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14 Retailers That Will Give You the Most Money for Your Old Stuff

From gift cards to car batteries, these retailers will fork over significant cash for your junk.

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There’s no reason your closet cast-offs should be destined for the dump. While there are options aplenty for donating old garments, you can also make a quick buck by reselling nicer brand and designer name clothing on Poshmark. All you need to do is snap photos of the items and upload them to the app. Then, prepare to rake in big bucks; some of the Poshmark’s top sellers report making between $10,000 to $100,000 a year. Bonus: After you list your clothes, you can snap up one or two secondhand steals for yourself. Plus: These are the 15 things you should think twice about donating.

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So you couldn’t resist getting the latest and greatest iPhone upgrade. Never fear: Thanks to the Apple GiveBack program, you can donate your old device in good conscience. Apple will give it to a good home if it’s in decent shape, or they will recycle it for free. As for you, count on a discount of up to $400 for that upgrade. The only catch? You have to use the discount that day.

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Best Buy

Consider trading in that old TV instead of tossing it. Participating Best Buy locations will recycle everything from dishwashers to vacuums to digital cameras free of charge. And before you go, check the company’s Current Promotions page to get the scoop on the best trade-in deals. You can get $200 off a new MacBook Air when you turn in an old one, or save up to $650 on a new Samsung Galaxy by trading in your old model. Want to do more? Learn more simple tricks to reduce waste—and save money.

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Gift card exchange websites

Believe it or not, those unused gift cards might be worth more than you think. Exchange sites like Cardcash will buy popular gift cards from Target, Starbucks, and more for up to 92 percent of their original value. Better yet, you can make up to 13.5 percent more money when you sell them for store credit instead. Cardpool, Raise, and GiftCardGranny offer similar perks.

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Salvage yards

When your old car finally bites the dust, drop it off at your local auto salvage yard. They will pay you serious cash for its parts and scrap metal; in fact, that clunker can fetch anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on the current price of steel. Just make sure to remove any valuables from the glove box and clean out other nooks and crannies before you say so-long.

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Score a free M.A.C. lipstick of your choice by donating six empty M.A.C. makeup containers to any M.A.C. store. The Back-to-M.A.C. program recycles all empty, M.A.C.-branded “primary packaging,” such as Paint Pots, Fix+, Lipglass, and Pigment jars. You may not get cold hard cash in return, but it’s still a win-win for both your wallet and the planet.

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It’s time to cash in on your cluttered closet. Donate any brand of clothes or shoes to a participating Levi’s store for 20 percent off a full-priced item of your choice. Thanks to Levi’s partnership with textile recycling company I:Collect, your old garb will find a new home or get a second life as cleaning rags, insulation, and more. Don’t know where to start your purge? Here are 43 items you need to get rid of in the next 43 days.

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Half Price Books

Let’s be honest: You will never read that pile of books that’s gathering dust on your shelves. The good news is that Half Price Books will pay top dollar to take them off your hands. They will even accept your old textbooks, music, and movies, to boot. If you don’t want to hoof it to a brick-and-mortar store, you can always list your books on eBay or Amazon and pocket the profit. Or, try one of these 15 brilliant ways to repurpose a pile of old books.

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FALLS CHURCH, VA - JULY 18: A load of used non refillable OEM brand name ink cartridges going for plastic recycling lying on a heap on July 18, 2014 in Falls Church, VA.Huguette Roe/Shutterstock


On average, 70 percent of used ink cartridges are thrown into landfills, where it will take over 1,000 years for them to decompose, according to Make money off of your old cartridges (and help the planet!) by dropping them off at the nearest Staples or Office Depot. Staples will give you $3 off your next ink cartridge purchase for bringing in your used ones, while Office Depot offers $2 in rewards per cartridge.

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Advance Auto Parts

Car and truck batteries are made with hazardous metals that can seep into the groundwater if they are not recycled. Luckily, it’s a piece of cake to ditch yours without resorting to the dump. Advance Auto Parts accepts all car batteries—even those you didn’t buy from them—for recycling, and you will receive a $10 gift card in exchange. Check out more surprising ways to recycle just about anything.

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GameStop is another good option for turning your old tech into cash. They will assess your used video games, gaming systems, phones, and tablets, and then give you cash or store credit in exchange. To get the biggest bang for your buck, check the latest trade deals listed on GameStop’s trade-in site before you head to the store.

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Your device may have breathed its last, but it might still have more to give. With the AT&T Trade-In Program, you can offload those old electronic devices for a pretty penny. Depending on the value of your gadgets, they will fetch “up to $200 or more” in store credit, according to AT&T’s website. And if your device turns out to be a dud, AT&T will still make sure it is recycled responsibly. Try these 10 other ways to make money fast.

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You could sell your old jeans for pennies at a yard sale—or you could give them to a good cause and save on your next pair. Madewell’s Blue Jeans Go Green recycling program will turn your “pre-loved” pants into housing insulation for low-income communities. And for the trouble, you will receive $20 to put towards some new jeans.

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North Face

Ready to replace your winter coat? Save the planet when you do. North Face will give you $10 off any purchase of $100 or more when you drop off your used clothes or shoes at their retail stores. And those unwanted garments don’t have to be North Face brand, either—attire of any brand and in any condition will do. Next up, search your closets and basement for these 25 things in your house that could be worth a lot of money.

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