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The Top 100 DIY Products of 2017 That are Still Amazing a Year Later

We're tool fanatics and get to handle a lot of cool new products for DIYers. It was hard, but we whittled down our list of favorites to 100 items. You'll see a lot of cool new stuff from the last year, as well as cool stuff we only just discovered this year. Check it out!

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication.

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Smartphone with Thermal ImagingFamily Handyman

Smartphone with Thermal Imaging

The CAT S60 Android smartphone is far more rugged than a consumer-grade phone. It's shatterproof up to a 6-ft. drop onto concrete, dustproof, shockproof and waterproof down to 5 meters for up to an hour. This phone works in temps from minus 13 to 131 degrees F, and the touch screen has glove-on and wet-finger tracking ability, so it operates in any weather. The CAT S60 has a 13-megapixel camera as well as an infrared (FLIR) camera. Use the FLIR camera throughout your house to measure surface temperatures and find air leaks and temperature differences behind walls, electrical problems and even beehives. The S60 works with AT&T and T-Mobile and affiliated GSM networks using a nano sim card. It comes with 32GB internal memory and accepts a microSD card for extended storage up to 128GB.
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Milwaukee 52-inch Mobile Work Station

Need an all-in-one workbench for your garage? Check out this tool chest from Milwaukee! You get nine drawers that include 100-pound soft-close slides, a center drawer with a moveable divider and a total weight capacity of 1,800 pounds. The work station also includes two pullout trays for quick access to tools. Need power? It comes with a six-plug power strip with two USB ports that carry a 2.1-amp rating. It also features a 1.25”-thick wood top that is elevated to allow clamping on three sides, which makes it an attractive option for weekend woodworkers as well. If you're looking for wood workbench ideas as well, check these plans.
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Bosch’s GBL 18V-71 18V Blower

Bosch’s GBL 18V-71 18V Blower offers an ergonomically designed handle and enough power for any job around the job site or the workshop. The blower has an air delivery of 71 cubic feet per minute and has speeds of 167 mph. It has two speed settings and features an attachment to dry out concrete holes to set an epoxy anchor. The blower has 54 hours of run time on the low speed setting and comes in under $100, making it a good choice for blowing out a workshop, cleaning up around the home and even some light yard work from time to time. If you need something larger for around the yard, check out these leaf blower options.
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Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL™ Metal-Cutting Circular SawMilwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL™ Metal-Cutting Circular Saw

This brushless motor version of previous corded saws for Milwaukee will make 370 cuts in EMT with a fully charged battery. That is about 40 percent more than other cordless metal-cutting circular saws on the market now. The motor runs at 3,900 rpm with a 2-1/4-inch cut capacity with a 5-7/8-inch blade. Doing other metal work? Check out these tips on drilling holes in metal. Photo: Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool
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DeWalt Cordless Air Compressor

DeWalt released its Flexvolt 60V 2.5 gallon cordless air compressor in 2017, its first cordless air compressor. It’s a convenient tool around the shop for inflating items or getting finishing jobs done. It’s just the second cordless air compressor on the market, after Rigid came out with one earlier. The DeWalt compressor carries a little more power than the Rigid 18V 1-gallon compressor. The DeWalt model has a brushless motor and a heavy duty oil-free pump. It also uses a OneTurn regulator, which allows adjusting of the PSI without delay. The compressor weighs about 21 pounds and it’s smaller size gears it toward smaller jobs. But, if you're not ready to give up on your old one, learn how to fix an air compressor. 
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Bosch LED Worklights

Working with LED lights has safety advantages and Bosch just introduced the GLI18V-300 18-volt articulating LED worklight and a 12V version that put out 300 lumen power. The 18V version has an articulating head that can pivot but the 12V does not. The 18V product can run for about 10 hours with a 2ah battery while the 12V model can run for six hours. Both cordless products use six LED bulbs and are light weight. The 18V option is .69 pounds and the 12V model is .36 pounds. The down side is that neither light comes with a battery, so that adds to the price if you aren't already on these platforms.
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Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL 7-1/4” Dual Bevel Sliding Miter SawMilwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL 7-1/4” Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

Milwaukee Tool recently released its new cordless miter saw, the M18 FUEL 7-1/4” Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw, and it’s a light-weight option for the mobile handyman. The saw weighs 28 pounds with a battery and that only increases to 59 pounds when using a miter saw stand. It has a brushless motor, goes 5,000 RPM, can make 600 casing cuts per batter charge and has a LED shadow cut line. It retails around $600 so it’s an investment, but reviews have raved about it. It comes with a five-year warranty. If you're in need of a place a work station, build your own miter saw table. Photo: Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool
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Black+Decker Roto-Bit

A powered screwdriver can alleviate any troubles you run into with using a regular screwdriver. This Black+Decker Roto-BIT Storage Screwdriver gets the job done and makes life easier. The screwdriver includes eight bits, a magnet to hold additional screws and an LED light to help you see your work. This tool is priced at $24 on Amazon. Find out what to look for with cordless tools.
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Weber iGrill 3

The Weber iGrill 3, which is compatible with the brand's Genesis II and Genesis II LX gas grills, allows you to closely monitor your food so you get perfect results every time. The Bluetooth-enabled device supports up to four probes and sends information such as food temperature, cook time and even propane tank levels to your smartphone or tablet via the Weber iGrill app.
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Kreg Mobile Project Center

The Kreg Mobile Project Center makes an excellent portable work station. It's very well-designed and the large 30 x 32-in. work surface supports up to 350 lbs. Set your miter saw up on it, or your planer. Or use the integrated clamping points to hold any variety of projects in place. It sets up quickly and easily, is easy to stow and can be combined with another project center to create larger work surfaces. The Kreg Mobile Project Center is definitely something to consider for that special DIYer on your list. Get it today.
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Cheap moving blanketsFamily Handyman

Cheap moving blankets

I had to move cross-country a couple years back and needed a bunch of furniture blankets to protect my stuff. The problem was the quilted ones cost about $15 or more at moving supply companies. So I bought a few at Harbor Freight Tools (, where they cost only $5 to $10 each (depending on size). Since the move, I’ve found other uses for them such as padding the top of my workbench to protect furniture from dings while I sand. They work great as drop cloths too. Click here for more moving tips. – Jason White
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Pest-proof foamFamily Handyman

Pest-proof foam

Insulating foam is great for sealing out drafts, but not so great for keeping out mice and other pests that can chew their way through in a heartbeat. I had a problem with mice chewing through the weather stripping near the bottom of my garage door. I sprayed a glob of DAP Products’ Touch ’n Foam Mouse Shield behind each entry point last fall. It was amazing! Not one foam barrier was breached. You can get it for about $8 and up online. Great Stuff Pestblock, another pest-deterring foam sealant, contains an ingredient that tastes bad to critters. Click here for more pest control tips. – Travis Larson
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Space-Saving Miter SawFamily Handyman

Space-Saving Miter Saw

You might say I’m fickle when it comes to compound miter saws. I’ve tried 10- and 12-in. models—both sliding and nonsliding—made by DeWalt, Craftsman, Hitachi and Festool. And while they all had their strengths, I’m currently in love with my 12-in. Bosch Axial-Glide miter saw (model GCM12SD; The Axial-Glide saw is big and powerful with no slide arms behind the saw, which means I can push it tight against a wall, making it perfect for my space-challenged workshop. The bevel and miter controls are on the front of the saw and super easy to use. The 12-in. model retails for about $600, and there’s a similar 10-in. model available for about $550. See our reviews on 8 popular brands of miter saws. — Jeff Gorton. Buy it now on Amazon.
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Ladder stabilizerFamily Handyman

