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Stuff We Love: Lawn Care

Here are two modern-designed mowers and a classic self-propelled sprinkler that will keep your lawn looking its best.

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There’s nothing better than the sight and smell of freshly mowed grass. Today on Stuff We Love we’ve got two great new cordless mowers and an amazing old school sprinkler that will keep your grass looking its best. In this video, Mike Berner will show you how these products make lawn care easy and enjoyable. Read on for further detail and where to find these terrific lawn care machines.

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Ryobi 21-in. Cordless Self-Propelled Mower

Delivering “gas-like” power and performance has been a challenge for battery-powered mowers. Ryobi puts those shortcomings aside with this mower. Its 40-volt, 7.5 amp-hour battery, combined with its brushless motor, gives it ample run time at maximum power. Other features include:

  • Easy-lift lock-and-release bagger for single motion bag removal;
  • A 21-in. steel deck;
  • Seven-position, single-point height adjustment from one inch to four inches;
  • LED headlights
  • Three-in-one mulching, bagging and side discharge capability
  • Collapsible handles for compact storage
  • Compatible with all RYOBI 40-volt tools, batteries and chargers

The durable steel deck and blade housing make this Ryobi feel like your old gas mower, not some plastic toy. You’ll realize the immediate benefits of this mower when you experience its quiet performance. Two more big benefits: No more trips to the gas station, and no need to winterize the engine.

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Nelson Rain Train Traveling Sprinkler

The first traveling sprinklers were made back in the 1930s. When sprinkler systems became popular, these ingenious watering machines fell out of fashion. Now, Nelson has a new take on this classic sprinkler. It’s the same high quality of the original versions, but with some new features:

  • A sturdy cast-iron body;
  • Three travel speed settings;
  • Adjustable aluminum spray arms offering 15 to 55 feet of coverage;
  • Automatic water shut-off stop block;
  • Travels up to 200 feet and can cover up to 13,500 square feet.

For a sprinkler, this is still pretty high-tech. The water running into the sprinkler drives a turbine gear that turns the back wheels while your garden hose guides the front wheel. You can lay your hose in loops to cover different areas of lawn. For those without a sprinkler system, this is a great way to water your lawn without continually re-positioning your sprinkler.

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Ego 21-in. Select Cut Mower

Ego is upping its game with this new Select Cut Mower. It has all the features you’d expect from a top of the line battery-operated mower and more:

  • Select cut multi-blade system;
  • Touch drive self-propelled technology;
  • High-efficiency brushless motor;
  • Easy one-handed cutting height adjustment with seven settings from 1-1/2 to four inches;.
  • Three-in-one function: mulching, bagging and side discharge;
  • Bright LED headlights;
  • Handle folds for compact storage;
  • An easy-access two-bushel grass collection bag.

And because this mower cuts with two blades, it mulches more efficiently and runs longer on a single charge. With all these great features combined with the benefits of clean and low maintenance battery power, this Ego mower might just be the lawnmower of the future, today.

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Bill Bergmann
“Bungalow” Bill Bergmann is an associate editor at Family Handyman. He’s been a licensed contractor/builder for more than 20 years. For him, there’s nothing better than taking out a few walls to make people happier in their homes.

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