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Clever Small Dining Room Ideas

Try these dining room decorating ideas for more style in less space!

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Hang Wallpaper

Wallpaper packs a big design punch, while taking up no space at all!, It can even work in the smallest of dining spaces, providing depth and visual interest.

While you can use traditional wallpaper, installing the peel-and-stick kind, such as Tempaper (shown here is ‘Peonies’), is a simple, fun and affordable weekend DIY project. Plus, it’s easy to adjust if you make a mistake and when you move out, you can remove it and there’s no harm done to the wall. Plus, check out these fun dining room wall décor ideas

Need help hanging traditional wallpaper? Here are 10 tips from a pro.

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dining room on orange wall backgroundPrinceOfLove/Shutterstock

Paint an Accent Wall

Like wallpaper, a painted accent wall can immediately open up a room, and there isn’t an easier DIY project, even on the most minimal budget. Choose a color that draws you in but doesn’t overwhelm the small space. Here are the best dining room colors this year. Ready to get rolling? Here are the best tools to hack your next painting project.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

If your small dining room gets stuffy, consider installing a properly sized ceiling fan with light fixture. This “fandelier” is 36 inches across when the blades are extended and 16 inches when the blades are retracted. Check out these inspirational dining room lighting ideas.

Want to install a ceiling fan yourself? Here’s our step-by-step guide.

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Install A Glass Barn Door

If space is at a premium in your dining room, you may want to consider installing a glass barn door. These sliding doors don’t take up valuable space the way regular swinging doors do. Furthermore, the glass allows additional light to flow through the room, which can make it feel larger.

Removing your old door? Read this first.

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Try a Round Dining Table

Trying to squeeze in more guests in a small space? A round dining table will give you extra places to sit where a square or rectangular table will not because you lose seating at every corner. And, a round table makes it easier for everyone to engage in the conversation.

Assembling flat-pack furniture? Here are some tips to help you get it done.

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Take Advantage of a Narrow Room With an Expandable Table

Don’t let a narrow dining room prevent you from hosting a dinner party. An expandable dining table is a perfect solution because it allows for more seating, when you need it. Store extra stackable chairs in the corner when not in use.

If your wood table has some stains, try these hacks to bring back its beauty.

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Make Room With a Drop-Leaf Table

A drop-leaf table is super useful for small spaces. Put up the leaf when you don’t need it and keep it down when you don’t. This type of table is truly ideal for spaces like tiny dining rooms where every little bit of room counts.

If your dining table is looking a bit shabby, try these fast fixes to get it looking new again.

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Dish shelf photographed in the kitchnManuela Sche-Beh/Shutterstock

Floating Shelves

The genius of floating shelves is that they give you a place to store dishes, glassware and other dining room essentials, without taking up any floor space. Looking for a fun project? Why not build your own floating shelves?

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Use Banquette Seating to Maximize Space

Consider getting a comfy banquette to conserve space in your small dining room. You can also put a bench up against the wall to utilize space in a similar way. Or, if you’re doing a complete renovation, you may want to think about built-in benches with lift-up seats for extra storage.

Accidentally drop food on your upholstery? Remove those stains with baking soda!

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dining roomJoe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

Call It What It Is!

If your tiny dining room is really just a corner in your kitchen (and sometimes it serves as an office and crafting space), you can call out it’s intended identity with a lighthearted sign. This “Eat” sign is simple perfection. You could also paint the word “eat” in another language or perhaps “nosh,” “dine” or “munch” better suites your home.

Ever wonder if you could paint a faux brick wall? The answer is yes, and here’s how!

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