Ladder stabilizer

Most ladder stabilizers are a pain to install and remove because you have to deal with U-bolts and wing nuts. But setting up Werner’s Quick-Click ladder stabilizer (model AC78; is much faster and hassle-free. A spring-loaded latch makes it possible to just "click" it onto your extension ladder when you're ready to work! It also has a handy hook on it for paint buckets. The stabilizers cost about $43 to $50 online and at home centers. Click here to see DIY safety tips.
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Scrape paint with less messFamily Handyman

Scrape paint with less mess

Scraping paint by hand is a tough, messy job. Oneida Air Systems now makes the Viper Scraper, which you connect to a shop vacuum so it’ll suck up the dust and paint chips as you scrape. It comes with one reversible carbide blade. The scrapers cost about $20 at Click here for more painting products.
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Move Heavy Machines SafelyFamily Handyman

Move Heavy Machines Safely

After a harrowing ordeal moving my drill press from one side of the garage to the other, I finally bit the bullet and bought this mobile tool base made by HTC (model HTC-2000). It’s powder-coated steel with two fixed casters in back and two swiveling ones in front—perfect for moving a tippy drill press or other heavy woodworking machines. The size is customizable to fit most home workshop machines. Assembly was easy—just a few bolts and 10 minutes of my time. My only complaint is that the small wheels in back get caught in some of the cracks in my garage floor. HTC machine bases are available for about $60 at woodworking stores like Rockler and Woodcraft and from online retailers. Click here for Tips on moving heavy furniture. – Andrew Zoellner, Digital Content Editor
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Cut grass without gasFamily Handyman

Cut grass without gas

Ryobi recently lent us a new 48-volt electric riding mower to try out (model RM480e;, and it really put a smile on my face. According to Ryobi, the mower can run for up to two hours at a stretch—enough to cut 2 acres on a single charge. Because this mower is completely electric, it’s super quiet, and you don’t have to worry about gas, belts, spark plugs or oil changes. It’s driven by three brushless motors (one for propulsion and one for each mower blade) and has a 38-in., two-blade deck. It also has a nice, tight turning radius as well as LED headlights, which let me mow past sunset. The cup holders and USB ports for charging a cell phone are also a nice touch. The RM480e costs about $2,500 at The Home Depot. —Mark Petersen, Associate Editor For more Stuff We Love recommendations click here.
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Oil ExtractorFamily Handyman

Oil Extractor

I have a lawn mower, snow blower and pressure washer that all work great, but they weren't designed for easy oil changes. It's impossible to change the oil in any of them without making a colossal mess. So I was thrilled when I found this Briggs & Stratton oil extractor pump. Now I just stick the hose down in the reservoir and pump out the old, dirty oil. When I'm done, I set the bottle on the ground and clamp the end of the hose onto the edge of my workbench and leave it like that for a while. That way all the oil drains out of the hose down into the bottle. I still lay down some cardboard even though I haven't spilled a drop since I got it. This 1.6-liter version costs $24 online at Amazon. Briggs makes a 4-liter model as well. — Mark Petersen, Associate Editor Want to see what auto mechanic's top tools are?
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This Small Garage Heater Packs a PunchFamily Handyman

This Small Garage Heater Packs a Punch

I bought this little NewAir heater (model G56) a couple of years ago for my garage workshop. I live in Minnesota, the land of subzero temps, where it does a fantastic job of getting my mostly insulated two-car attached garage from 40 to 60 degrees F in about 30 minutes. That’s plenty warm for my needs. You’ll need to have an electrician install a dedicated 30-amp, 240-volt circuit to power it. NewAir model 56 costs about $170 online. Buy this heater on Amazon now. Check out these great other ideas for upgrading your garage workshop.
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Great mower for hilly yardsFamily Handyman

Great mower for hilly yards

Last summer I moved into a new house with a steeply sloped front yard, so I figured it was time to buy a self-propelled lawn mower. After reading a few reviews online, I bought a 22-in. Toro Recycler with all-wheel drive (model 20353; toro. com). This thing is awesome! It climbs hills with ease and mulches grass into fine particles that feed my lawn. And the specially designed engine never needs oil changes–you just check and add oil as needed. Click here to find out tips for buying a lawn mower.
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Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit

Get your home on the path to automation with the Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit. Check out our Stuff We Love video on this product. Photo: Courtesy of Home Depot
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Black and Decker Snake Wand

Though the Black and Decker Snake Wand may look a little gimmicky, it's actually a really useful product. The first thing you notice is the flexible head. Made up of interlocking plastic, we thought this might be a weak point. But boy were we wrong. Even under full water pressure, the head maintains whatever shape you put it in with no leaking. This hose attachment features nine different spray settings and enough handle length to comfortable water hanging plants and other hard to reach vegetation. And if you're a truck or SUV driver, the extra reach will help you spray down the top of your vehicle easily, as well as underneath without too much bending. We also found this attachment useful for filling buckets quickly – you're far enough away to avoid any splash back. Lastly, knowing how cool metal handles can get with water running through them, there's a foam pad that keeps your hands from getting too cold. Looking for a hose that avoids kinking and unnecessary wear? Check out our tips for hose shopping here. And don't let a leaky hose spigot rack up a huge water bill. Learn the proper way to install an outdoor faucet here. Check out our Stuff We Love video on this product.
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Milwaukee Square Socket Set

The ratchet in this set features a slim profile that is great for working in tight spaces, but that’s just the icing on the cake. Watch our Stuff We Love video to find out what else The Family Handyman staffers like about this innovative socket set. Plus: 6 Point Socket vs. 12 Point Socket Ratchet Rebuild
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Featuring a flexible, ergonomic handle that can attach to basically any standard shovel, the Shovelution eases the strain on your joints and muscles when shoveling snow. See how it works in our Stuff We Love video. Plus: 13 Snow Blowing Tips That Make Snow Removal Quick and Easy Winter Checklist: 10 Things Every Homeowner Should Do Before Winter Photo: Courtesy of Amazon
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Briggs & Stratton Mow N’ Stow Technology

A specially designed engine allows this walk-behind mower to be stored upright for extended periods of time without leaking fluids. Watch the Stuff We Love video to find out more about this genius space-saving technology. Plus:
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Fiskars Club Hammer

The maul side of this Fiskars Club Hammer is perfect for one-handed use on projects like driving in stakes, whacking chisels, and knocking rusty parts loose. The wedge side is great for busting up small slabs of concrete or removing obstacles in general because the wedge itself concentrates the force up to five times more and the debris is sent off to the sides rather than back in your face. But the feature that stands out most is the handle. This Club Hammer is one of many striking tools in Fiskars’ IsoCore line up. IsoCore is a Shock Control System designed to reduce vibrations, twice as much reduction compared to the traditional wood handle. And less vibration translates to less fatigue. The handle also has a slip resistant surface, which has a shape and texture designed to reduce the chance of blisters. It costs about $35 at some home centers. Busting up some concrete? Learn how to work smart (and save your back) here. Want to take out a wall? Put down the sledge hammer and make sure you read these demolition tips first.
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Genie LED Light Bulb

