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20 Things We’re Buying from The Grommet Right Now

The Grommet loves sharing the best innovative and unexpected products available. We've scoured the site to find the cream of the crop. From sales to must-haves, you're bound to be intrigued by these items!

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Oscillating Floor Mop

A mop seems so old school, until you consider this bad boy. It’s a cordless, electric mop, featuring a fast, oscillating mop head that’s powered by a high-frequency motor. Basically, it takes the elbow grease out of cleaning up. It’s incredibly lightweight and features an extra-long handle that’s jointed, so you can move with ease as you let the mop make your hardwood and tile floors sparkle, with about six scrubs per second! The LED headlights are a smart touch you’ll love when cleaning dark spaces, such as under the couch. And, the best part is that the removable microfiber pads are reusable!

“I was pleasantly surprised how light this mop is,” says a reviewer. “It is easy to use. It cleans floors well. What I like most is being able to remove the pads, rinse them, clean with a little floor cleaning solution then put the pads back on for a really thorough mopping job.”

Why spend your days cleaning when you can just get a robot to do it?!

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Smart Fingerprint Padlock

This innovative padlock is currently on sale. Down from $99, you can snatch it up for $69! Its coolest features include the ability to unlock in less than a second in three different ways—you can do so directly with your fingerprint, by programming a tapping rhythm or using the companion app.

Check out these 22 inexpensive ways to theft-proof your home.

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Premium Sparkling Water Maker

‘Tis the season for a little bubbly to refresh you! Gone are the days when your only choices for enjoying sparkling water at home involved stocking up on store-bought plastic bottles or aluminum cans, or investing in a clunky bubbly water maker. This sparkling water maker features a stunning stainless body that will look gorgeous on your kitchen counter.

Trying to cut down on your plastic use? Then check out these 10 kitchen gadgets to help you in your quest.

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3-in-1 Smartphone Grip

The Grommet loves tech accessories, and one of the best available right now is this one that features an attractive leather cell phone card holder. The attachment can hold three cards and has a slide-out grip that’s extremely maneuverable, so you can hold the phone better, or use it as a kickstand if you want to watch something on it!

Here’s how to make a smartphone stand.

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Handcrafted Modern Wood Plant Stand

Plants are one of the best ways to spruce up a home, so why not give them a lovely lift with this mid-century plant stand? This beautiful plant stand comes in seven sizes and seven sleek colors. They’re handcrafted in Texas from birch and maple, and the pop of color is just enough to add some flair to your decor.

Here’s how to build a multi-level indoor plant stand.

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IQbuds Wireless Assistive Audio Earbuds

High-quality wireless earbuds are a great investment for powering through long yard work sessions, fitness routines, DIY projects and more. The Grommet currently has a pair on sale! Originally priced at $299.95, now you can get them for $224.96. The Bluetooth earbuds feature a low-profile design you’ll love.

Fix earbuds by resoldering broken electrical connections. It’s a quick and easy process.

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Angurello Watermelon Slicer & Server

Watermelon just screams summertime, which is perhaps why The Grommet is offering this nifty watermelon slicer and server for $11.97 instead of its regular price tag of $19.95.

“This slicer and server is incredibly easy to use and works like a charm. It’s so fun to cut up a melon and carve out perfect slices or chunks,” says a reviewer.

If you’re trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, these genius gadgets should be in your kitchen drawer.

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Set of Four Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags

These reusable silicone food storage bags not only keep you from using single-use plastics, but ensure your food remains airtight for longer preservation. They’re also leak-proof, thanks to the sturdy sealing slider. They can go in the microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer. What’s more, you can write on them with dry erase marker.

A cluttered kitchen can be downright maddening, but these tips will help you get this most-used, hardest-to-keep-clean room in your home organized for good!

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Amorphous Metal Stainless Steel Santoku Set

Every at-home chef needs a solid set of knives to make prepping a breeze. This Santoku set includes one 7-inch Santoku knife and one 6-inch utility knife. The Santoku knife in particular is bound to become your number-one favorite knife in the kitchen with its ability to slice and dice a variety of foods. The blades of these knives are made with an amorphous metal alloy edge and high-quality stainless steel knife body.

This simple, sure technique for how to sharpen a knife requires only two inexpensive tools.

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Silicone Food Savers

These four food savers are The Grommet’s answer to slipping small leftovers in single-use plastic bags. The nesting savers conserve space when not in use. When needed, simply place over your leftover fruits and vegetables. They create a tight seal and can be used over jars and small containers, as well.

“I love these and bought more to give as gifts.Yes I use them to hug my fruits like limes, apples, avocados. But I also use them as can and bowl lids and to keep drinks warm and bug-free. Very convenient!” says a reviewer.

Here are our favorite no-hassle food storage containers.

