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The 10 Things in Your Home You Aren’t Cleaning Often Enough

You scrub the tile, clean the carpet and even wash the windows regularly. But are you cleaning some things as often as you should? Probably not. Here are 10 things in your home you aren't cleaning often enough.

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Cleaning the Trash CanMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Cleaning the Trash Can

Sure, you put a garbage bag in there but that doesn't mean your trash can is free from germs. Just think of those times the trash leaked and who knows what lingers in the bottom of that bin. And each time you take out the trash, just spray the inside of the trash can with a disinfectant. Once a month, wash it out with bleach and cleaning with hot water.
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Door Knobs and Light SwitchesBusiness stock/Shutterstock

Door Knobs and Light Switches

Just think about how many times a day you use a door knob and switch on the lights. And no matter how clean you think your hands are, each time you touch the door knob or light switch, you're spreading germs. Wipe them down regularly with a disinfected spray or cloth.
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The Computer KeyboardTHONGCHAT MANMONTRI/Shutterstock

The Computer Keyboard

In addition to the germs on your hands, your keyboard collects food crumbs, hair and dead skin cells. Every two months, use compressed air to get all the crumbs out. And then use a cotton swab dabbed in a little rubbing alcohol to wipe between the keys. Cleaning the keyboard regularly is a good way to stop germs in their tracks.
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Refrigerator CoilsSanti S/Shutterstock

Refrigerator Coils

When was the last time you cleaned behind the refrigerator, including the coils? Periodically cleaning the coils takes just 15 minutes and can help reduce electricity bills while also extending the life of your refrigerator. So try cleaning the coils every six months.
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Washer and DryerArtazum/Shutterstock

Washer and Dryer

Just because you're washing clothes regularly, it doesn't mean your washer and dryer don't need cleaning. Once a month, run an empty load with just hot water and bleach. And every three months, use a vacuum attachment to clean out your dryer's lint trap.
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The DishwasherZurijeta/Shutterstock

The Dishwasher

Food particles, soap scum and grease become trapped inside the dishwasher, which in turn can impact its efficiency and cause odors. So once a month, remove and wash the filter to make sure all food particles are gone. Then, sprinkle a cup of baking soda in the bottom of the empty dishwasher and leave it 12 hours. And then add a cup of vinegar and run a hot cycle.
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The Phoneprogressman/Shutterstock

The Phone

You use your phone throughout the day and your hands aren't always clean, nor is your face, so your phone picks up all that bacteria. Check with the manufacturer for cleaning directions for your phone. And for your landline cordless phone, wipe it down with a disinfecting wipe about once a week.
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PillowsWilliam Potter/Shutterstock


You don't need to wash your pillows every week like you do your sheets, but every three months or so, throw them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with hot water to remove dead skin cells and sweat. And when drying, add a couple clean tennis balls to help speed up drying and keep the pillow guts from clumping.
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The RemoteBossNid/Shutterstock

The Remote

Just like your phone, you touch the remote with dirty hands and spread those germs and dead skin cells around. So wipe it down once a week with a microfiber cloth and a little rubbing alcohol, or a disinfectant wipe.
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Your ToothbrushAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Your Toothbrush

To make sure your toothbrush is as germ-free as possible, keep it away from other toothbrushes and in a bathroom cabinet or cupboard so it's safe from airborne bacteria. And replace every three months, and once a week, soak it in an alcohol-based mouthwash. Next, learn the amazing uses for old toothbrushes and floss around your house here.

Plus, there are tons of ways to use mouthwash around the house.

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