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10 Tools That Will Last You a Lifetime

The sad truth is that it's harder than ever find dependable home tools that will last a lifetime. Maybe it's simply a by-product of finding ways to cut costs, but whatever the reason, many tools manufactured today fail in a relatively short period of time. Here are 10 tools that come with a lifetime warranty you can depend on.

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Craftsman Home Tool Kit

Let’s start with what is arguably the tool industry’s most famous lifetime warranty: Craftsman hand tools. The iconic Craftsman brand has had its ups and downs over the years, but happily their lifetime warranty on hand and mechanic’s tools stands untarnished.

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Ridgid Power Tool Combo

Many people assume that Ridgid is the store brand for The Home Depot, but their power tools are actually licensed under the TTI (Techtronic Industries Company, Ltd.) umbrella. That combination of manufacturing expertise and big-box store discounts allow them to offer a lifetime warranty on Ridgid power tools, like this five-piece combo kit. Register within 90 days of purchase, and if you have an issue with a Ridgid tool, you can take it in for service.

Bonus pro tip: The reliability of repair centers varies greatly. Be sure to follow up and document your tool drop-off.

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Husky Mechanic’s Tool Set

Husky is another brand determined to establish a reputation for reliability. Their mechanic’s tool set is a perfect example of this. With the motto: “Lifetime Warranty with no questions, no receipt required,” they are letting DIYers and pros know that they stand behind their tools.

The Family Handyman editors dive into what makes the ideal mechanics’ socket set.

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Gerber 12-in-1 Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are workhorses in the DIY world. These pocket-sized devices tend to take a great deal of abuse, especially when part of a DIYer’s everyday carry. A broken knife blade or out-of-alignment pliers can quickly turn a multi-tool into a paperweight, so consider picking up a model like this Gerber 12-in-1, backed by a lifetime warranty.

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DeWalt 5-in-1 Multi-Tacker and Brad Nailer

DeWalt is a brand name with a great deal of history. Currently owned by Black & Decker, DeWalt is a more rugged version of that B&D’s lineup. Brad nailers won’t take the same abuse as a frame nail gun or coil roofing gun, so you’re less likely to need a warranty. That said, any warranty on a tool with this many moving parts is a welcome bit of support from a manufacturer!

Get the most out of your pneumatic trim nailer with these tips.

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Fiskars Splitting Axe

Anyone with a yard and any number of trees will find use for a quality axe, sooner or later. With plenty of use, it’s important to keep a sharp blade on your axe. Poorly made axes often suffer from swollen or split handles. This Fiskars splitting axe is backed by a lifetime warranty, which means that you can set loose your inner Paul Bunyan to your heart’s content.

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Milwaukee SAE Wrench Set

It may seem easy for items like crescent wrenches to carry lifetime warranties. After all, they’re essentially a slab of metal. But, the difference in machining and finish means that manufacturers of quality wrenches can afford to offer a lifetime warranty on their product. Check out the design of the Milwaukee 15-piece set for a quality shop or home tool, backed by a warranty.

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Wilton Vise

Are you likely to need a warranty on a vise? Looking at the specs and solid build of this Wilton 6-inch vise, it doesn’t seem likely. But considering the ticket price on a quality bench-mounted device, is there any reason to go with an option lacking this kind of security?

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Empire Digital Box Level

As we mentioned before, lifetime warranties are especially useful on devices with moving parts or fine adjustments. After all, there are more things to go wrong. This Empire digital level is a nice addition to your toolbox, and its warranty means that you don’t have to worry about losing that digital functionality down the road.

Do you think that laser levels are a bit of a gimmick? If you select the best laser level for your carpentry task, we bet you will be reaching for one more and more often.

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Hitachi/Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer

In October of 2018, Hitachi power tools were rebranded to Metabo/HPT. The name has changed but the warranty stays the same! Hitachi/Metabo nailers are the go-to choice for many pros. That’s in no small part due to the lifetime warranty that backs up these devices.

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Dan Stout
Ohio-based freelance writer and author Dan Stout is a former residential remodeler, commercial site supervisor and maintenance manager. He’s worked on nearly all aspects of building and DIY including project planning and permitting, plumbing, basic electric, drywall, carpentry, tiling, painting and more. He also publishes noir fantasy thrillers, including The Carter Series, from Penguin imprint DAW Books.