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StoreMore Bakeware Organizer

Save space while saving yourself the frustration of constant clutter by investing in this bakeware organizer. The adjustable device can be used to keep pans, baking sheets, cutting boards, and even lids, nice and neat. The organizer features seven movable dividers.

“This organizer is excellent. It’s a great design. Easy to adjust to whatever needs to be held vertically, and it’s very sturdy,” says one reviewer.

“This simple stand brought order and accessibility out of the chaos of my baking pan and rack collection. Very easy to assemble and organizer,” says another reviewer.

Take a look at these clever kitchen cabinet and pantry storage ideas.

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Rapid Inflating AirPad 2+

Planning to glamp this summer? The Grommet has a deal for you! This rapid inflation sleep pad, originally priced at $99.95, is currently on sale for $79.96. The innovative product features a specially designed valve that pulls in surrounding air along with your breath, making for super fast inflation without the need of a pump or tube.

We’ve got your love for the outdoors covered with this top–notch gear.

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Silicone Half-Gallon Bag

Another way to cut back on single-use plastics is this silicone half-gallon bag. You’re sure to be doing a lot of grilling and chilling this summer, so go ahead and marinate your meat in this eco-friendly bag! It can also be used in the freeze or microwave and is dishwasher-safe.

“I’ve been waiting for this new, bigger size, as I’ve been using the quart size for over a year now,” says a reviewer. “These are the best silicone ziploc bags available. Yes, they can discolor over time, but they really do go into the dishwasher, and they save all kinds of plastic and foil wrappers. I bought several and am so glad I did. Both the quart and half-gallon sizes are excellent.”

Check out these 18 kitchen gadgets pro cooks use at home.

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9-in-1 Bar Multi-Tool

This is one intriguing tool you can use both in the kitchen as well as for whipping up refreshing drinks. Its body consists of a citrus juicer, plus it comes complete with a zester, channel knife, can lance, 1-inch knife, citrus knife, jigger, corkscrew and lever and bottle opener. Take it on the go for your camping trip, boating excursion, tailgating event or barbecue.

Here are 9 kitchen gadgets that do EVERYTHING.

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Survival and First Aid Kit + App

Everyone should have a survival first aid kit in their home, on camping and boating trips and other outdoor adventures. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to get it. Originally priced at $165, The Grommet is currently offering this survival and first aid kit for $115.50. The kit is jam-packed with necessities. You’ll get an instant ice pack, low adherent dressing, gauze pads, bandages for minor, major and burn incidents, eye pads, triple antibiotic ointment, micro paper tape, antiseptic wipes, splinter probes, forceps, plastic strips, eye wash liquid, ampoules, nitrile gloves, safety pins, CPR AED face shield, scissors, food bar (400 Kcal), water pouch, thermal blanket, instant hand sanitizer, insect sting wipes, matches, burn gel and dressing and more, yet it only weighs 3.3 lbs.!

There is also a free companion app with how-to instructions for common first aid emergencies.

Speaking of survival, check out these 10 summer safety tips.

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25 oz. Canteen – Vinnebago Edition

The Grommet loves innovative, independent companies. Barware company Corkcicle is a perfect example. With sleek style, this canteen provides an innovative way to chill, store and serve drinks. The stainless steel, vacuum-sealed, triple-walled beverage bottle, originally priced at $32.95, is currently on sale for $21.42. It keeps what’s inside hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 25 hours.

Take a look at these 14 picnic tables you have to see to believe.

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Ice Bucket With Lid & Tongs

Keep ice chilled, without having to deal with condensation, with this ice bucket, on sale for $48. This handy ice bucket features a naturally cooling ceramic bucket with a porous surface that absorbs water. You can even use the matte surface as a chalkboard!

Take a look at these 15 home bar ideas for inspiration.

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Adjustable Storage Container

You’ve never seen storage containers like this before! Each container adjusts to take up only the amount of space it needs, freeing up space in your pantry. Here’s how it works: when you press down the lid you allow excess air to come out via a one-way air valve. Genius!

Here are 10 foods you’re storing all wrong.

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QuickDraw Dual-Use Utility Knife

This utility knife is a great buy for your toolkit. It’s foldable and has a safety lock to prevent accidents. Plus, the extra-long blade is fully retractable. This is a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list.

Take a look at these 23 tools that are so worth splurging on.

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Insulated Drink Carrier

Down to $16.22 from $24.95, this insulated drink carrier will be your best friend when the temperature is high. This carrier features a neoprene skin that insulates while the grip-and-wrap system keep the drinks secured in place. The carrier can fit up to seven bottles or cans.

“I really like the ‘Stubby Strip’ for carrying my drinks to other places,” says a reviewer. “The handle makes it easy to hold onto and it feels very secure…. Drinks do stay cold and it is certainly a conversation starter at gatherings! I would recommend this device to everyone!”

These are the 25 things you should pack for every picnic.

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Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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