7 Best Dog Halloween Costumes

Whether spooky or sweet, Halloween costumes for dogs are probably the only thing that can make your furry friend cuter than he or she already is. Here are 10 you can buy or DIY.

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California Costumes

UPS Delivery Dog

This trick-or-treater is just dressed for work—and he’s here to deliver the treats! The polyester hat-and-shirt combo comes with stuffed arms that present a package. Hopefully he didn’t double-park!

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Move over—there’s only room for one Princess of the Amazons in this town, and this fluffer is giving Gal Gadot a run for her money. She’ll never stop fighting for justice! Well, until it’s time for a nap.

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California Costumes

Deadly Doll

Chucky the demonic doll has come to terrorize the neighborhood, and trust us, his bite is worse than his bark. He’ll brandish his foam knife and haunt your dreams until you release the chocolate—don’t talk to him about worms!

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Hipster Musician

You used to have a dog; now you have a ukulele player who shops at thrift stores and just rented an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. There are no sewing skills necessary for this DIY look—you just need an instrument, a newsboy cap or beanie, a scarf, and a pup who will agree to wear shades.

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California Costumes

Cupcake Girl

No one wears Katy Perry’s infamous cupcake bra like the pop icon herself, but this adorable dog does look like a bona fide “California Gurl”—or maybe a California grrrrl. Besides, any excuse for a pooch to wear a blue wig and sunglasses is a good excuse.

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Put your pup in a time machine to 17th-century France and transform them into a literary legend with this Three Musketeers custom costume, available only on Etsy. When Halloween’s over, save the get-up for Fifi’s first Renaissance Fair or to keep your dog warm in the winter.

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Chia Pet

You have a dog 364 days a year—why not manifest a different kind of pet this Halloween with a DIY Chia pet costume? Grab four orange Wellies to resemble terracotta planters—or spray paint a couple of old pairs—then wrap your pup in faux foliage; it won’t stick her skin like real foliage can. This one might be more of a photo opp than a stroll-about-town get-up, however.