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Stuff We Love: Home Winterizing Products

These home winterizing products are affordable and easy to use.

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication.

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Let’s take look at some of our favorite products to identify drafty and perhaps poorly insulated parts of your house. Then we’ll show you what we suggest for putting a fix on those spots so you can save on your energy bills and be comfortable in your house all winter long.

Watch this video episode of Stuff We Love to see Mike Berner discuss and demonstrate these great winterization products, and then read on for further detail on each item and where to buy them.

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SMOKE-PENCILvia family

Smoke Pencil 

The Smoke Pencil is a handheld draft detecting tool often used by energy raters, HVAC technicians, auto mechanics and contractors. It’s very easy to use—just pull the trigger near an area you want to check for draft or leakage and see how the smoke moves. The tiny burner in this unit uses a nontoxic glycol-based fluid and runs on six AAA batteries (not included). You can lock the trigger for safe storage and a 3-oz. bottle of fuel is included. This is a very useful tool to see just how weathertight your doors and windows are.

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Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector        

This Infrared thermometer will help you spot hidden energy leaks. As you point the detector at your walls, the LED spotlight changes from neutral green to blue for a cold spot or to red for a hot spot. The LCD display screen actually indicates the surface temperature of whatever you are pointing at. If you have recessed lighting, which is often notorious for air leakage, this is the perfect tool to investigate without climbing up on a ladder.

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AC InfintyAirTap

This super-quiet booster fan is designed to help in those rooms where your HVAC system isn’t quite balanced. This fan comes in standard floor and wall register sizes and is an easy install. The magic with the AirTap is it’s LCD thermal controller that you program so the booster fan kicks in your home’s thermostat calls for heat. If you’ve got a room that is typically cold in the winter, or too hot in the summer, this booster fan is a great solution.

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FOAM-SOCKETvia family handyman

Duck Foam Socket Sealers

Only recently did building codes start to require airtight electrical boxes on exterior walls, so most of us live in houses with drafty switch and outlets boxes. These socket sealers are an easy solution to the problem. They come in all common configurations and install behind your cover plates in minutes. It’s a rare occasion when home maintenance is fast, easy and affordable, so don’t pass these up!

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SEAL-N-PEELvia family handyman

Dap Seal ‘n Peel

If you have drafty windows that you want to be able to open in the summer, this removable caulk is the way to go. Cut the tip of the tube just right and it’s easy to apply a nice smooth bead with a caulk gun. This product cures in about 24 hours and provides a temporary weatherproof and waterproof seal that won’t damage your paint when it’s time to peel it off.

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Bill Bergmann
“Bungalow” Bill Bergmann is an associate editor at Family Handyman. He’s been a licensed contractor/builder for more than 20 years. For him, there’s nothing better than taking out a few walls to make people happier in their homes.

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