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10 Smart Water Bottles That Are Worth the Money

The most advanced smart water bottles on the market help keep you on top of your hydration game. They're worth every penny thanks to intelligent features like hydration tracking, Bluetooth syncing, futuristic construction, and fitness monitoring.

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hidrate spark water bottlevia

The future called looking for you

Smart water bottles are a huge breakthrough for those of us trying (and sometimes failing) to be healthier. They track your water intake, typically sync with a mobile phone app to keep your hydration cues updated in real-time, and chart your goals. This Hidrate Spark 3 is one of the best smart water bottles for those who need constant reminders because it actually glows like a firefly to remind you to keep sipping. Plus: Learn how to repair the water dispenser in your refrigerator. 

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glow water bottlevia

Takes one to glow one

The best smart water bottles are the ones you actually use, which is why this ICEWATER 3-in-1 version is particularly exciting—it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Aside from hourly glow reminders, it’ll keep you on beat, power walking to your favorite tunes, or whatever else puts a spring in your step.

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Low-tech waters bottle can be smart, too

Your on-trend Hydro Flask water bottle may not have any of the expected high-tech bells and whistles of typical smart water bottles, but that doesn’t make it any less intelligent. It uses vacuum seal technology to secure your favorite drinking temperature, whether cold, hot, or somewhere in between for hours at a time without giving it a thought. Just don’t drink stale water from it, even if it’s the still cold from the day before yesterday.

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smart water bottlevia

Get one faster than you can run

If you’re anxious to incorporate smart water bottles into your life immediately, the ozmo Smart Cup Hydration Tracker is available on Amazon Prime with next day delivery for many members. It’s watertight, rechargeable, Bluetooth-ready, and works with your iOS smartphone. Next, check out 10 emergency water storage containers you should have on hand.

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coffee/tea smart water bottlevia

Coffee, tea, or hydrated you and me?

All of the above with this nifty Soma Brew Bottle, thanks for asking. You can definitely use this to brew your favorite caffeinated beverages like cold brew coffee or green tea, but the double insulated walls and shockingly-simple brew technology is also ideal for herbal teas, citrus-infused cold water concoctions, and other creative flavored waters that keep you hydrated and happy.

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trago water bottlevia

Half a year of hydration

If a standard coin-cell battery that lasts up to six months sounds like an appealing element in your search for the best smart water bottles, good news: this Trago 20 Ounce Smart Water Bottle is what you’re looking for. It has the ability to manage your hydration through a smart cap and bottle that uses sonar technology. Expect the exact amount of fluid you’ve imbibed to be updated on the matching smartphone app in real-time, as well as easily tracked fitness data.

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smart water bottlevia

Cleanliness is next to happiness

Or is that godliness? Either way, it’s a spiritual experience to feel hydrated and hopeful, which is what Astrea smart water bottles bring to the table with their NSF certification to remove lead from drinking water on the go. These stainless steel bottles are easy enough to toss in a gym bag, but technologically advanced enough to keep even young athletes protected from school drinking fountains, rest stops, and other questionable places to sip tap water. This is how often you should change your water filter at home, too.

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drink up water bottlevia

You can sync this with your Fitbit

Drink up smart water bottles pair with the brand’s unique smartphone app, but they also integrate with your Apple Health and FitBit tracking, which makes this hydration option a no-brainer. Expect it to record your hydration routines, remind you to “drink up”‘ and offer real-time reporting.

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bubbly smart water bottlevia

You’ll bubble over with excitement

If you’re spending a few dollars each day on your beloved sparkling water at lunch or dinners out, it’s time to make a keen financial decision to switch to the Aarke Carbonator. It’s a countertop machine with a small footprint that turns your normal water into effervescent goodness, but the most exciting part is the included PET storage bottles help keep your freshly-fizzed water sparkling for longer, so your money-saving DIY drink can last till lunch.

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