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These are the Most Popular Home Renovation Projects for Winter 2019

A recently commissioned survey from Maytag found that nearly all homeowners with children and millennial homeowners are planning some type of home improvement project this fall/winter season. Winter is the time to DIY because it gives homeowners the opportunity to spend time with their families and travel during the warmer months. Here are the most popular tasks and upgrades people are planning right now.

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The majority of homeowners plan to make some type of home improvement in the next 3 to 6 months, over the course of fall and winter. Seventy-six percent were reported by the Maytag survey to feel more motivated during the colder months. At the top of the list of priorities is decorating for guests, from the holidays onward. Sixty-nine percent of homeowners report that they plan to decorate their home. When the tree is taken down and the ornaments packed away, homeowners will focus on ways to upgrade their year-round décor. Here are some home renovations you’re likely to regret later.

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How to declutter closetFamily Handyman

Cleaning and Decluttering

Another top priority as winter approaches is getting the house in order. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed said they plan to declutter, and clean long-forgotten nooks and crannies of their home. With more time spent inside, it makes sense people notice their cluttered closets and cabinets! Take a look at these 17 smarter renovation and home improvement tips.

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Hexagon Shelves Lead

Taking on Woodworking Projects

Homeowners know that there are fewer distractions (like good weather!) in the winter, so they take all the items of their DIY project to-do list and get them done during the colder months. This could mean a new workshop bench, a rustic coffee table or these unique hexagon shelves.

Here’s how to update kitchen cabinetry with new hardware.

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sand countertops

Upgrading Countertops

Countertops can be a tell-tale sign of a dated house. Participants of the Maytag survey prioritized upgrading their countertops to something more on-trend. If your laminate kitchen countertops are worn but still sound, give them a fresh, new look by resurfacing them. A variety of colors are available, and the process is no harder than painting. Here’s the complete how-to for resurfacing your laminate countertops.

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refacing kitchen cabinets

Updating Kitchen Cabinetry

Homeowners take on big projects in the winter when they’re stuck inside, including updating kitchen cabinetry. Cabinet design and details are critical in making upgrades to a kitchen. Some possibilities include painting, installing new hardware or adding a shelf up above existing cabinets.

Check out these 32 ways to save during a remodel.

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Preparing a Guest Room

Free time away from the garden means more time nourishing other areas of the home, like that dusty and cluttered guest room! With family in town for the holidays and beyond, it makes sense 25 percent of homeowners plan to prepare a guest room for visitors. That might mean purchasing new bedding, dusting off the shelves, switching lightbulbs and decluttering. Check out these home improvement fails that will make you cringe.

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Upgrading Light Fixtures

Twenty-three percent of homeowners want to spend the colder months taking care of home renovations. The survey found that homeowners would rather complete home renovations during the fall/winter so they can travel in the spring/summer. Simple upgrades like adding a semi-flush sputnik chandelier to your foyer can make a bold statement. Here’s a podcast for those who enjoy home renovation.

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Upgrading the Laundry Room

Aside from the weeks around the holidays, homeowners find the colder months a valuable time to make necessary upgrades. In fact, according to the Maytag survey, 44 percent of millennials and 41 percent of parent homeowners plan to remodel their laundry room or kitchen (compared to 29 percent of all homeowners). If you’re in need of new laundry appliances, Maytag’s high-efficiency top load washer and gas dryer with INTELLIDRY sensor are ideal for big loads. Sleek design, commercial technology and quiet as a mouse, this duo makes your laundry room look sparkling new, and your clothes too!

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Upgrading Kitchen Appliances

The homeowner survey says 28 percent of millennials and 25 percent of parents plan to purchase and install new appliances (compared to 21 percent of all homeowners). That old refrigerator you’ve been holding onto could be bringing down the look of your entire kitchen. Upgrade to a stainless steel option that offers plenty of places for all the holiday food and comforting casseroles that you’ll be making all season long. Maytag’s 25 cu. ft. French door refrigerator in fingerprint resistant stainless steel provides ample interior space for fresh and frozen goods, while your gallon-sized containers can remain in the door thanks to the refrigerator offering more gallon door bins than any other non-commercial refrigerator in the industry. The pull-out tray is another handy feature that holds a hefty amount of party essentials that can be easily accessed when entertaining. Check out these kitchen renovations that will make you cringe.

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Family Handyman

Saving Money on Renovations

Last but certainly not least, 36 percent of homeowners want to save money on expenses during the “slow season,” which is a major reason, along with being stuck indoors, that they get motivated to take care of cheaper deals during the winter time. These bathroom remodeling tips will keep you from flushing away your hard-earned money.

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