Vibrations created from a garage door opening and closing is hard on the filaments in incandescent bulbs, that’s why until recently “rough service” incandescent bulbs were the best choice for your garage door opener. But if you’re like most of us, when the garage door opener light goes out, it may take months to replace it. Mostly because you don’t notice it’s out until you get home and at that point your car is in the way. So what’s the solution? You may be tempted to install a long lasting, filament-free LED bulb. But don’t install just any LED bulb though. The electronics in many LED bulbs can interfere with your opener’s receiver, reducing its range to just a few feet! That’s why Genie developed an LED specifically for garage door openers. The bulb’s electronics are shielded to prevent receiver interference. It’s built to withstand vibrations and cold temperatures down to minus-22 F. And it’s rated for damp locations (most LEDs aren’t). This LED also has a 25,000-hour lifespan which equates to about a 17-year lifespan. Not bad for $10! Is your garage door giving you grief? Learn how to do your own garage door opener repair and troubleshooting. Thinking about a new garage door opener? Learn how to install a new garage door opener and get some pro advice you won’t find in the manual. Photo: Courtesy of Home Depot
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Scotts Wizz Cordless Spreader

Last summer, editor Mark Petersen couldn't find his spreader. (He's pretty sure he lent his old one to someone who never returned it). But his loss turned out to be a good thing because he stumbled across Scotts spreader called the Wizz. Instead of a hand crank, it runs on four AA batteries, so there's not another charger to keep track of for a tool that doesn't get used all the time. In fact, he's filled his at least 20 times and is still on the same batteries it came with. It works great at spreading seed, week killer, fertilizer and even ice melt, and it has a little sliding shield called an EDGEGUARD that causes the product your spreading to be broadcasted only straight forward and too the right, which is perfect when working next to the driveway, sidewalks, etc. The one handed operation is the biggest benefit. On windy days you can hold the spreader close to the ground to avoid nasty chemicals being blown back in your face, and you don't have to bend completely over like you probably did with your old spreader. And sometimes, when you're working a ways from the house, you can use your free hand to bring extra seed along in a small bucket. This eliminates half the trips back to the seed bag for refills. Scotts Wizz spreader is available at many home centers and hardware stores. Need to cover a large area? You'll want to check out a broadcast seed spreader. If your lawn is too far gone, it may be best to start over. Here's our complete guide on how to reseed your lawn. Pick up the Wizz at the Home Depot.
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Wagner Furno 500 Heat Gun

The futuristic-looking Wagner Furno 500 heat gun packs a punch with user-friendly features. First and foremost, the adjustable temperature settings (from 150 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit) let the user dial in the exact temperature needed for the job at hand, with both low and high speed settings. The ergonomic design feels good in the hand. Side bars help prevent a hot nozzle from inadvertently burning your work or work area. And once you’re done, the heat gun enters cool down mode, where the fan runs to cool off the gun. That means you can safely put it away after only a couple minutes. Need to strip paint off of furniture for refinishing? Learn how to make old furniture look new here. Photo: Courtesy of Wagner
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Ryobi Cordless Glue Gun

Ryobi has transformed a useful tool into one that’s incredibly handy. The Ryobi 18V ONE+ Hot Glue Gun lets you take your glue gun wherever you’re working with extension cords. And it heats up in only 90 seconds. Unlike most glue guns, which lie on their sides, this model stands up straight, keeping the business end out of harm’s way. The rubberized tip doesn’t get hot (only warm), so you can use two hands for precision and you don’t have to worry about inadvertently burning a project. And as the name says, it’s cordless! It runs off the ubiquitous Ryobi 18-volt lithium battery and has a run-time of up to three and a half hours. If you thought hot glue was only for crafts, you’ll be surprised just how useful hot glue is in the workshop and around the house. When you only need a temporary hold, hot glue works wonders. Buy this universal tool now. Looking for more glue tips? Check out the definitive list on how to glue wood.
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H.D. Hudson NeverPump Bak-Pak Sprayer

We love this backpack sprayer for lawn and garden stuff as well as cleaning up job sites (and killing spiders). It's made by HD Hudson, is powered by lead-acid batteries, and will spray for up to 10 hours on a single charge. You can pick one up at Amazon.
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Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

Backup batteries are handy to have for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. And now you can get a backup battery for your refrigerator, too! In fact, the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station functions just like a 1,500-watt gas-powered generator. That’s enough power to run a circular saw, operate a 1/3-hp sump pump or keep a refrigerator cold for one or two days in a power outage. And because there’s no engine exhaust to worry about, this power station can be parked indoors. The Yeti 1400 will charge in 25 hours when plugged into a wall outlet. And for you off-the-grid types, it can also be charged with solar panels (sold separately). When it’s not in use, the unit will hold a charge for up to 18 months. A display screen gives an estimated run-time and a recharge completion time. At $2,000, this puppy isn’t cheap, but it might be just the ticket if you need portable power or want power-outage peace of mind without having to mess with a gas engine.
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Black & Decker Steam Mop

Black & Decker Steam Mop

We've been cleaning floor tile and sealed wood floors with a Black & Decker Steam Mop in the past. The mop has worked so well, especially on grout. The new version of the Steam Mop comes with a wearable SteamGlove. The glove works just as well on the wall tile grout as the mop does on the floor.  You can pick up a Black & Decker 5-in-1 Steam Mop with SteamGlove for $129 online.
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A clever DIYer from New York invented this tool because he was tired of getting hand cramps when he was painting from a can. He quickly realized it was useful for a lot of other jobs as well. The Add-a-Handle has Velcro straps that hold up to 30 lbs. You can use it to tote tools and materials around the yard, or attach it to a ladder for use as a hook. It can also be strapped to any number of household items to help people who have hand weakness. It even has a magnet to hold a paintbrush ferrule. The Add-a-Handle is made in the U.S.A. and costs $20 at and other online retailers.
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Brinks Home Security: PUSH PULL ROTATE Line

Brinks Home Security: PUSH PULL ROTATE Line

Are you still turning doorknobs? That’s so old-fashioned. Check out the new PUSH PULL ROTATE line of knobs from Brinks Home Security. As you might have guessed, these knobs can open a door with a push (if the door swings out) or a pull (if the door swings in). If your hands are full or dirty, you can open your front door with your knee, elbow, foot, hip, backside—you get the idea. And yes, it also still turns like a standard knob so you don’t confound houseguests. The PUSH PULL ROTATE knobs fit standard doors and are available in locking, non-locking and keyed entry models. Prices start at $25 for a keyed entry doorknob.
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Deep-cleaning Grill BrushFamily Handyman

Deep-cleaning Grill Brush

Most grill brushes work OK at cleaning the very top side of a grill grate, but the Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush has a three-brush head that’s designed to get inside the grate. It has aggressive bristles but still works on all types of grates including porcelain, stainless steel and infrared. It’s also easy on the wallet: The Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush costs less than $20 at
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Socket TraysFamily Handyman

Socket Trays

After decades of digging through my toolbox drawers in search of the right socket, I decided to step up my toolbox organization game and bought a few different sizes of Hansen Socket Trays. Now, not only are my sockets easily accessible but I can actually see which size is which thanks to the large print on the holders. The trays hold shallow and deep well sockets and come in three sizes to fit 1/4-in., 3/8-in. and 1/2-in. drive sizes. They’re also available for both metric and SAE sockets. They cost about $10 each at home centers and online. — Jason White, Associate Editor
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Bluetooth PadlockFamily Handyman

Bluetooth Padlock

We had a problem with strangers disposing of their garbage in our dumpster here at work. On a few mornings, it was completely full of construction debris! We could either start locking the dumpster at night or keep paying the $80 early pickup fees. I bought a Master Lock Bluetooth padlock because I didn’t want to carry any more keys in my pockets or try to remember a combination. The app on my phone lets me open the lock remotely (within Bluetooth range). I can also use the app to set combinations that my coworkers can use. If I give out individual codes, I can track who opened it and when—not that  I don’t trust my coworkers. I can give out single-use codes as well. I bought the heavy-duty outdoor model No. 4401DLH online. — Josh Risberg, Lead Carpenter
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An Easy-to-Load String Trimmer—Really!Family Handyman

An Easy-to-Load String Trimmer—Really!

