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Our 10 Favorite Organizers for Pet Supplies

From treats and toys to food and leashes, these unique and practical pet supplies organizers will keep clutter at bay.

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Dog Sofa with Storage Drawer

For the dog who just loves to lounge, check out this dog sofa that comes with a storage drawer. It takes up less floor space with its all-in-one design. Keep things tidy within it while transporting the sofa from one room to the next, so your pet can always chill out next to you! Here are 10 nontoxic houseplants that are safe for homes with pets. Find this dog sofa on Amazon. 

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Dog Feeding Station

This dog feeding station provides a double pet feeder for meal times, and it doubles as a cabinet that conveniently stores various pet supplies. Store toys inside the top shelf, hang the leashes and collars on the hooks and store food inside the tilt-out cabinet. It’s also an aesthetically-pleasing piece of handcrafted Amish furniture made from solid pine. Make sure you keep these household items away from your pets to keep them happy and healthy.

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Entryway Dog Bed with Storage Drawer

For the pup who loves to greet you at the door when you’re gone, and hang by the door to protect you when you’re there, this is the perfect pet supplies station. It gives your furry companion a place to lay down and relax, featuring a large comfy cushion with a removable cover, as well as four hanging hooks to hang a leash, jacket and their favorite toy. The lower pull-out storage drawer stores your pup’s toys, grooming supplies and treats. Check out these 50 secrets your pet wishes they could tell you.

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Portable Crocheted Storage Basket

This adorable storage basket is hand-crocheted, and can store your pup’s leashes, harness, treats, doggy bags and more. We love that it can go from room to room, house to the car and even brought to the backyard. Transport it on its own, or hang it on the side of your dog’s crate. Check out these 15 clever DIY pet projects you can make at home.

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Poo Bag Holder

If your dog has free-range to do their business in your backyard, you might want to stay on top of where they go so you don’t step in it! This cool poo bag holder can be nailed to a tree or tucked into the grass, allowing you easy access to poo bags when you need them most. To re-load, simply lift the top! Here are 10 high-tech gadgets your pet will love!

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Mid-Century Modern Cat Litter Box

This Mid-Century modern piece of furniture is made of quality wood with a walnut finish. Chic enough to serve as a side table, it doubles as a discrete space for your cat to do their business. The two sliding doors allow easy access for you to clean up when needed, while the entry opening allows your cat to quietly slip in and out. These tips for pet owners offer practical solutions for everything from cleaning up fur to keeping pets off the furniture.

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Cat Storage Chest

Store and organize your cat supplies in a decorative way with this storage chest. Treats can go in one drawer, toys in another, and various other equipment in the next! The words and images are hand drawn and burned into the wood. These are our favorite online finds for dogs and cats.

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Heavy-Duty Foldable Organizer

Save time the next time you take your pet for a walk or on a trip with this handy supplies organizer. Leave it by the door, or transport it to the car and beyond. When not in use, it can be easily folded up and stored away. The various compartments and pockets ensure you keep things easily organized and perfectly within reach. Here’s the low-down on those pampered pets of the British Royal Family.

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Cat Washroom Bench

Hide away both your cat’s litter box and store supplies like litter, a small trash can, toys and more within this attractive bench. We love that you can place a plant on top (which cats love to rub against!) and easily make it look like a piece of furniture you’d find anywhere from the mudroom to the living room. Check out these mind-blowing dog houses.

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Dog Walking Station

Hanging up a dog walking station by the door is a great way to keep all your dog’s walking necessities in one place, so you can be in and out of the door without a fuss. This station has a spot for treats, doggie bags, a leash, collar and more. We love its rustic look and that it’s made from upcycled pallet wood. Check out these clever and unusual ideas about how to make your pet happier, healthier and more comfortable.

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