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8 Rules You Should Have For Your Teen Drivers

Teens are the most crash-prone drivers on the road, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so it's important to set clear rules with their safety in mind.

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Obey Laws

Be aware of the laws, in some states teenage drivers are limited to the number of passengers they can have in the vehicle with them under the age of 20. Some states also prohibit how late in the night a teenage driver is allowed to drive. Some experts suggest that parents establish a rule that new teen drivers only drive with adult passengers for the first six months.

You can reference this state-by-state guide to teen driving laws.

Have you ever of a traffic law that makes it illegal to drive with dirty wheels? Discover 10 of the weirdest traffic laws on the books.

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Plan on a Curfew

You already have a curfew for your children and when they start driving that shouldn’t change. But you might want to restrict their nighttime driving or not allow it at all in the beginning since night driving carries additional risks for young drivers.

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What Conditions They Can Drive In

If you live in a snowy winter climate you might not want your teen to drive in those conditions at first. Even if it’s raining or storming, you might not want them on the road because they’re an inexperienced driver. Take some time and teach them how to drive in those conditions so they’re prepared. Here’s what to do in a number of tricky driving situations. 

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Check In Every Time They Drive

AAA suggests that children check in with a parent to let them know where they are going, who is going with them and when they’ll return. It’s also suggested that children let parents know if they’re going to be late, if plans change and if they cannot get home safely.

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Common Sense Rules

Some rules should be pretty obvious, like obey all traffic signs and laws, never drive if you’ve used drugs or alcohol, always wear a seat belt and do not drive aggressively. Teens should also not allow anyone to smoke or vape in the car as that can distract them. These are the 10 most annoying drivers on the road.

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No Cellphones

Other rules you should have for a teen driver include: not using a cellphone at all. Many states have hands-free driving laws but teenagers like to use their cellphones to play music in the car so it’s important that they not do that so they can concentrate on driving. Try some of these hands-free devices so you don’t have to worry about your teen driving while using the phone.

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State of Mind

Teenagers should not drive if they are overly tired, angry or upset because it can be unsafe. These are 10 traffic rules everyone forgets.

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Who’s Paying for What

As you prepare to establish driving rules, you should also consider rules on who is responsible filling up vehicles with gas, who is responsible for paying insurance on a vehicle. You’ll also want to clearly establish that driving is a privilege that can be taken away. These are the 15 things you need to watch with car insurance.

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