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with all three string trimmers I’ve owned. Every single one was a pain when it came to loading the string—and every one supposedly had an “easy-load” head. Ryobi’s new Reel Easy Bump Feed Head is the first one I’ve come across that can honestly include “Easy” in the name. Here’s how it works: Push the line through one hole until it comes out a hole on the other side, pull the line so there’s an even amount on each side (up to 16 ft. total), and attach the Speed Winder crank. Turning the crank will spool the line into the head. Brilliant! The Reel Easy with Speed Winder also fits Homelite and Toro trimmers. It sells for about $25 at The Home Depot. — Travis Larson, Senior Editor
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Kind  to Your Back— and Your StairsFamily Handyman

Kind to Your Back— and Your Stairs

This UpCart handcart has a clever six-wheel design that keeps the cart frame from dragging on and scraping stair treads. The extra wheels also reduce the distance a load travels up and down, which makes it more stable. This isn’t for hauling refrigerators, but it can handle loads up to 100 lbs., perfect for hauling bags of water softener salt or a tub full of books. And the UpCart folds up so small that it dang near fits in your back pocket. This version costs $89 online. Check out the cool accessories and find out more about the UpCart at
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Stop Roof LeaksFamily Handyman

Stop Roof Leaks

I used to own a small construction company that specialized in roofing, siding and gutter work. Faulty pipe flashing was a common cause of the roof leaks we repaired. The rubber boot on pipe flashing can dry out and crack (sometimes in just a few years), giving water a clear path into the house. Sealing the crack was a temporary solution. More often than not, we replaced the pipe flashing, which was a dicey operation when working with older, brittle shingles. The Perma-Boot is a permanent solution that doesn’t involve the hassle of ripping up shingles. Just slide the boot over the existing pipe, add adhesive and pop on the cap. I wish these guys had been around when I was still crawling around on rooftops. Perma-Boots are available in several sizes and colors. Find them for less than $20 online and at home centers and hardware stores. — Mark Petersen, Associate Editor
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A Woodworking LuxuryFamily Handyman

A Woodworking Luxury

I use a router for most of my woodworking projects. I leave my monster 3-hp router in the router table for the big stuff and prefer to grab a compact trim router for freehand routing. I recently bought a Ridgid 18-volt Brushless Compact Router to "possibly" replace my corded model. I knew I would love not having to worry about shredding a cord or having it get hung up on a corner. But I was a little concerned that a cordless router would be top-heavy or lacking in power—I saved my receipt just in case. It turns out my worries were unfounded: The router felt balanced and comfortable in my hand, and I noticed no measurable difference in power. Setting the bit height and dialing in the depth were easy and intuitive. The on-off switch took a little getting used to, but that wasn't a deal breaker. And never having had a router with an LED light before, I found it a bonus to be able to see what I was cutting. It even has variable speed! The Ridgid 18-volt Brushless Compact Router costs $130 without the battery (the 5.0 Ah battery works best) at The Home Depot. -Andrew Zoellner, Digital Content Editor
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No-mess Paint LidFamily Handyman

No-mess Paint Lid

Painting is not my favorite chore. I'm a fan of any product that can make the job cleaner, faster and less frustrating. That's why I love this paint can lid from Shur-line. It has a spout, so there's no spilling or splashing when you pour paint into a roller pan, and the paint doesn't ooze out all over the front of the can. And never again will I have to clean out the rim before replacing the lid—hallelujah! The spout folds down, so I can still stack my cans, and the nonstick surface means latex paint drips or runs just peel right off. Reuse one for each paint job or buy enough of them to permanently replace all your steel lids. If you go that route, be sure to transfer the paint color information from the lid to the can itself. The Shur-line paint can lid costs about $3 at home centers. —Travis Larson, Senior Editor
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Remove Stripped Nuts and BoltsFamily Handyman

Remove Stripped Nuts and Bolts

I discovered a new way to remove nuts and bolts that I've rounded over beyond all recognition. I reach for a Kobalt Steel Grip socket. Steel Grip sockets have little fingers, or cams, inside that will grab onto the most mangled surface. And the harder you turn the socket, the tighter they lock into place. The fingers also grab onto a nut or bolt like a magnet, which is perfect for getting bolts started in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. When I change the oil on my truck, I use one to prevent my oil drain plug from dropping down into a slimy pool of dirty oil. These sockets don't like impact drivers (I wrecked one that way), so they won't replace your standard set of sockets, but $15 for an eight-piece set is a small price to pay if it gets you out of even one jam. The Kobalt Steel Grip sockets are available at Lowe's. —Josh Risberg, Lead Carpenter See more Tips for Loosening Nuts, Bolts and Screws.
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A New Sawhorse, Fat on FeaturesFamily Handyman

A New Sawhorse, Fat on Features

When I was a siding installer, my crew used to pull out and pack up at least six sawhorses every day. The metal folding sawhorses we used worked OK, but they were finger pinchers, the feet were weak and tended to fold over under heavy loads, and the legs flopped out when you hauled the sawhorses around. This new pony from DeWalt doesn't have any of those problems. The feet are tough and have slip-resistant pads. The legs fold out easily and lock into place. And unlike other folding sawhorses, the DeWalt features a top with a V-groove for cutting pipes. The pad at the end prevents boards from slipping while you cut them to length, and the top metal bar works great for clamping. But what I like best is that you can strap two together and carry them as one. Each DWST1115 sawhorse is rated at 1,000 lbs. and costs about $40 at some home centers and hardware stores. —Mark Petersen, Associate Editor
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An Innovative Multi-toolFamily Handyman

An Innovative Multi-tool

This new Gerber Center-Drive multi-tool has a straight knife, a serrated knife and a bunch of other cool gadgets. But there are two features that make this multi-tool stand out: the pliers is spring loaded ... nice! And the driver folds and locks into place at the center axis of the tool instead of being offset like it is with most multi-tool drivers. That makes turning a bolt or screw a lot less awkward. There are Phillips and flathead bits onboard (one of each), and 12 other handy bits that stow away in the sheath. You can buy a Gerber Center-Drive multi-tool online or at sporting goods shops for $100.
50 / 100
Protect Your ProjectsFamily Handyman

Protect Your Projects

The Rockler Silicone Project Mat is the perfect surface for gluing small projects. Excess glue drains into the little grooves instead of pooling and getting smeared all over. When you're done, the dried glue just peels right off. The silicone also holds your board or project in place while you sand or rout it. And it's super soft, so it won't scuff finished parts. Buy this mat now.
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Set Posts Without ConcreteFamily Handyman

Set Posts Without Concrete

Concrete is a solid choice for anchoring posts and poles, but nobody likes lugging around the 80-lb. bags, and mixing it is the definition of tedious. Next time you need to backfill a posthole, consider using expanding foam that’s formulated for anchoring posts of all shapes and sizes. Fast 2K Fence Post Backfill is super lightweight and forms a waterproof barrier that extends the life of wooden posts. This foam is also strong enough to resist lateral force of more than 500 lbs. and has a compression strength three to four times that of tamped soil. And it doesn’t need to be mixed with water. You just pull the clip that separates the two components, mix the bag for 30 seconds and pour the liquid down the hole. The post/poles will be ready for use in just 15 minutes! What’s the downside? You have to be very careful that the post/pole stays perfectly still while the foam is curing. And it’s more expensive: $12 for 26 fl. oz. instead of $5 for an 80-lb. bag of concrete (about what you’d need for one post). But when you’re figuring the overall price of your project, don’t forget to include a week’s worth of chiropractic visits on the “concrete” side of the ledger.
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Grow Healthier Plants in Handy Fabric PotsFamily Handyman

