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Reddit Users Share Their Holiday Horror Stories

The holidays can be frantic. Families can be overwhelming. But, a good holiday story is worth the drama. Reddit users share their worst and funniest stories of dealing with the holiday season.

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popcornMarie C Fields/Shutterstock

An Unexpected Guest

One Reddit user tells the holiday story of their family’s dwindling supply of popcorn.

“My parents told me that when they were first married, they handmade a popcorn string to go around the tree. Over the next week, they kept noticing that pieces of the popcorn string were missing, but they weren’t sure what was doing it because they didn’t own any pets. Finally one night they heard a noise out in the living room so they went to go investigate, and it turns out there was a mouse coming out to eat the popcorn string every night!” Maybe they should have taken a few tips from this guide for how to keep mice away and have a mouse-free house.

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Who Needs a Real Tree Anyway?

Buying a real tree can be a fun family event. Unfortunately, one family didn’t find the experience so exciting as they tell in their holiday story.

“My family only ever got one real tree. This being my parents first buying experience they didn’t know that you can get a slanted trunk that won’t stay up. My dad realized that after attempting to get it to stay up multiple times. This was back when he had less control over anger. My mom leaves the room for a bit and comes back to find he had chucked the tree off the balcony of the apartment. We’ve had the same fake tree my whole life.”

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Don’t Step on the Drywall!

“Wife wanted to get down our Christmas tree from the attic. I told her not to step on the drywall… She later admitted that she didn’t know what drywall was,” a Reddit user explains of a photo they posted. The hilarious image shows a woman’s foot dangling through the ceiling!

This is how to use aluminum mesh for fast drywall repair.

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A Not So Merry White Christmas

A snowy, white Christmas makes the holiday that much more magical But the snow has to be in the right places. One Reddit user posted a photo of what it looks like when snow ends up in the wrong place: the car!

“Waking up to this after accidentally leaving the window open. Merry Christmas.”

Here are 12 things you should always keep in your car during the winter months.

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Worst Gift Ever

One Reddit user recalls a story their old teacher told them about Christmas day:

“When I was 8 years old, all I wanted was my basement to be turned into this really cool game/play room. I was writing up blueprints and planning out the basement for months. I was even going to install this 25 ft. long shark tank on one wall.

“Christmas morning came, and I rushed downstairs with my brother to see what ‘Santa’ (I knew at the time Santa wasn’t real, but my brother still believed) had brought us. We dug through all the presents and all of them had his name on them, and not one was for me. I asked my parents what was up and they feigned ignorance, ‘I dunno John… that’s weird’. I knew they were up to something… something big, so I stood patiently with a hint of excitement in my eye, as my brother opened presents.

“He started showing off all his gifts to me, and I kept cool, knowing that whatever my parents were planning was bound to be amazing. Not a minute after my brother opened his last gift, my father came over to me and handed me a small, but heavy box. ‘For you son,’ he said with a grin.

“I slowly and carefully opened the box, ready for the best Christmas present of my life. It was my Dad’s hammer from the garage. Poker face. My mind, blank.

“‘Son, we’re going to take that hammer and build you that basement you’ve always wanted.’ A rush of emotion swelled. I had no presents and no basement; I had been cheated. I took the hammer, wound up, and sailed it across the room and through the window, into the brisk winter morning.

“Spent the rest of Christmas day repairing the window by myself. Never got that basement either.”

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Fire extinguisherMaxx-Studio/Shutterstock

Pure White Chaos

“The whole family sat down to dinner when my brother walked in and knocked the fire extinguisher off the wall, setting it off spinning on the floor.Everybody was pure white as was everything in the room. We all looked at each other and burst out laughing,” says one Reddit user.

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Dog “Duty”

It’s a dog’s duty to pee on a tree, right? They just love marking their territory. Well, one Reddit user posted a photo showing their pup leaving a smelly present beneath their tree! Yuck!

“The first present is under the tree…” the Reddit user commented of the photo showing their embarrassed dog next to a pile of poo beneath the tree. Other Reddit users chimed in with their own hilarious experiences.

“Christmas trees threw my dog for a loop for the first 3 years of his life… he kept peeing on them which I couldn’t even get mad at because I’m bringing the outside into his home lol.”

“We got new carpet this year so I vetoed a tree for this exact reason. He doesn’t pee in the house except on the Christmas tree.”

Why do dogs do this? One Reddit user thinks this is what our furry friends think:

“My owner told me, only poop outside where the trees are. Now it’s getting cold out, so he made a great little ‘outside’ place in the living room. What a great owner.”

 Eight genius ways to pick up dog poop.

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worm Anna Shalam/Shutterstock

Tiny Black Worms

Christmas trees are beautiful, but not when they come from the lot covered in pests. To keep bugs at bay this winter, try these 14 DIY friendly tips.

