will help you prep your home for exterior painting.

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The Polka Dot House

This whimsical polka dot house is located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The Grand Forks Herald reports that the home’s owner, Jimmy Deitz, became a bit of an internet sensation when he decided to paint the home with a polka dot theme. Deitz, who is a former professional painter, told the newspaper, “It’s the best project I ever did.” Improve your home’s curb appeal with these 15 house painting ideas.

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The Rainbow House

How about a rainbow house? According to the poster on reddit, this rainbow house is located on the Oona River in British Columbia, Canada, and the owner is colorblind. His wife helped him number the boards so he knew which color to paint them to create the look of a rainbow. Check out these bullet-proof exterior paints.

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The Purple House

This bold purple house was saved from demolition, according to Rockead and Quarry, a historic house relocation and restoration company in the San Fransisco Bay area. The house was moved and fully restored to its original condition, complete with its period charm and a bright purple exterior. This is the proper temperature to paint your home.

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The Camo House

This house near the campus of Ohio State University is hard to miss. The camouflage painting scheme draws plenty of attention, according to WOSU. The house was turned into an art project when the current owners bought it and painted over its brown exterior. “It’s a mix of bright blue, green, purple and red squiggly lines. There are snakes woven throughout, some sections of splatter paint, and even some people abstractly painted in,” reports WOSU. Never pressure wash these 13 things.

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The Orange House

Known as “The Orange House,” this vacation rental in Panama is the color of the glorious sunsets you’ll be able to see from the cottage’s deck. The ocean-front getaway certainly stands out with its brightly colored exterior. This is the proper way to remove lead paint.

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The Starry Night House

A user on reddit says the owners of this Florida home painted its exterior like Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” to help their autistic son. “It was done to help him if he ever got lost in their town he could tell the people, ‘Bring me back to the Van Gogh house,” a poster writes. Check out these 12 trending home exterior colors.

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The Striped Houses

These homes in Portugal’s coastal city of Aveiro, were once owned by fisherman who “painted it in bright stripes to stand out against the pale tones of the sand,” according to a post on reddit. Now the homes are popular vacation rentals. These exterior home trends are on their way out.

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Best Overall Effect

Burano island, Venice, Italy is well-known for its brightly painted homes, many of which are owned by fisherman and their families. The city dates back centuries and the legend is that the fisherman painted the houses bright colors so they could see them even in thick fog, thus avoiding a crash into the shore after a voyage at sea. This photo, taken on a winter day, captures the vibrancy of the colors. Here are 15 ways to add curb appeal to your home for less than $50.

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