Grow Healthier Plants in Handy Fabric Pots

These Smart Pot fabric containers have a lot going for them: Plants don't get root-bound, and the roots prune themselves when they get near the air outside the pot (called "air pruning"—who knew?). Fabric pots allow soil to drain so it never becomes oversaturated. You can grow anything you want in fabric pots—flowers, herbs and veggies—and the permeable weave makes them a perfect compost container. They won't crack in the winter, they last for years and they're made in the U.S.A. I bought a 5-gallon five-pack for $28 online. Buy pots with handles if you plan to move them around. Learn more at —Marcia Roepke, Senior Designer
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Simple Drain InstallFamily Handyman

Simple Drain Install

One of the most challenging steps in replacing a faucet is installing the drain, especially if you’re genetically inclined to ignore instruction manuals. A standard drain has about 14 parts. American Standard’s Speed Con­nect drain has four! And the pop-up has no fussy adjustments to mess with. An easy faucet installation is good news, but not paying an arm and a leg is even better: Some faucets equipped with the Speed Connect drain cost as little as $40! Speed Connect drains are available wherever American Standard faucets are sold.
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Fantastic ElasticFamily Handyman

Fantastic Elastic

I drive a pickup and sometimes need to transport things too heavy for bungee cords and too fragile for ratcheting tie-downs. That’s when I break out my Cordzilla Stretch Ropes. These ropes work like bungee cords but have spring-loaded safety clips to keep hooks securely connected to anchors. Cordzilla ropes come in different lengths and have rubber pads to protect corners on delicate items. I’ve been using mine for about six years for everything from lightweight furniture to heavy buckets full of tools. Find them for $10 to $20 online. — Jason White. Buy it on Amazon now.
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A String Trimmer With Two-way RotationFamily Handyman

A String Trimmer With Two-way Rotation

A couple of us here at TFH got to attend the Green Industry & Equipment Expo. Most of the products at this trade show were geared to landscapers, hardscapers and property management pros. We always love seeing all the cool, new features on pro equipment because many of them end up on the tools in our garage. We hope that’s the case with Husqvarna’s new string trimmer. The head on the 536LiLX spins in both directions. That means grass clippings can be directed off driveways and sidewalks, or even more important, away from the operator. Also, grass tends to lie down when it’s repeatedly cut in the same direction. But now, with a push of a button, you can reverse directions and stand those blades back up at attention for a haircut. —Mark Petersen, Associate Editor
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Retractable Screen DoorFamily Handyman

Retractable Screen Door

Like traditional storm/screen doors, the Brisa Retractable Screen Door lets fresh air in and keeps bugs out. But Brisa doors open with the push of a button, which is handy when you have an armful of groceries. They won’t be violently ripped off the house in high winds or cover up that gorgeous front door that cost you a fortune. A beginning DIYer can install a Brisa door in about 30 minutes with a few simple tools. You can choose from white, sandstone or bronze, and order them to fit most widths and styles of doors, including French and sliding patio doors.
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Spray-can Extension PoleFamily Handyman

Spray-can Extension Pole

Some spray cans of wasp/hornet killer can reach a nest more than 20 ft. away. That's helpful, unless the nest is in your eaves and half the spray ends up running down the side of your house. And spraying on a windy day might just result in a face full of pesticide. Here's a better solution: Strap a spray can of wasp/hornet killer onto the 12-ft. Gotcha Sprayer and take the battle right up close to those winged stingers. The extension pole also gives you an extra 12-ft. running head start when you're spraying an aggressive hornet's nest. Note: It's best to spray at dawn. Wasps and hornets are less active in the early morning (just like teenagers). The Gotcha Sprayer has a string to activate the trigger, and works with all sorts of cans. Strap in a can of lube and quiet a squeaky weathervane or spinning roof vent. Accessories sold separately include flashlights, scrapers and a puffer bellows for applying powder chemicals. The Gotcha Sprayer is available online for about $35.
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An Outdoor Light That Can Save the DayFamily Handyman

An Outdoor Light That Can Save the Day

One night last year I was wandering around my yard in the dark and seriously wrecked my shin by walking into a retaining wall. That prompted me to replace the wimpy 60-watt outdoor light fixture with the Eaton All-Pro Revolve LED Triple Head Security Light. I absolutely love this thing! It’s motion activated, and the three LED bulbs blast my driveway with 2,400 lumens of brilliant white light. It’s so bright that I can unload cars or cook burgers on the grill, almost as if I were working in daylight. It mounts on the eave and the lights are independently adjustable, so you can light up whatever you wish. The only downside is that now my neighbors can see what I’m up to, too. It’s a bit pricy, but the bulbs will last for 50,000 hours! —Travis Larson, Senior Editor
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People-safe, Pet-safe Mosquito KillerFamily Handyman

People-safe, Pet-safe Mosquito Killer

Do the West Nile and Zika viruses have you dressing like an Eskimo in the summertime? Here's an all-natural pesticide to help control the mosquito population in your backyard. Terminix AllClear Mosquito BAIT & KILL is made from nothing but sugar and garlic. The sugar attracts the pesky bloodsuckers, and the garlic oil kills them. (If it doesn’t solve your mosquito problem, at least you won't have to worry about a vampire infestation.) The manufacturer claims that one 30-oz. twin pack can eliminate more than 90 percent of the mosquitoes in up to a 5,000-sq.-ft. area in two to three weeks. Find some of this product at Amazon.
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A Color-renewing Clear CoatFamily Handyman

A Color-renewing Clear Coat

Just like millions of others, I saw the commercials for Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New. It’s not paint—it’s a clear coating and sealant formulated to restore and protect the original color of faded, weather-beaten items. I decided to give it a try on a couple pieces of plastic yard furniture. The chair and footstool looked brand new—the green color came alive and the white faded streaks were gone. The furniture still looks good, but it has not yet spent an entire summer outside. The 2-oz. bottle was just enough to finish the two pieces. I started working on the furniture in my garage but had to move the operation outside because of the strong odor. Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the surface or the dirt, grime or stains may be permanently sealed in place. ReColor by Wipe New can be used for many applications, including vinyl, plastic, stone and metal. —Travis Larson, Senior Editor
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Flower Planting HelperFamily Handyman

Flower Planting Helper

Last summer I decided to turn our raised vegetable garden into a flower garden. I started to have second thoughts when I figured out it would take 170 plants to fill the space—that’s a lot of holes to dig! My husband suggested I use the auger he had bought to tunnel a hole under the sidewalk to install a sprinkler system. I just hooked it into our cordless drill and zipped along—the auger made perfect-size holes in just a few seconds each. It saved me a lot of time on my hands and knees. The 30-in. x 1-3/4-in. Yard Butler Garden Auger is about $17 online. —Rosanne Petersen, Field Editor
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Tool Chests - Not Just for MechanicsFamily Handyman

