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Things You Can Do With a Reclaimed Barn Door

A reclaimed barn door can be more than a functional addition to your home—it can also help enhance your decor if you're looking for that rustic, farmhouse look. If you're looking to use a reclaimed barn door but unsure how to do so, here are 11 ideas to inspire you.

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First, Clean It Up

You’ll likely need to clean your old door before you bring it into your home. Dutch Boy offers some tricks on how to clean up and get a reclaimed barn door ready for reuse. You can watch a video of the process and see step-by-step instructions here.

Make your own barn wood—it’s easy!

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Use it as a Room Divider

A single, sliding reclaimed barn door makes an excellent room divider. Use it between the kitchen and dining room or living room and mudroom. This single-door hanging kit is easy to install and comes with everything you need to hang the door. Check out these 10 brilliant reclaimed wood furniture pieces.

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Add a Handle For the Right Look

The right handle on a reclaimed barn door adds style as well as function. For a rustic, yet industrial look, try this pipe-style handle.

Build a key hanger with reclaimed wood.

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Turn it Into a Table

A reclaimed barn door makes an excellent table. Whether used as a dining table indoors or out, a reclaimed barn door table is unique and timeless. Learn how to build a simple reclaimed wood table in this awesome video.

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Double Doors

Instead of French doors as an entrance to a room, try double reclaimed barn doors. This double-door hanging hardware kit has a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds and a five-year warranty.

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These 25 tiny homes are built from recycled materials.

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Create a Headboard

A refinished reclaimed barn door makes an excellent headboard for your bed. Rustica Hardware offers this step-by-step guide that makes it a DIY project! According to Rustica Hardware, “Even if the hinges are stripped or the handle is broken, there’s still plenty of stylish use you can get from a repurposed door—like reclaiming and reusing one to make a new, one-of-a-kind rustic barn door headboard for your bed,” the website says. When you’re ready to hang it, this headboard mounting hardware has a sturdy, interlocking design that allows it to be repeatedly installed and separated, while never letting furniture slip. Check out this reader-built artistic work station made with reclaimed barn wood.

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Hide Laundry

Use a reclaimed barn door to hide a laundry area. Whether your laundry is in a dedicated laundry room, in a guest bath or in a closet, a barn door can hide unsightly piles of dirty clothes, towels and linens .

Make new wood look old with these tips.

Check out these 20 small space laundry room storage and organizing tips.

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As a Window Treatment

A reclaimed barn door makes a unique window treatment. Instead of curtains or blinds, try this project from The Home Depot Blog. If you don’t have a barn door to cut to size, you can make these window treatments with two sheets of sanded birch plywood. Carry your beer in style with this DIY reclaimed barn wood caddy.

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Double Half Barn Doors

Instead of standard double doors, try double half barn doors. Keep the top half open to keep an eye on happenings in the other room, or close them completely for privacy. We love these 10 stylish reclaimed wood shelves.

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Use It as a Front Door

Try using a reclaimed barn door to up your home’s curb appeal. It will likely need to be resized and stained or painted, so be sure to use products that is designed for exterior use and can stand up to the elements. Give your reclaimed barn door a fresh look with this whitewash technique.

Check out these pro tips for selecting the best outdoor paint or stain.

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No Door? No Problem!

Like the look of reclaimed barn doors but you don’t have a door? This luxury pine wood sliding barn door isn’t reclaimed, but it does include the hardware to hang it in your home, along with a handle. It comes ready-to-assemble with pre-drilled mounting holes and a bottom-groove guide.

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rustic DIY barn doorFamily Handyman

Make Your Own Rustic Barn Door!

Family Handyman shows you how to start with new wood and turn it into an authentic-looking rustic barn door. Here are complete instructions for how to make your own DIY rustic barn door and hardware.

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Faux Barn Door Tablecloth

If you want the reclaimed barn door look but you don’t want to make too big of a commitment, check out this barn door tablecloth!

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