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The 15 Best Tiny Homes to Buy After Retirement

Buying a tiny home for retirement is an excellent way to shave expenses. The Family Handyman looks at 15 tiny homes for the retiree who wants a single-level tiny home or wants a sleeping area on the main/lower level.

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The 15 Best Tiny Home Models to Buy After Retirement

Many tiny homes are designed so that the sleeping area is at the top of a set of stairs. This can be a deal breaker for some retirees. Tiny Home Builders has come out with the "Tiny Retirement" design that eliminates these stairs. This design places the entryway on the long side so there is room for a bathroom at one end and a bed or pull-out couch on the other. Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Home Builders
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Little Bird Deluxe Model Creates Rustic Elegance

The "Little Bird" tiny home design from Zyl Vardos, Inc. has a unique, curved dormer roofline that creates a beautiful entry with double French doors. The larger curved steps made with cedar provide more space for people with problems walking and the stainless steel shower makes shower cleanup a snap.
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Don Vardo from Portland Alternative Designs Is Great for Weekend Getaways

Don Vardo from Portland Alternative Designs Is Great for Weekend Getaways

Most tiny home designs allow for more living space by putting the sleeping area in a loft that requires you to climb a ladder. And these ladders are often steep and narrow, making them dangerous for some retirees. Portland Alternative Designs, PAD for short, has the Don Vardo tiny home model. It is great for the retiree couple who only want something for weekend getaways. And it's built on a standard utility trailer frame so even many mid- or full-size cars can tow it. The main drawback is that it's so small that there's no kitchen and the shower is actually the back porch. Photo: Courtesy of PAD
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Traveler XL Is Designed for the Retiree Nomad

Traveler XL Is Designed for the Retiree Nomad

The Traveler XL tiny home from Escape Homes at 35 feet, including the hitch, is ideal for the retiree that plans to travel with their tiny home. And electric brakes, Hopkins break away system and load leveling jacks are all standard. Also extra safety options include grab bars and an electric cooktop. Photo: Courtesy of Escape Homes
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The Floridian Tiny Home

The Floridian by Home Care Suites isn't like most other tiny homes. Because it isn't designed to be portable in any way after setup. It's built on a concrete pad. The Floridian is for the retiree who prefers to live close to their family and still maintain some privacy and independence. The cottage has a big front porch and sitting room, as well as space for full-sized washer and dryers.
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Minim House Does More with Less

Minim House Does More with Less

Although only 264 square feet (one of the smallest tiny homes on this list) the Minim House design maximizes the smaller space to feel like the larger models listed here. And there's an area with a 5-foot sofa with a top that reveals extra storage space. Adjacent to this is a platform that can hide a rollaway queen bed underneath and house a full-size bed on the platform. Minim House also has an off-grid option that can collect up to 290 gallons of water using the gutters on the roof. Photo: Courtesy of Minim Homes
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Go Off Grid with the Steely Cottage

Go Off Grid with the Steely Cottage

Shopdog has designed the Steely Cottage so it runs completely off solar as it comes equipped with solar panels. The company uses Corten steel to achieve a rustic appearance. And this tiny home comes with a composting sewage system so that the gray water can be used for gardens. Photo: Courtesy of Shopdog
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V House Lets You Customize to Your Heart's Desire

Most tiny homes give you a little leeway when it comes to customizing your tiny home. And the V House from Nelson Tiny Houses is so-named because of the variety and versatility your customization options represent. Their Little V model has a base price of $45,000. And Nelson says buyers can estimate the cost of their V House by adding approximately $200 per square foot to that.
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The Tiny Studio Is 'Tiny Expandable'

The Tiny Studio from Tiny Home Builders has an interior width of 7.3 feet. But thanks to some ingenious storage designs, it feels bigger. The kitchen and dining area on one end sits on a platform that hides a roll-out bed that can double as seating when partially pulled out. The stairs leading up to the platform also pull out to reveal extra storage. There's also a 3 by 7 foot, 3 inch storage area above the bathroom of the same size. Tiny Home Builders specifically designed this model so it's as much at home behind your truck as it is permanently parked.
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Oceanside Retreat Is Tiny Luxury

The Oceanside Retreat from Creative Cottages is a 411 square foot slice of Americana straight out of the 1960s. The back wall of the house is all glass for bright interiors and great vistas. And there is even the option for a river stone fireplace to keep you warm on those cold winter nights.
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Alpha Has a Unique Swing-Down Patio/Porch

The Alpha from New Frontier Tiny Homes places the living and sleeping areas at either end of the unit. And with both areas being two steps above the center entry area. This center area is dominated on one side by a window wall with sliding glass doors and a porch/patio that lowers out like a drawbridge. There's also a unique platform that triples as a bed base, dining table, and large storage compartment.
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Wind River Monocle Tiny Home Has Two Sleeping Areas

Climbing up a narrow ladder to get to bed can be problematic and dangerous for retirees. However, kids love them. Wind River's Monocle has both. Grandma and grandpa can sleep on the bed on the main level and the grandkids can climb the ladder and sleep in the loft. There's also a full-size soaking tub to relax in. Photo: Courtesy of Wind River
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Mini Motive Offers Fifth-Wheel Security While Towing

Mini Motive Offers Fifth-Wheel Security While Towing

The Mini Motive tiny home is one of only a few tiny homes that are equipped with a fifth-wheel trailer system instead of the less secure ball and socket hitch design. It's a modern single-level design that eliminates ladders. Photo: Courtesy of Mini Motive
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Elder Cottages Offers Many Options for the Elderly

Elder Cottages Offers Many Options for the Elderly

As their name implies, Elder Cottages specializes in tiny home cottages for the elderly. And all doors offer wheelchair access, elevated toilets, and reinforced bathroom walls for grab bars are just some of the standard features of Elder Cottage tiny home models that are aimed at keeping retirees safe. Photo: Courtesy of Elder Cottages
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Next Door Housing Offers More for Retirees

Next Door Housing Offers More for Retirees

Although the tiny home options from Next Door Housing look like mobile home trailers, they're listed as park units. And they are designed for permanent location in a suitably licensed yard or lot, preferably on a slab. Along with zoning/licensing, setup, and maintenance assistance, the company also helps put customers in touch with necessary elderly care services and facilities in their area. Photo: Courtesy of Next Door Housing

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