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15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy At Harbor Freight

With its big-box hardware store selection at bargain-basement prices, it's no surprise that Harbor Freight is the go-to destination for DIYers in need of affordable tools and supplies. But many shoppers don't realize the true variety of products that Harbor Freight sells. Here's a collection of fifteen surprising selections from the treasure trove of materials that can be found at your local Harbor Freight store or at

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650 Watt Megaphone with Safety Siren

Perfect for speaking at a rally, large gathering, or annoying your neighbors without leaving your own yard, this powerful megaphone and safety siren will definitely make sure you get your point across. Make yourself audible up to a half-mile from your location, and let everybody know you picked up your megaphone at Harbor Freight. A handheld microphone helps prevent the howl of feedback, while the shoulder strap keeps things portable. If you think a half-mile is a little more range than you need, consider the smaller version, also available at Harbor Freight.

A megaphone can have more practical applications. Some parents like to include a megaphone with their family safety kit, so that they can make sure their children hear any orders and can find them in the confusion or literal smoke of an emergency.

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Bingo Game Set

Bingo has long been a favorite event for organizations ranging from churches to Boy Scout jamborees. Pick up this set for a fun activity for your next gathering of friends and family or make it an impulse buy while you’re shopping for tools. Either way, if you’re in the market for an affordable bingo set Harbor Freight has you covered!

This set comes with 75 numbered bingo balls, 18 cards, and an official bingo cage, all of which makes it a perfect addition to your game room.

Photo: Courtesy Harbor Freight

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Wrist-Wrap Blood Pressure Monitor

Track your blood pressure and heart rate while on the go with this one-size-fits-all blood pressure monitor. Although Harbor Freight isn’t generally known for preventative care items, their selection of items like this one makes them a surprisingly useful stop for anyone with medical issues.

Clinically tested and Harbor Freight-approved, this wrist wrap doesn’t use pumping to check your blood pressure, and can track your metrics on the go with up to 60 memory slots to store data points. All of which makes it a great choice for daily use, or as an addition to your home gym.

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Watch Spring Bar Tool Set

With the advent of smart phones, wristwatches are now more of a fashion statement than a necessity. But that doesn’t mean that these small marvels of engineering are any less useful. If your watch has begun to miss a step, or you simply enjoy the challenge of working on a precision device, consider picking up a watch repair starter kit from Harbor Freight. This set of spring bars combined with magnifying glass and loupe lenses will let you dive into the world of watch repair, whether that means resetting a gear, or correcting an ill-fitting watchband. Considering a smart watch? These 5 will blast you into the future!

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Solar Panel Kit

Why plug into a wall socket when you can go green on a small scale? This four-panel solar kit from Harbor Freight provides a combined 100 watts of power on both bright and cloudy skies. Rugged and weather resistant, this panel comes with built-in precautions to prevent overnight discharge or overcharging. It even has a USB port to make charging your phone or tablet easy. This panel kit also makes a great starting point for a DIY solar project.

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Portable Garage

Sure, you could clean out your garage, but why bother when you can simply bring your garage along in your trunk?

This portable garage is actually a pop-up canopy tent designed to be large enough to cover the average car or compact truck. Although “portable garage” is probably overselling it, if you’ve ever worked on a car when exposed to wind, rain or snow, then you’ll know that this canopy is actually a fantastic portable shelter that can prevent a needed repair from being a miserable experience. It’s definitely worth checking out if you work on your car outdoors.

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Electric Meat Grinder

Okay, we admit it: not many people think “kitchen” or “gourmet” when they think of Harbor Freight. But it’s time to turn that assumption around, because your local Harbor Freight (and carries an array of culinary devices that can help take your cooking up to the next level. This powerful electric meat grinder will help you prepare the meat for burgers, sausage, meatloaf and more. It also comes with three stuffing tube attachments for sausage-making, and those homemade sausages are sure to make you a grilling hero at your next barbecue.

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Industrial-Grade Service Cart

While you’re busy loading up your shopping cart with tools and equipment from Harbor Freight, you may begin to think that you’ll need some kind of wheeled cart of your own for your garage or workshop. Well, Harbor Freight has you covered on that front as well! This utility cart can handle up to 500 pounds of tools, equipment or parts, but it still manages to be lightweight and easy to move around on its rugged 5-inch casters.

Of course, if you have a real DIY mindset, you may be wondering why buy something when you can have the fun of building it yourself? Here’s a great build for a DIY rolling tool bench.

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Magnesium Fire Starter

If you’ve ever tried to light a fire in damp weather conditions, you’ll understand the amazing usefulness of this magnesium fire starter kit. With its built-in serrated knife and flint, this Harbor Freight wonder allows you to shred magnesium shavings that burn at up to 5,400°F. With that much heat, you’ll be able to light up even damp or windblown combustible items. And, since these fire starters cost only a few dollars, there is no reason not to get several and keep them stashed in your home, camping gear, or anywhere else you might have need to start a fire. Because, let’s face it, you never know when you’ll need an emergency kit.

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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More Cowbell!

We’re not sure who their target audience is for this item: People who actually need to keep track of cows, or people who just really need to add the distinctive, clanging melody of a cowbell to the soundtrack of their lives. With a handy hanger loop and attractive copper-look finish, this steel cowbell is a great choice no matter how you intend to use it. And if you love cowbell, check out these tips for surprising tasks for your Alexa-enabled device for a special treat!

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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12-inch Locking Wing Divider

A compass or divider is occasionally useful on a job site, but they’re far more frequently used on the drafting table. At twelve inches, this one is so large that even the most dedicated draftsman will only break it out from time to time. It’s a surprising item to find at Harbor Freight, but it’s good to know it’s there if you need it! If you’re curious to see how to use a compass on a job site, check out this guide on scribing.

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Dial Gauge Angle Finder

Is it surprising to find a tool at Harbor Freight? No, but this angle finder made the list because so few DIYers know that this device even exists. Sure, squares have pitch finders built onto them, but the vast majority of people with a square on their tool belt don’t know how to make use of them.

With its magnetic base, this angle finder attaches directly to metal squares, and can be screwed in place if your square isn’t metal. Once in place, it immediately (and constantly) displays the angle that it’s held at, from 0° to 90°. It also includes a conversion chart for determining pitch. And if you’d rather do it the old school way, here’s how!

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Carabiner Multi-Tool Knife

Falling into the “amazingly useful” category, this is a carabiner that transforms into a utility knife and multi-tool. It’s kind of like the Optimus Prime of carabiners. Along with a safety lock and one-touch blade release, this useful tool also has a built-in flat head and Philips head, instantly earning it a spot in the pantheon of most useful pocket multi-tools.

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Steel-Book Safe

Combining the robust frame of the steel safe with the subtle security of a hideaway, this steel book safe keeps your valuables secure and hidden. Blending, chameleon-like, with the rest of your books, it won’t open its secrets to anyone who doesn’t have the combination to its three-dial lock. If you’d like more tips on hiding away your valuables in unlikely spaces, this Family Handyman guide is just the thing for you!

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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Job-Site Saw Mill

Sure, you can pick up a saw at Harbor Freight. But do you want a saw…. Or do you want a saw mill?

If you’re on a site with logs or large flat stock, run them through this portable saw mill to turn scrap into useful lumber. Able to handle logs or flat stock up to 20 inches across, this massive machine comes equipped with a powerful 301cc engine, so you can work fast and efficiently.

Of course, picking up a saw mill means that you’ll likely need to learn about working with rough-sawn lumber, but what DIYer can pass up a chance to pick up a few more skills?

Photo: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

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