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5 Skil Tools We Love From Amazon’s Summer Sale

Amazon is running a great sale on Skil cordless tools through Labor Day — check out our favorite picks on what you need to add to your toolbox!

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Skil PWRCore 12V 2-Tool Combo: 1/2-In. Drill Driver and 1/4-In. Hex Impact Driver

Every homeowner needs a reliable cordless drill in their toolbox, since there are always odd jobs that require drilling or fastening. This Skil two-tool combo kit includes a drill and an impact driver, a handy, time-saving combo that allows you to drill a hole, then immediately drive a fastener into that hole. No drill bit unchucking and chucking required. The 12-volt lithium-ion battery system is lightweight but powerful enough for most household tasks.

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Skil PWRCore 12V 3-Tool Combo: 1/2-In. Drill Driver, Oscillating MultiTool and Bluetooth Speaker

Oscillating multi-tools are another toolbox favorite. They get into tight spaces with ease, and you can trade out the blade to match your job. They’re great for sanding, trimming pipes, flush-cutting baseboards when doing flooring or even cutting ceramic tiles. This Skil three-tool kit features a handy oscillating multi-tool, a reliable drill and a Bluetooth speaker, all powered by two 12V lithium-ion batteries (included).

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Skil 20V 2-Tool Combo: Drill Driver and Reciprocating Saw

Stepping up to 20V of lithium-ion power gives you more performance to handle tougher jobs around the house and shop. This two-tool package pairs a drill with a reciprocating saw, one of the greatest tool innovations of the last few decades.

A reciprocating saw gives you freedom to cut just about anything when you pair it with the right blade. We’ve even used ours for pruning pesky tree limbs. This kit includes the two tools, two batteries, a 20-volt charger and a USB charging adapter. The latter lets you charge electronic devices like smartphones and tablets.

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Skil PWRCore 20V 1/2-In. Hammer Drill

When you find yourself handling bigger projects, it’s time to consider upgrading to a more powerful drill. A heavy-duty hammer drill like this one can handle the usual drilling and fastening jobs, but also uses percussion to drill and drive into harder materials like concrete block and bricks.

Need to hang shelves on basement walls? Attach house numbers on your brick facade? No problem. It comes with a long-lasting 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery, too.

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Skil PWRCore 20V Handheld Vacuum

It never fails. You complete a job inside the house and beam with pride and satisfaction. For me recently, it was hanging a ceiling fan. Then you show your handiwork to your significant other, who focuses on the drywall dust liberally coating the carpet, the duvet and the cat.

Don’t begin the argument you’ll never win. Instead, add this Skil 20V vacuum to your tool arsenal, which uses the same 20V batteries as the rest of your Skil cordless tools. Then clean up after yourself to preserve the peace and finish the job right.

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