Top 10 Must-Have Bike Accessories

There's more to choosing the right bicycle water bottle cage, pedals, repair kit, light mount and phone and computer mount than you think. The six common accessories we show here will save you time, money and aggravation because they fit every bike, install easily and make your biking experience even more enjoyable.

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Six Common Accessories

If you’re like most bicycle owners you’re interested in adding accessories like a water bottle cage, upgraded pedals, an LED light and a repair kit. But there are hundreds of options out there. How do you know which one to choose for your bike?

We contacted three large bicycle accessory manufacturers and asked them for buying advice for the most common bicycle accessories. They walked us through the most common buying mistakes and then provided product recommendations. Here’s what we learned.

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All Water Bottle Cages Aren’t Created Equal

Just because a water bottle cage fits the braze-on eyelets doesn’t mean there’s enough clearance to slide the water bottle in and out without a fight. That’s especially true for bikes with small frames and children’s bikes. To solve the clearance problem, shop for a water bottle cage that can be moved up or down or loads/unloads from the side.

Then there’s the issue of bottle size. Most cages hold either a 2-7/8-in. or 5-in. diameter bottle. That’s great if you stick with a standard water bottle. If you drink pop or sparking water, you’ll want a cage that hold various sizes.

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Five Water Bottle Cage Products That Solve the Space Problem

• Water bottle cage with up/down adjustments.

• Water bottle cage that holds multiple bottle sizes

• Side loading water bottle

• Add-on height adapter

• Handlebar water bottle cage mount

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Must Have Bike Accessories: Up/Down Water Bottle Cage

Several companies make adjustable up/down water bottle cages. This one has five height adjustment holes, giving you up to 30-mm of up/down movement. The cage is made with a rust-free nylon composite material for long life and light weight. Available in red, white or black, find the MSW #PC-120 Up or Down Bottle Cage ($17) at a local bike shop or online. Take a peek at this incredible way to store a bike.

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Must Have Bike Accessories: Wide-Range Water Bottle Cage

This wide-range water bottle cage holds various bottle sizes from 64-mm to 74-mm in diameter. Switch from traditional 16-oz. plastic pop bottles to oversized 22-oz. bike water bottles without making any adjustments. The cage is made with rust-free nylon composite material for long life and light weight.

Available in red, white or black, find the MSW #PC-100 Wide-Range Bottle Cage ($10.99) at a local bike shop or online.

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Must Have Bike Accessories: All-Around Bottle Cage

This unique water bottle cage is the ultimate problem solver for small or hard-to-fit frames where you just don’t have clearance above the cage to remove a bottle. Simply mount it to the braze-on eyelets and rotate it fully left or right. Then insert and remove the bottle from the side. Lightweight aluminum available in silver or black. Find the MSW #AC-210 All-Around Bottle Cage ($17) at a local bike shop or online.

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Must Have Bike Accessories: Bottle Cage Height Adapter

If your existing bottle cage doesn’t work well with your bike or you want to add a second cage, add this adapter. It mounts to your frame’s braze-on eyelets and moves up and down up to 45-mm. Find the right height and then mount your bottle cage to the adapter. Find the Problem Solvers # WC3316 Bottle Cage Height Adapter ($10) at a local bike shop or online.

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Must Have Bike Accessories: At Your Fingertips Water Bottle Cage Handlebar Mount

Your car has cup holders at your fingertips. Why not your bike? We’re not suggesting you drink and bike, but with this gadget, you can stop, grab, drink and get back on the road much faster.

The cage mount clamps to your handlebars and accepts standard size water bottle cages. The Problem Solvers #WC0900 Clamp-on Water Bottle Mount fits 22.2-25.4mm diameter handlebars and the Problem Solvers WC0901 Clamp-on Water Bottle Mount fits 25.4-31.8mm diameter handlebars. They are $28 at local bike shops and online.

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Must Have Bike Accessories: Best-of-All-Worlds Pedals

Clipless pedals work with special biking shoes and cleats to give you a better foot-to-pedal connection for more power and control. That’s great if you’ve always got your biking shoes and cleats handy. But what if you’re wearing street shoes and just want to hop on for a quick ride? Not a problem if you’ve got Flip pedals. Flip pedals are a two-fer: they’re a clipless pedal on one side and a platform pedal on the other. Flip pedals come in three models and nine colors:

  • Flip I has double bushings and a 52.5mm spindle length ($60/pair)
  • Flip II has a bushing & cartridge bearing and a 58.5mm spindle length ($80/pair)
  • Flip III has triple sealed bearings and a 58.5mm spindle length ($100/pair)

Colors: Teal, violet, lava, Hi-Vis yellow, lime green, Pink, silver and black

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Must Have Bike Accessories: Clipless-to-Platform Pedal Adapter

Already own clipless pedals but still want to ride with street shoes once in a while? No problem! Just snap these clipless pedal adapters onto your pedals and take off. When you’re done, simply twist to unlock. The Problem Solvers # PD1151 Deckster Pedal Adapters ($36) work with: Shimano Mountain, Crank Brothers, Wellgo, Ritchey and Time pedals. The platform measures 85 x 95 x 10mm.

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Must Have Bike Accessories: Easiest Way to Add a Headlight

Handlebars too crowded to add a headlight? No problem. Mount it right onto your front axle instead. Just remove the nut from your quick release mechanism and screw on the Quick Release Nut Light Mount. Then clamp your headlight right onto the knurled mount. Aim the headlight and you’re ready to hit the road. Mounting your headlight at axle level provides a broader light beam for better visibility. Problem Solvers #LT0900 Quick Release Nut Light Mount: $20 at local bike shops and online.

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Best Ride and Repair Kit

Handle just about bike emergency or adjustment with this repair kit. The kit includes CO2 cartridges, inflater head for Presta and Schrader valves, tire levers, 8-piece multi-tool with the most common hex, star, flat and Philips bits, patch kit with glue and a storage seat pack. MSW Ride & Repair Kit $50.

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Must Have Bike Accessories: Universal Handlebar Mount

Running out of room on your handlebars but still want to mount one more electronic device or accessory? This handlebar mount does the trick. Just clamp it onto your handlebar near the stem and add your device. The Problem Solvers # HB0901 Handlebar Accessory Mounts ($28) fits handlebars 25.4-mm to 31.8-mm in diameter. The mount is 80-mm long with a 22.2-mm diameter.