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5 Inexpensive Products That Will Make Your Paint Projects Much Less Messy

Painting is a great DIY project, but it can often be a messy one. Take a look at these things that will leave your next painting project with less mess to clean.

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Shure line Store and Pour paint can lid

This silicone lid fits tight over an open gallon of paint, its got a long spout with a small lid that lets you easily and neatly pour your paint. It is easy to clean and its collapsible design allows you to store cans stacked, even with the Store and Pour lid on. A two-pack is around $11 on

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Stak Rack

If you need to paint cabinet or bedroom doors or need lots of trim painted and don’t have a ton of room to lay everything out, grab several pairs of these Stak Racks.  Attaching them to doors allows you to paint one side and flip them over without touching the door. Use 2×4’s to make a shelf between a pair of these to stack lots of trim or cabinet doors. Head to Amazon to get a set of 12 for $80 or a set of 4 for $30.

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Drop cloth runner

When painting walls, a drop cloth runner works great, this 5’ x 12’ protects an extra foot compared to most other runners. This one has a no bleed backing so if you spill you’ve got an extra layer of floor protection. Make sure your floors are clean and order this drop cloth from Amazon for $25.

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High capacity 3/8″ nap 9-inch roller cover

Minimizing your trips to the roller tray means less opportunity for your roller to drip. A high-capacity roller cover keeps more paint in the nap which prevents drips and the need to go to the paint tray as many times as you normally would. They run just under $8 on Amazon.

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HANDy Paint Pail

If you’re doing any kind of brushing a HANDy Paint Pail is a must have, trying to carry around an entire gallon or quart is a disaster waiting to happen. The pail features a handle that allows you to keep the pail in your hand without much strain or discomfort and the brush holding magnet allows you to take breaks without having to keep the brush dunked in the paint. Amazon sells them for right around $10 a piece and look out for the liners to make cleaning the pail a breeze get a 6-pack for under $5.

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Buy Handy Paint Pail Liners on Amazon now.

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