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10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Baking Supplies

Baking the perfect batch of cupcakes is hard when your things are a cluttered mess. But it won't take long to organize baking supplies with these quick and easy tips!

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Designate a Baking Cabinet

The first step to organizing your baking supplies is to gather them all together. Designate one kitchen cabinet (or pantry shelf) as your baking hub and keep everything in that spot. It may be tempting to spread things throughout the kitchen wherever they fit, but having a central baking station will simplify your baking—and cleanup. Plus: These are the 8 things pro chefs do to keep their pantry organized.

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Streamline Your Sprinkles

Use a paper plate or a funnel to transfer all your sprinkles to matching clear jars, and store them together for easy access.

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Hang Up Measuring Cups

Ever get frustrated rooting around a messy drawer, looking for the right measuring cup? Instead, use a dowel or hooks on the inside of a cabinet door to hang up your measuring cups by their handles.

If you own measuring cups like this, you’ll want them on display.

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YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Rack Pan Organizervia

Stand Up That Bakeware

Stacking baking containers can cause a cluttered mess in your cabinet. Instead, use an organizing rack like this Adjustable Bakeware Pan Organizer ($18). It will keep your baking pans and sheets upright and easy to pull out the moment your cookie craving strikes.

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Grab Some Bins

We’ve never met an organizing job that can’t be solved by some plastic bins. Shoebox bins ($24) are cheap, stackable and versatile. Use one to store all your cookie cutters. Another can hold piping supplies, or the attachments for your electric mixer. Add self-stick labels or use a paint marker to write directly on the bins. Next, try Marie Kondo-ing your pantry like this.

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Komax Biokips Flour and Sugar Storage Containersvia

See What You’re Working With

Use clear containers for dry ingredients. This method will organize baking supplies like sugar, flour and other essentials; it also allows you to easily see when you’re running low. These Komax Biokips storage containers ($32) are airtight to preserve freshness. Plus, they’re stackable so you can make the best use of your pantry space.

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Put a Lazy Susan to Work

These rotating trays ($18) aren’t just for the dinner table. Grab one or two and set them on a shelf to store oils, sprays and flavoring extracts. It’s a simple way to corral all those little jars and bottles, and you can grab what you need with one quick spin!

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This is only one of many ideas to help tidy up your pantry

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Display Pretty Items

Don’t feel pressure to keep everything behind a cabinet door. If you have a collection of beautiful cake stands, pastel mixing bowls or a pride-and-joy stand mixer, let them shine! Display them with a little potted plant to make an attractive vignette. This method clears up some storage space for your less attractive items, and adds some unique decor to your kitchen.

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Colorful cupcake liners in a glass jarbscmediallc/Shutterstock

Cleverly Stack Cupcake Liners

Glass jars such as used pasta sauce jars or mason jars are perfect for cupcake liners. Stack them up tall and slide them into the jar. They won’t topple over, and you’ll be able to see the quantity and colors that you have in stock.

Have an overabundance of liners? Here are some inventive ways to use them.

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rolling pin rackvia

Rack Your Rolling Pins

Hang up your rolling pins on a wall-mounted rolling pin rack ($60). This is an easy way to keep your rolling pins accessible, and to display them if you happen to have antique or unique rolling pins that would add to your kitchen’s vibe.

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