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10 Things You Really Don’t Need for Your Apartment

Just because stores, books or magazines claim they're must-haves doesn't mean your apartment needs them!

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A Knife Block

A giant knife block may make it look like you’re a real chef, but if your apartment is hurting for counter space, skip the knife block. You can easily get away with just a chef’s knife, paring knife and serrated knife that can fit into a drawer. Most of the time you don’t need a power tool or an expensive knife-sharpening system to keep a workable edge on your kitchen knives.

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waffle Ivolodina/Shutterstock

Specialty Appliances

That waffle maker is sure to make brunch parties more fun, but if it ends up taking up precious real estate in your cupboard, it’s just a waste of space and money. The reality is, specialty appliances are more of a frivolous splurge than a smart apartment addition. However, if you have a thing for specialty appliances, check these out.

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ContainerAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

A Big Plastic Food Storage Container Set

A big matching set of plastic storage containers can make you feel like you’re on top of your organization game, however the likelihood of you using all of those different sizes, from itsy bitsy to giant containers, is slim. Find a smaller glass set, with sizes that are realistic for your needs. Check out this collection of quick and clever kitchen storage hacks.

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glass tommywang/Shutterstock

Glasses for Every Beverage

Different wine glasses for different varietals is best saved for the wine enthusiasts and those with plenty of storage in their kitchen. If you have a tiny apartment kitchen, it’s best to stick to one set of matching all-purpose wine glasses that are perfectly fine for whites, reds, sparkling wines, rosés and fortified wines. Check out this video on how to make a space-saving, clever wine glass rack.

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plate WorldWide/Shutterstock

Place Settings for 10 or More

Unless you’re expecting to have 10 or more people at once several times throughout the year (do you even have room for that many people?), it’s best not to take up space in your apartment with a complete set of dishes.

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cleanChutima Chaochaiya/Shutterstock

Different Cleaning Products for Every Room

Your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen don’t each need separate cleaners. While there are certain specialty products that prove best for the toilet, the reality is, an all-purpose cleaner is designed to do just that: work on multiple surfaces in multiple rooms with the same effect. Check out these natural cleaners you can use when cleaning furniture.

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A Full Furniture Set

If you find your apartment looking more like a display room than a functional space, you might be reading the design mags a little too much. For instance, if you have a small bedroom and only use one side of the bed, you probably don’t need dual nightstands and lamps. And you don’t need the ottoman that matches the chair. Check out these 12 ingenious bedroom furniture ideas.

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Impractical Accessories for Design Purposes

Those expensive silk throw pillows specifically meant to accent your accent wall are probably not worth it. While personal style is an important factor in enjoying your home, purchasing accessories for your accessories is going a bit too far. If you’re looking for easy ways to make your apartment look more elegant, take a look at these ideas.

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PotsSadovnikova Olga/Shutterstock

A Complete Set of Pots, Pans and Bakeware

Having a complete set of pots, pans and bakeware may ensure you’re covered for whatever recipe you decide to try, but most people aren’t cooking and baking regularly in their apartments, or they’re choosing simpler meals that require less cooking space and cleanup. Plus, you can always borrow a specialty item if you need one! Need more room for what you already have? Check out these 12 creative solutions for storing pots and pans.

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CoffeePavel Korotkov/Shutterstock

Coffee Pod Machine

The concept of a coffee pod machine is all about convenience, but those machines are incredibly bulky and require a lot of countertop space. French presses and pour-over machines make wonderful alternatives. They produce great coffee and take up considerably space! Move over Keurig! This DIY pour-over coffee maker brews a mean cup o’ joe in an instant—and it takes up less counter space, too!

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