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Top 10 DIY Kitchen Tablet Stands

Whether you're following a recipe or checking your emails while stirring pasta sauce, a tablet stand can make your life in the kitchen much easier. Before you go out and buy a stand, check out these 10 kitchen tablet stands you can make yourself.

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Under Cabinet Kitchen Tablet Stand

This DIY tablet stand allows you to hang the tablet underneath your kitchen cabinets. While this DIYer used a scroll saw to cut out a pattern, you can keep the design plain and simple, if you prefer.

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Scrap Wood Kitchen Tablet Stand

This DIYer raided a scrap wood pile and cut pieces to fit the tablet. The pieces were then sanded and stained, although you could also paint the stand to match your kitchen decor.

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Fabric Stand

This prop-up DIY tablet stand case and stand uses a pretty fabric for a punch of fun color. You’ll also need some weights, a button, heavy cardboard and some thread.

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Frame Stand

Try this easy tablet stand. Use an old wooden picture frame, paint it, then add some scrapbook paper where the photo would go. Many frames are just thick enough for the tablet to rest on when propped up.

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Cutting Board Stand

This DIYer was inspired by a Pinterest project which used an old cutting board for a tablet stand. After the board was painted, the DIYer used hot glue to attach a Scrabble tile holder for the ledge!

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Simple Tablet Stand

Want a DIY tablet stand you can make in just minutes? You’ll need a board, a dowel, some wood glue and a drill for this minimalist design.

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Copper Pipe Stand

Here’s a unique DIY tablet stand design that uses copper pipe and fittings. This design may seem tricky, but for a complete list of instructions with photos, visit

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Cardboard Stand

It doesn’t get much easier than this cardboard tablet stand. Try using some duct tape to make sure the stand keeps its shape.

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DVD/CD Spool Stand

Instead of throwing that empty plastic DVD or CD spool in the recycling bin, try using it to create a tablet stand. The grooves on the bottom should be just big enough to keep the tablet in place.

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Car Tablet Stand

This tablet stand and holder is designed for car trips, but you could easily take the idea and incorporate it into your kitchen. You’ll need some scrap wood, a saw, some wood glue and nails to hold the tablet holder together. It can then be decorated with paper of your choice. For step-by-step instructions, visit

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