Tool Chests - Not Just for Mechanics

Mondo tool chests like the ones you see at professional mechanics' shops used to cost thousands of dollars. Way too much for the average shop rat. But prices on professional-grade tool chests have dropped into the $1,000 range over the past few years, putting them within reach of most serious DIYers. I recently picked up a Kobalt stainless steel tool chest and a matching tool cabinet. The units are 41 in. wide and built with double wall construction. All 20 drawers have full-extension ball-bearing slides, each rated for a hefty 99 lbs., which is plenty strong for my needs. This setup isn't just for mechanics either: The deeper drawers are perfect for locking up drills, nail guns and routers. And the drawers come with rubber liners so my chisels and hand plane blades won't get nicked up. The tool cabinet also comes with a side-mounted power strip, three built-in AC outlets and two USB ports. I added so much storage space that a couple drawers needed to be filled with more new toys. Assembly required a total of 10 minutes for screwing on the wheels. I bought my Kobalt tool chest and cabinet at Lowe's. - Rick Muscoplat, Contributing Editor
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Drawings with DepthFamily Handyman

Drawings with Depth

Most projects I build start as a drawing on regular old graph paper. When I recently ran out, I asked to borrow a couple sheets from a coworker. He was kind enough to give me a whole pad of this bizarre paper with diagonal rather than perpendicular lines. He must have sensed my skepticism because he assured me that I would love it … he couldn’t have been more right! As soon as I put pencil to paper, I knew I would never go back to squares. The diagonal lines made it easy to create a perfect isometric image of the outdoor fire table I was building. It not only helped me fine-tune the proportions I wanted but also eliminated the need to create both a side view and an end view. The pad he gave me came from a three-pack of 11 x 17-in. (48 sheets per pack) Veritas Isometric Drawing Pads he had bought for $17.50 at As thanks, I bought him lunch at a local diner for $12. I think I got the better end of the bargain. —Mark Petersen, Associate Editor
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A Full-performance Table Saw for Half the PriceFamily Handyman

A Full-performance Table Saw for Half the Price

I bought my first cabinet saw 10 years ago: a Grizzly G1023. It was a monster, with a 3-hp motor, a beefy fence and a dust collection system that actually worked. Unfortunately, an out-of-state move forced me to sell it. Once I settled in, I bought a cabinet saw that cost twice as much as my Grizzly, but it didn’t perform any better. I had to sell that one for another cross-country move. I decided to go with a Grizzly once again. Why pay twice as much for the same performance? But this time, I bought the G1023RLW—same as the G1023 but with a built-in router table. The newest version also has a European-style riving knife and an even better dust collection system. And like my first Grizzly, it’s a monster! —Jason White, Associate Editor
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A Superior HandsawFamily Handyman

A Superior Handsaw

When was the last time you used a handsaw? It was probably dull and hard to push, and I bet you couldn’t follow a straight line to save your life. But saws are not all created equal. Irwin’s 15-in. Universal Handsaw is truly remarkable: It’s extremely sharp and easy to grip, and it cuts up to three times faster than other handsaws. The secret is in the teeth. They’re ground with three faces then hardened to stay sharp much longer than a conventional saw’s teeth. Irwin calls this a “universal” saw because it performs equally well with the grain and across the grain. I use mine all the time to break down longer boards that don’t easily fit on my miter saw. I also carry it with me to the lumberyard to cut down long lengths of wood so they fit in my car for the ride home. The teeth can’t be sharpened, but for less than $20, who cares? Buy one at a hardware store or online. —Tom Caspar, Contributing Editor
66 / 100
Pro-grade ProtractorFamily Handyman

Pro-grade Protractor

Five years ago, I bought this Starrett 505A-12 Miter Protractor for a specific job, and I thought it would never get used twice. I was wrong. I’ve used it dozens of times and am amazed how handy it is. The long, 12-in. legs make it much more accurate than a T-bevel, and the hinge is tight enough to hold the legs in place without having to tighten knobs or wingnuts. The protractor dial shows angles, for making miter cuts. I recently used it to mark flooring planks in a dome house, where every single end-cut was an unusual angle. This tool saved the day! Really, its only downside is the price, $75, but like other Starrett tools, it’s solidly built. Buy one at woodworking stores or online. —Ken Collier, Editor-at-Large
67 / 100
Need it Evenly Spaced? This Tool Makes it EasyFamily Handyman

Need it Evenly Spaced? This Tool Makes it Easy

I’m not much of a math guy, which is why I always have a heck of time trying to figure out equal spacing for things like coat hooks and shelf locations. So I was thrilled when I came across the Point 2 Point Mk2. The Mk2 is an accordion-like apparatus with seven adjustable marking points. Just stretch it out so the distance between the marking points (or every two or three marking points) is the proper space you need, tighten the pinch bolts and mark the locations on your project. I’ve also used it to space fasteners, find center points and figure out how many small boards I can cut out of a larger one. My wife has even borrowed it as a guide to cut a large sheet cake into even pieces. Buy one at for $23. —Mark Petersen, Associate Editor
68 / 100
Powerful Saw, Smart BatteriesFamily Handyman

Powerful Saw, Smart Batteries

Pros have been reluctant to cut the cord on larger tools because of a reduction in power and limited run-times. But DeWalt has addressed those concerns with a pro-grade double-bevel compound sliding miter saw equipped with a brushless motor run by two powerful FLEXVOLT batteries. And if there’s a plug-in handy, the saw can be converted to a corded saw by means of an adapter. The versatility of the new smart FLEXVOLT batteries that power this saw is another big plus. Two of these 60-volt batteries can be combined to produce 120 volts in larger tools like this miter saw. Or one battery can be used to power 60-volt tools like a cordless DeWalt circ saw or grinder. But here’s where it gets interesting: This very same 60-volt battery knows when you plug it into a 20-volt tool and will provide 20 volts of power with 6.0 amp-hours of run-time. That’s up to four times the run-time of previous batteries (a 9AH version will be available soon). Now you only need a couple batteries to power a whole arsenal of tools, including the tools you already own. The complete package, including the DHS790AT2 saw, two FLEXVOLT batteries, dual-port charger and corded power supply, costs $799 at home centers, tool stores and online retailers.
69 / 100

Black and Decker Cordless Pruner

Everybody likes to keep their plants shrubs and trim and neat, but pruning them is a mostly thankless job. Pruning can be especially rough on your hands, causing callouses and soreness. Black and Decker’s new Cordless Pruner eliminates the pain of hand-powered pruning, focusing on efficiency and comfort. The Cordless Pruner has a comfortable grip and a dual-trigger system for safety. It cuts around 500 times per battery charge and has a ½ inch cutting capacity, meaning it can handle almost any branch or shrub that needs pruning. The Cordless Pruner is worth the price simply because it makes pruning that much easier on your hands, which is a lifesaver.
70 / 100

Ring Doorbell

It was only a matter of time before someone brought the traditional doorbell into the 21st century. With the Ring Video Doorbell you can enhance your home security and just make your life easier in general. The Ring Doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi network and takes HD video of the area directly outside of your door. You can then access the camera's video feed through an app on your phone from anywhere in the world, whether you are in your backyard or in another country. The doorbell even has a two-way audio channel so you can have a full conversation with whoever is at your door. The Ring Doorbell can be set to send you a notification every time someone walks up to your house so you can check out any unwanted or surprise guests. In terms of design, the Ring Doorbell is not much bigger than other doorbells and comes in a variety of colors so that it works with any paint scheme. The Ring Video Doorbell is sold online and in stores starting at $179, with an upgraded "Pro" version available for $249.
71 / 100