“The first Christmas my (now ex) husband and I spent together, we decided to buy a real Christmas tree for our apartment,” says a Reddit user. “To cut a long story short, it transpired that the tree was covered [with] tiny black worms that fell out all over our sitting room floor.

“In all my Christmases I’ve never seen worms on a tree like that before, it was honestly horrible and I don’t really mind bugs or wormy creatures. We had to get rid of the tree asap, it was too stressful thinking of the worms continually dropping off the branches onto the floor.”

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cat Amber Schroeder 3344/Shutterstock

The Crazy Christmas Cat

Cats wrecking Christmas trees is nothing new, but one Reddit user tells the holiday story of what happens when you keep a cat from climbing the tree in the first place.

“My cat had a thing for climbing into our fake Christmas tree. He would climb up into the branches, and the metal spokes that held them there would break. Finally we got tired of it and put tinfoil under the tree skirt. We heard it worked for some people and figured we’d try it. Turns out it did work, the cat refused to step foot into the tree skirt and subsequently climb the tree. So it did the next best thing.

“The little bastard climbed the cat tower and poised himself on the top, ready to pounce. We sat and watched from the sofa as he launched himself into the air, and landed IN the tree. The whole tree fell as one of the legs holding it up snapped. The whole thing came crashing to the ground. The cat crawled out of the wreckage, fur all in a mess and looked back with a smirk.” To avoid Christmas tree cat-astrophes,  check out this Christmas tree all pet owners need.

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dogSergey Nivens/Shutterstock

The Cookie Thief

“My mother got really pissed with me once for eating all the Christmas chocolates. She’s prone to exaggeration, and I had eaten a few more than I should have, so I took the criticism,” says a Reddit user.

“We went out shopping, and she kept going on and on about how she couldn’t believe I’d eaten them all. Eventually I cracked, told her that I knew I’d eaten a few, but it really didn’t warrant this level of nagging. Her response was that I was lying, I’d definitely eaten more than I was saying. This was a typical conversation with my mother. I rolled my eyes and just said whatever.

“We carried on shopping, an hour or so later were returning to the car and she says: ‘what really annoys me is that you ate the ones you don’t even like out of spite.’ I ask her how many were left. Turns out the entire kilogram is gone.

“At this point I realize the miscommunication and explain that I definitely didn’t eat a kilogram of chocolate. We rush home and find the dog laying looking very sorry for himself. He’s eaten a kilogram of chocolate including plastic and foil wrappers.

“We rush the dog to the vets, who can’t stop laughing, the dog had a bit of a reputation for eating stuff it shouldn’t, but this was a new record. We had to take him home and watch overnight to ensure that he was okay. Thankfully he was, don’t think he enjoyed sh*@#ing out a hundred plastic wrappers.”

If you have a dog-lover of your gift list, here are12 perfect gifts they are sure to love.

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Pizza on the Roof

“I was putting up Christmas lights, but now it looks like I’m stuck on the roof for the time being,” says a Reddit user who posted a photo of a ladder that had fallen to the ground.

Another Reddit user offered up a “delicious” solution:

  1. Order pizza
  2. Ask pizza guy to help with ladder
  3. Big tip
  4. Pizza

These are the extension ladder safety tips everyone needs to know before they start hanging lights up high.

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colonialJames Kirkikis/Shutterstock

The Bates Motel Christmas

You might want to think twice before renting a home to celebrate Christmas, according to one Reddit user.

“My mother is one of three sisters and her eldest sister decided to have a big family Christmas down in Williamsburg with all three families, plus our grandmother. She sells this amongst everyone by promising she found this beautiful colonial house that will sleep 13 that comes fully decorated for the holidays. This was booked sight unseen (this was in the mid-90s). To this day the story is passed amongst our family as ‘The Bates Motel Christmas.'”

“The house was found, after searching, to be located behind a dumpy motel and the key was retrieved from said motel from a man without a shirt, in cutoff jeans. The house itself that was said to sleep 13 had 4 double beds in two bedrooms and one small room with a twin (probably was a closet that was converted.) There were a bunch of old discarded mattresses in the unattached cellar. The kitchen had a half-size mini fridge and barely had room for a couple of TV dinners and a pint of milk, let alone a rib roast and other food that was bought to feed all of us. There were no plates or silverware, a small round card table in the kitchen with three chairs, no towels or other bath amenities AND no central heating. Not to mention the Christmas decorations that were advertised was a single mirror above a decommissioned fireplace that was wrapped in silver tinsel and the tops of the two windows in the same room being lined with lights (one blinked, the other stayed lit upon plugging it in).

“My grandmother refused to leave the car upon pulling up to the house and insisted she was going to the Holiday Inn right next to where this house was. In between all of this was my aunt still trying to sell the house as a great idea and me and my brood of male cousins swarming through [the] house and backyard investigating the dirty disaster we had been thrown into.

“My mother fought with the rental agent and got my aunt a refund and we all ended up in rooms at the Holiday Inn. Merry Christmas to us?”

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