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Stuff We Love: Cool Technology

Get on the cutting edge of the construction industry with this cool technology.

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Construction Pro Tips

This week on Stuff We Love, Marty Dyck touts three pieces of cool technology that could change the way you work on the jobsite. They include two high-tech ways to keep your stuff more secure and a USB port tester that electricians will definitely want to check out.

To find out what Marty loves about these innovative products, watch the video below. To learn more about each individual product and find out where you can buy them online, keep reading.

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holding a usb meterConstruction Pro Tips

A new kind of electrical meter

Klein Tool’s USB Meters and Testers are designed to measure and monitor the power delivered by their USB ports. These testers, designed to troubleshoot the output on USB ports and detect faulty cords, are becoming an essential tool for electricians as USB ports become more and more common fixtures in modern homes.

Buy the ET920 USB A and USB-C Meter on Amazon here.

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Construction Pro Tips

Security camera on the go

The Reolink Go is a security camera that can easily be moved from one location to another, making it a perfect solution for monitoring jobsites. The option for solar power means that the Reolink Go does not need to be plugged into an outlet to run, and it operates on 3G or 4G networks, sending alerts and information to your phone without the need for a Wi-Fi network (which are rare on jobsites). The Reolink Go is available for purchase online and in stores for $239.99.

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Construction Pro Tips

Durable digital padlock

The Tapplock One+  Smart Padlock can be opened in three ways: morse code (seriously), scanning a fingerprint, and through Tapplock’s smartphone app. Being able to grant their crew access to locked tool chests from a remote location is a potentially huge timesaver for contractors.

You can buy one here.

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About Marty Dyck

Marty is a professional woodworker and the owner of Good From Wood, a custom woodworking shop located in Stillwater, MN. Specializing in unique, vintage barn doors, custom skateboards and other innovative wood products, Marty hopes to always build the piece that everyone talks about.
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