Large Spray Shelter

There’s really no way around it – spray painting is a messy job. If you don’t have a studio or an open field it can be hard to find a place where you can spray paint without ruining the surrounding area. HomeRight has produced a pretty nifty solution to this problem with their Large Spray Shelter. The shelter is roughly 9 feet by 6 feet, with a 5½ foot ceiling, so you should have plenty of room for most projects. The tent-like walls are sloped so that they direct airflow to the ground, meaning the aerosol fumes don’t hang around. Overall, the Large Spray Shelter is a convenient and smartly designed product that makes prep for spray-painting projects much simpler. The Large Spray Shelter from HomeRight is available in stores and online for $59.99.
72 / 100

Power Arc Shears

PowerArc Shears from FISKARS are an ideal tool for cutting through many types of material, from insulation to Tyvek. “PowerArc” is a patent-pending technology that utilizes curved blades to give the user 30 percent more power, which makes even the toughest part of the cut easier. PowerArc Shears emphasize comfort, featuring an ergonomic handle with strategic texturing that creates a great amount of grip and control. The 8-inch blades are highly maneuverable so that it is easier to make cuts even in hard to reach places. The Shears come with a full lifetime warranty and are made with heavy-duty coined stainless steel blades that will not rust. They can be bought at several online retailers for $22.99.
73 / 100

Steadyrack Bike Rack

For any homeowner, garage storage space in high demand. With everything from lawn mowers to power tools taking up space it can be hard to find room for everything that needs to be stored, especially something as bulky as a bicycle. By utilizing vertical bike parking, Steadyrack Bike Racks offer a simple and elegant bike-storage solution, leaving you with much more free space than before. Many people choose to get bikes out of the way by hanging them from the ceiling, which makes them hard to reach and causes an unnecessary amount of heavy lifting. Steadyrack eliminates the need to hang bikes from the ceiling, offering a much easier way to load and unload your bike. To store your bike in a Steadyrack, all you have to do is flip it onto the back wheel and roll it into the wall-mounted rack, where the bike then locks in place vertically. Steadyrack’s patented design protects bikes from damage and works in almost any location, from apartments to garages. You can buy Steadyrack Bike Racks at sporting goods stores and online retailers starting at $69.99.
74 / 100
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WeatherTech CargoTech Cargo Containment System

WeatherTech CargoTech Cargo Containment System

When driving through busy traffic the last thing you should be worried about is having the items in your trunk sliding around and potentially breaking. With the WeatherTech CargoTech Containment System, shifting and slipping packages are no longer an issue. The CargoTech system uses four corner pieces to keep large items like coolers, tool boxes, and grocery bags safe and secure. The system works with either the WeatherTech Cargo Liner (which is sold separately) or even just the standard carpet surface of your car’s trunk, creating a fenced-in area for your luggage. The CargoTech locks your packages in place with help from the corner-piece’s rubber-grip undersides, ensuring peace of mind for you on your commute. The CargoTech Containment System is available for purchase both in stores and from online retailers for $34.99.
76 / 100
Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bath

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bath

Keeping your dog clean is one of the best ways to ensure their health and happiness. With the Elevated Pet Bath from Booster Bath, maintaining your canine’s clean coat has never been easier. Gone are the days of hunching over the bath in your bathroom, struggling to control your dog and wash the dirt from their fur after a day of messy play. The Elevated Pet Bath features a 3-point safety harness with an adjustable collar and a no-slip padded bottom, keeping your dog safe and secure for the duration of their bath. The bath also includes a clip-on water nozzle for your hose so you can have complete control over how much water you use when washing your dog. This flat-shaped nozzle makes it easy to clean all areas of your pet without getting soap in their eyes or nose. The Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bath is available in a variety of colors and three sizes to work with all dog breeds up to 175 pounds.
77 / 100
Grill Daddy Grill Scraper

Grill Daddy Grill Scraper

It doesn’t take much cooking for a grill to get pretty grimy, and it usually takes a bit of elbow grease to get them clean again. Grill Daddy is now selling a pretty nifty solution to grill cleaning with their Pro Safety-Clean Brush. The Safety-Clean Brush uses bristles featuring a patent-pending technology that keeps them locked in place for a firm scrub. The brush combines Grill Daddy’s technologically advanced bristles with a system that releases a small amount of water when in use. The water then combines with the heat from your grill to generate steam, loosening up baked-on food and grease. The system avoids using any sort of chemical solution on the grilling surface, keeping your food safe from any toxic elements. The brush is also dishwasher safe and durable, potentially lasting for years.
78 / 100
Black and Decker Smart Christmas Tree StandCourtesy of Black & Decker

Black and Decker Smart Christmas Tree Stand

Finding and picking out the perfect Christmas tree is no easy task. Getting it loaded up and all the way back to the safety of your home isn’t always a breeze either, so when you finally get the tree set up and decorated you should be sure it’s not going anywhere. The Black and Decker Smart Tree Stand locks your tree in place using stainless steel grips and a spiked base, keeping the tree secure for the entire Christmas season. The Smart Christmas Tree Stand is not only more secure than traditional stands, it’s actually less of a hassle to use, with no screws or pedals to worry about. Simply slide your tree into the stand, where it sits in a built-in water reservoir. The Black and Decker Smart Tree Stand is available in stores and online for about $50. Learn more about Christmas tree safety here. Have your lights lost their twinkle? It's easy to fix them.
79 / 100
Irwin Marples Wood Chisels

Irwin Marples Wood Chisels

This set of four, high-quality wood chisels from Irwin gives you a taste of what a good tool feels like. They'll take a little clean-up and honing out of the box, but once you put a nice edge on their high-carbon steel, you'll be cutting through wood like butter in no time. The 1/4-in., 1/2-in., 3/4-in. and 1-in. size chisel combo should cover most woodworking and trim tasks.
80 / 100
Irwin Parallel Jaw Bar Clamps

Irwin Parallel Jaw Bar Clamps

If you've never used a parallel jaw bar clamp, you're really missing out. The beauty of these clamps is that the jaws remain perfectly parallel as you clamp, so your pieces also stay square and true. This Irwin 48" parallel jaw bar clamp delivers up to 1,150 lbs of clamping force with its 3-3/4-in. deep jaws. The jaws are made of non-marring resin and also shed glue easily. Not to mention, you can remove the foot and convert it to a spreader. Once you have one, you'll want to fill your shop with these clamps in all sizes.
81 / 100
Kohler Moxie Shower Head

Kohler Moxie Shower Head

A shower head with a built-in bluetooth speaker? That's what the Kohler Moxie is. This 5-in., 2.0-GPM shower head installs quickly and easily in most showers. The speaker gets about seven hours of play time per charge. It detaches quickly to recharge (or use by itself in any room). The sound is surprisingly good, especially compared to a classic shower radio or a boombox cranked up outside the shower. Just pair it with your phone and start rockin' and showerin'!
82 / 100

DeWalt 20V MAX XR 15 GA Cordless Angled Finish Nailer Kit

My compressor frowned at me when I brought home a DeWalt cordless brad nailer a year ago. Now that I’ve brought home its big brother—the DCN650D1 15-gauge cordless angled finish nailer—my compressor won’t even speak to me. This duo has nearly put the noisy old relic out of business. What do I love about this nailer? For starters, the “micro nose” allows you to see your mark more easily and drive nails—from 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 in. long—precisely where you want them. Its dual-purpose headlights light up your work area and flash if your battery is low (left headlight) or if you have a nail jam (right headlight). Speaking of jams, this nailer has the easiest-operating jam-clearing latch I’ve ever encountered. It loads easily too. It comes with a 90-day moneyback guarantee, one-year free service and a three-year limited warranty—a pretty strong vote of confidence from DeWalt. When I was getting to know this nailer, I discovered a surprise feature—a pencil sharpener built into the tail end of the nail chamber. That’s a bit like the bud vase they give you with a new VW bug. This tool has other cool features, such as a depth-adjustment wheel, a belt hook and a selector switch so you can bump-nail. Sure, this nailer has a few drawbacks—like the $400 price tag for the complete kit. And it’s a little heavier and bulkier than my pneumatic nailer. But you can't beat the hassle-free nailing. Get more information at —Spike Carlsen, Contributing Editor
83 / 100

