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Most Outrageous Things People Have Found in Thrift Stores

You never know what you'll find at the thrift store

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Thrift Store Finds

Picking up a great thrift store find is pretty satisfying, whether it’s an item of clothing or a piece of furniture, but check out some of the most outrageous things found in thrift stores from valuable to seriously unusual items. 

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Dammit Doll

Dammit Dolls have been around for a while, but imagine stumbling upon one at a thrift store for a minute. After an initial laugh, you might consider buying one just to have around work.

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Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Fans of the Tim Burton classic Beetlejuice will recognize this book at a thrift store, but just beware it’s a replica of book that appeared in the film. It contains quotes from the movie that’ll keep you laughing.

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Batman All-Star Converse Shoes

Converse came out with Batman All-Star sneakers to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the comic book and for the sneaker collector who doubles as a Batman fan, imagine their surprise at finding a pair of these at a thrift store.

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Picasso Print

A Columbus, Ohio, man thought he was picking up a Pablo Picasso print for $14 at a thrift store, but after checking it out a little closer, Zachary Bodish found he had a signed Picasso print, according to the Associated Press. He later sold the poster for $7,000.

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Brooch-with-white-pearl-for-clothes-isolated-on-wooden-backgroundellinnur bakarudin/Shutterstock


A toy box trinket for a 4 year old in the United Kingdom turned out to be much more than that in 2011. The family thought the jewels on the brooch they purchased for £20 were fake diamonds, but when Thea Jourdan was getting her engagement ring appraised for insurance, the brooch caught the appraiser’s eye. The brooch was once worn by a Russian czarina and Jourdan later sold it for $43,000.

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Declaration-of-IndependencMike Flippo/Shutterstock

Declaration of Independence

Stories about people finding historical documents often seem too good to be true but Michael Sparks’ story is true. Sparks picked up what he thought was just a reproduction of the Declaration of Independence at a thrift store in Nashville, Tennessee back in 2006. He paid just $2.48 for the document and later found out it was one of 200 copies commissioned by John Quincy Adams in 1820. It was just the 36th copy found and it fetched a price of $477,650 when a Utah investment firm purchased it.

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Elvis-PresleyHollywood Photo Archive/Mediapunch/Shutterstock

Elvis Presley Bag

Back in 2012, a man from West Hampstead in London, found a rare handbag that featured the face of Elvis Presley. John Richard picked up the bag he found at an Oxfam charity store for $30 and later discovered it was a bag made by Irish designer Philip Treacy. Richard brought the bag to a Philip Treacy shop in London and found out it was only one of 10 bags made and designed by Andy Warhol. It’s estimated worth is more than $450,000.

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Jackson-Pollock-1912-56-Reflection-of-the-Big-DipperUniversal History Archive/UIG/Shutterstock

Jackson Pollock Painting

Teri Horton gained worldwide attention after she picked up what’s believed to be a Jackson Pollock painting at a thrift store for $5. She had for sale at a yard sale before someone suggested it could be a Pollock original. The fight to authenticate it and Horton’s quest to get the best price for the work made her a subject of a 2006 documentary, Who the $&% is Jackson Pollock, the title based on her response when an art teacher suggested the work could be a Pollock.

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Basalt-rock-isolate-on-whiteSakdinon Kadchiangsaen/Shutterstock


Believe or not, but a reddit user posted that Goodwill had a rock for sale for $1. It’s hard to say if that’s a deal or if the rock would be good for anything other than a paperweight.

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All-Quiet-on-the-Western-Front-starring-Lew-Ayres-and-Louis-Wolheim-a-1930-American-war-filmUniversal History Archive/Shutterstock

All Quiet on the Western Front Movie Poster

Imagine getting something you like at the thrift store and then discovering there’s something else with that. Laura Stouffer, an art dealer and collector, picked up a print of an 1880s painting she liked at a thrift store. Then when she took the painting out of the frame, she uncovered an original movie poster of All Quiet on the Western Front, worth an estimated $20,000.

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