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10 Storage & Organization Essentials Professional Home Organizers Swear By

The right tools make it easy to get rid of clutter and keep it away.

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Storage Organizer Bins Via

Storage & Organization Essentials for the Whole Home

Decluttering your home is an ongoing process. But with the right tools and a little time every day, it’s possible to beat the constant influx of junk mail and freebies.

The pros from Family Handyman’s Declutter Challenge, Michelle Vig of @NeatLittleNest and Jamie Novak, author of Keep This, Toss That, recommend some of their favorite products for keeping clutter under control. Here are pro-recommended storage and organization essentials for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry room and entryway.

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Bamboo Drawer OrganizersVia

Kitchen Drawer Storage & Organization Essentials

Drawers are one of the biggest problem areas in the kitchen, so drawer organizers are a must. These storage and organization essentials are inexpensive yet impactful. They’re great in the utensil drawer and the junk drawer.

“Individual drawer organizers, versus the large drop-in type, allow you to customize the drawer for your exact items and maximize every inch,” Vig says. “I like these bamboo drawer organizers as a sustainable option for all kitchen drawers. Especially that junk drawer.”

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Expandable Under Sink OrganizerVia

Under-Sink Organizers for the Kitchen

The cabinet under the sink provides valuable storage, but it can quickly become a black hole of clutter. A simple under-sink organizer is a storage and organization essential in the kitchen and the bathroom. Organizers have drawers or tiered shelves, depending on what kind of storage you need.

“The two-tiered shelving on this under-sink organizer instantly creates more functional space, and its expandable track fits most cabinet widths,” says Novak. “The slim shelves work around any plumbing — pop them on only where you need them. This is the one I use under my own kitchen sink!”

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If you’re planning to hire an organizer, find out the cost of a professional organizer here.

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Vanity OrganizersVia

Bathroom Vanity Organizer

Bathroom counters fill up quickly with cosmetics, grooming tools and other products, particularly in shared bathrooms. Keep that clutter contained with a vanity organizer. Vig recommends stackable clear plastic ones, which allow you to see what’s inside quickly.

“Plastic vanity containers in a variety of sizes help in many bathroom spaces, from vanity to medicine cabinet,” Vig says. “I like the sets from Stori, whether you’re looking to organize makeup specifically or just need a nice variety to start with.

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Clear Bathroom CaddyVia

Clear Bathroom Caddy

A minimalist bathroom caddy like this works on a vanity or inside a medicine cabinet. The tall, narrow compartments are ideal for cotton swabs, makeup brushes and the like. The clear caddy Novak recommends matches the vanity organizers Vig favors.

“This clear caddy is just the right size for a small medicine cabinet shelf, and its multiple compartments are the perfect spot for small, easy-to-misplace items like tweezers, nail clippers and cotton swabs,” says Novak.

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Bamboo Drawer DividersVia

Bedroom Drawer Dividers

Dresser drawers are great for keeping clothing out of sight and safe from dust, but they’re not always the best for keeping clothing organized. Small, silky or awkwardly-shaped items shift out of place. Fortunately, there are drawer organizers for bedroom dressers too.

“Once you have all the clothes in your dresser decluttered, consider adding a few expandable drawer dividers like these, made from sustainable bamboo,” Vig says. “They come in wood-colored or white, to match your drawer bed.”

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Accessory OrganizerVia

Stylish Accessory Stand

Accessories are some of the biggest clutter-causing items in a wardrobe. With the right accessory organizer, that clutter becomes décor. This modern accessory stand puts your favorite pieces on display, making it easy to find the perfect finishing touch for every outfit.

“Convert the top of the dresser from a clutter catchall to a truly helpful space with a hardworking accessory stand,” Novak says. “Necklace hooks keep chains at the ready and tangle-free, and the tray corrals rings, hand lotion and other small daily-use items.”

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Clear Lazy SusanVia

Laundry Room Lazy Susan

Turntables, or lazy Susans, are storage and organization essentials in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Basically, anywhere you keep condiments, cosmetics or cleaning products can benefit from a lazy Susan. They let you reach the farthest corners of the fridge or cabinet.

“I love a lazy Susan to keep those cabinet recesses accessible,” says Vig. “In the laundry room, choose one that prevents spills and is easy to clean, like this clear high-sided helper.” It’ll keep detergents and stain removers organized and easy to grab.

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Hanger OrganizerVia

Laundry Hanger Organizer

Many clothing items need to hang dry. Finding space to hang them can be tough in homes without a clothesline. Drying racks are one popular solution since they fold up neatly for easy storage. But where do you keep the hangers?

“Hanging clothes when they’re dryer-fresh prevents wrinkles, but a pile of hangers is always a tangled mess,” says Novak. “That’s why I like this wall-mount metal hanger organizer. It neatly keeps up to 50 hangers ready, and without hogging precious laundry room space.”

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Entryway Storage BasketsVia Ecomm

Entryway Storage Baskets

Entryways serve as natural catchalls for miscellaneous household items — keys, shoes, dog leashes, junk mail and more. It takes a well-designed entryway storage system to keep all that clutter looking clean. Storage baskets are an excellent option, and they come in all kinds of styles to match any décor.

“Baskets are key entryway helpers, holding accessories like scarves and hats or shoes kicked off after a long day,” Vig says. “These Natural Montauk Woven Storage Bins make an excellent choice because they’re sturdy, pretty and have a washable pull-out liner.”

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Entryway Wall OrganizerVia

Entryway Wall Organizer

Vertical storage keeps your surfaces clear. Let your entryway table breathe and add a wall organizer. It keeps kids’ jackets off the floor and makes it easy to grab-and-go on busy weekday mornings.

“A wall-mount entryway organizer gives heavy-use items like keys, leash and glasses a logical and central forever home,” Novak says. “Smaller is better, so it doesn’t turn into a cavernous catchall filled with miscellaneous stuff.”

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