Diablo SandNet discs

Open-mesh drywall sanding sheets have been available for years. They work fast and don’t clog. So, it was just a matter of time until someone designed random orbital sander discs based on this principle. Diablo SandNet discs come in five grits ranging from coarse (No. 80) for leveling and shaping wood to super fine (No. 400) for sanding. The discs can be cleaned by shaking, spraying or vacuuming. Just slap the special connecting pad onto your sander’s standard base, then secure a hook-and-loop SandNet disc to the pad. They work on both five- and eight-hole sanders. The company claims the discs last 10 times as long as standard discs. A pack of 10 discs, along with an application pad, costs about $15 at
84 / 100

DeWalt Folding Workbench

DeWalt’s Folding Workbench will let you set up nearly anywhere in about three seconds, according to DeWalt. The workbench is also easy to carry around at 22 pounds and strong. It has a capacity of 1,000 pounds and provides a work surface of 33-1/2 inches by 23-1/2 inches. This bench works well for any kind of clamping needs because of the large holes built into the design. Or learn how to build your own workbench. Photo: Courtesy of DeWalt
85 / 100

Makita 18V LXT Brushless Router

Cordless routers have made life easier for carpenters and Makita’s 18V LXT Brushless Router is among the best out there. This model has five speed settings (10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000 and 30,000 rpm. Learn router basics if you're just getting into DIY work. Photo: Courtesy of Makita
86 / 100

Delta Portable Miter Saw Stand

This portable miter saw stand folds together for easy transport and has a 400-pound capacity. The stand will fit any brand or style of miter saw and features 7-foot extensions. Learn how to build a miter saw table, if you prefer saving some money.
87 / 100

Makita 18V Biscuit Joiner

Makita’s 18V LXT Biscuit Joiner is capable of 320 cuts per 3.0 Ah batter and being that it uses an 18V battery, you may not need to purchase additional batteries if you already use other Makita 18V products. The cordless biscuit joiner makes work easier without the cord and comes with a three-year warranty. This retails for around $184 on Amazon. Find out how to use a biscuit joiner. Photo: Courtesy of Makita
88 / 100

Stanley 120-piece Mixed Tool Set

This tool kit will have many of the mainstay tools for a DIYer and if you’ve got someone just starting out in DIY work, this is the toolset for them. Find out what else you should get to bulk up your tool kit at home.
89 / 100

Makita 10" Miter Saw

Makita’s got a beefy 10-inch miter saw that it claims has a more compact size and efficient dust collection. Makita stands out because it uses a direct drive motor as opposed to others that use belts. This saw also includes a laser for precise cuts and 20 percent bigger rails. It is spendy though, coming in at $549. Check out how to cut a wide board with a miter saw. Photo: Courtesy of Makita
90 / 100

Stanley 120 Tooth Ratchet

Stanley introduced a ratchet that provides double the access (versus a regular 60 tooth ratchet) with its 120 Tooth Ratchet. It’s a tool perfect for a mechanic or a DIYer. It comes in two sizes 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch. The 120 teeth feature means it works really well in tight spaces. Find out the best sockets to use with that ratchet. Photo: Courtesy of Walmart
91 / 100

Makita Cordless Chainsaw

Makita powers its cordless chainsaw with two 18V lithium-ion batteries for 50 percent longer run time than similar non-brushless tools. This chainsaw is also considerably quieter than a gas chainsaw, producing 89 dB(A) versus a gas chainsaw, which gives out 112 dB(A). Find out how to sharpen a chainsaw at home.
92 / 100

Ridgid Cable Cutters

Ridgid has a new line of lightweight cable cutters that have a maximum copper capacity that ranges from 600 MCM to 1,000 MCM and a maximum aluminum capacity that goes from 750-1,000 MCM. The tool has an enclosed spring and a lock for when the tool is not in use. Photo: Courtesy of Ridgid
93 / 100

Ridgid C-Style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutters

Ridgid’s C-Style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutters give DIYers and opportunity to cut ½-inch and ¾-inch tubing. If you’ve got pipework to do in a tight space, this is the tool to pick up. It features a spring-loaded cutter wheel that applies constant pressure and the wheel is easily replaceable. If you've got a leaking copper pipe, find out how to fix a leaky copper pipe. Photo: Courtesy of YouTube
94 / 100

Ridgid PowerClear™ Drain Cleaner

Clean drains easily and with some power with Ridgid’s new PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine. The cleaner will clear clogs in lines ¾-inch to 1 ½-inch in diameter behind a 120V motor. Cable is fed at a rate of 18 feet per minute up to 25 feet. It weighs just 12 pounds and drains excess water after each use to prevent corrosion. Discover ways to unclog drains. Photo: Courtesy of Ridgid
95 / 100

Universal Socket

If you don't feel like buying a ton of sockets, get this universal socket that can adjust to any size or shape. It will grip from 7 to 19 mm. The socket will grab hex nuts, screw eyes, hooks, a tension screw and a bolt head. It'll even work with a power drill with an adapter, which isn't included. Buy it on Amazon.
96 / 100

Zookki LED Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Outdoor lights are great to light sidewalks and backyards and Zookki’s LED wireless solar motion sensor lights are a tremendous option. They’ve got a working time of more than five hours when charged under direct sunlight for eight hours during the day. The light won’t run all night either, though. It will only run for 30 seconds, which is just enough time. Just screw in the weatherproof lights and light up the night. Check out these affordable garden path ideas.
97 / 100

Valstar Clog Remover Tool

These drain clog remover tools are pretty handy to have around for a quick fix on a clogged drain. Keep the snake away for a little while longer when you opt to use one of these reusable plastic devices. This tool is barbed so it will grab any clustered hair, food or garbage. They come in a three pack for a little more than $5 on Amazon. If this tool doesn't work, check out how to unclog a sink with a plunger or snake.
98 / 100

Makita 18V LXT Cordless Plunge Circular Saw

For those who want to cut the cord, they can check out Makita’s cordless circular saw. The nice thing about the cordless version is that it remains compatible with corded guide rail systems. This saw uses two 18V batteries to give it a quality run time. The circular saw also features an electronic speed control and a built-in depth stop. Check out our cordless tools buyers guide for more information on cordless tools. Photo: Courtesy of Makita
99 / 100
Kobalt 10-Piece Household Tool Set

Kobalt 10-Piece Household Tool Set

This Kobalt 10-piece household tool set covers nearly any pliers-like tool you're likely to need doing basic home repairs (plus a wrench, too!). If your last pliers experience was with a pair of cheapo, standard pliers, this set will open your eyes. And, for the price, you can't beat it.
100 / 100
Bosch Blaze 65-ft Indoor Laser Distance Measurer

Bosch Blaze 65-ft Indoor Laser Distance Measurer

Measuring long-distances accurately with a tape measure is tough and typically a two-person affair. But the Bosch Blaze 65-ft Laser Distance Measure makes things incredibly simple – just point and click and you'll know precisely what your distance is. This model is made for indoor use (think getting room dimensions to estimate materials for a remodel job) and it's well-worth it. In fact, you'll probably find yourself using the Bosch Blaze Laser Distance Measure for all kinds of other measuring tasks, too.

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