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The Top 10 Flooring Trends for 2019

Every year, flooring trends get more creative. Here's what to expect in 2019.

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Going Green

Throughout the entirety of the home, natural, recycled and materials obtained from sustainable sources will be big in 2019. Options like cork, bamboo, reclaimed wood and engineered wood are proving to be popular choices. Cork, for instance, is non-toxic and taken from the bark of the cork oak tree. “These trees grow along the border of the Mediterranean Sea and can regenerate after every harvest. In fact, cork trees can live up to two centuries,” say the experts from Floor Critics. “The first harvest takes place when the tree is approximately 20 years old. Subsequent bark removal occurs every 9 years—up to 15 times per lifetime. Farmers take great care not to damage the tree by using a specially designed hatchet to strip the bark without disturbing the inner layer.”

We’ll show you everything you need to install a cork floor. Cork flooring is a natural, renewable product that’s easy to install yourself with basic tools.

Photo: Courtesy of Green Building Supply

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Bathroom: Mosaics

White mosaics, as well as black and white patterned ones, are very on-trend right now. In 2019, a variety of shapes including subway tiles, small squares, herringbone, chevron and more will be seen everywhere.

“Many are opting for using the same white marble tile throughout the bathroom, but mixing up the shapes on the floors, walls and shower area,” notes flooring expert Debbie Gartner. “This keeps the space light and bright while providing visual intrigue by mixing up the shapes and textures.” Here’s how to remodel a bathroom with marble mosaic and limestone tile.

Photo: Courtesy of Somertile

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Bathroom: Wood-Look Tiles

The biggest ongoing trend in tile flooring (including tile for the bathroom) is tile that resembles wood. The wood-look planks come in many styles and colors, and many look incredibly realistic. “With the upgraded inkjet technology, these look super realistic,” says Gartner. “The most popular shades seem to be light grays and whites, as well as other cool tones.” Check out these 10 floors you won’t believe are tile.

Photo: Courtesy of Somertile

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Kitchen: Rustic Farmhouse

According to flooring company Maples & Birch, the rustic farmhouse look is still going strong. “Designers and homeowners are calling for longer and wider planks with an emphasis on natural aging and the use of reclaimed materials,” the company explains. Create farmhouse-style painted furniture with layers of colorful paint and paint removal. Read on to find out how to get the look.

Photo: Courtesy of Armstrong

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Kitchenalexandre zveiger/Shutterstock

Kitchen: Grey Hardwood Floors

“Grey woods with distinctive patterns so reminiscent of sun-bleached American boardwalks are still growing in popularity—particularly for kitchens and even in bathrooms,” according to Maples & Birch. Grey hardwood floors have become synonymous with the modern kitchen look, especially when combined with brushed stainless steel and tinted glass. If your vinyl floor has tough stains or scuffs, here’s a rundown of what to use and where to use it.

Photo: Courtesy of MONIOMI Design

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Living Room: Sustainable Exotic Species

The number of homeowners looking for a more unique floor is on the rise. In 2019, expect to see a move toward the use of sustainable exotic species, including Brazilian Cherry, Teak shown here), Iroko and Wenge from exotic and tropical areas of the world. Here’s how to care for your indoor teak furniture.

Photo: Courtesy of Welles Hardwood

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Bedrooms and Living Room: Carpet

It’s no secret hardwoods, tile and other hard-surface flooring options are everywhere right now, but carpet is also expected to be big in 2019. Consumers are still choosing carpet for the plush feel and its ability to add warmth. Expect to see more patterns, colors, designs and variety of look and feel.

“Entryways have become popular spaces for carpet, because they set the tone for a home. Even though it’s an entryway,” notes Brooklyn-based designer Malene Barnett. “My clients haven’t been afraid to go with lighter colors like grays, beiges and whites. You would think that they would choose a dark rug to hide the dirt, but they want to make their entryway as luxurious as a living room or bedroom.”

Recycled carpet, as well as these other floors, were big in 2018.

Photo: Courtesy of Brilliance Flooring

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Deck: Contrasting Perimeters and Bold Colors

While a “picture frame” border is nothing new, it remains on-trend for its ability to conceal the ends of deck boards, offering a clean finish. New to the trend is contrasting yet complementing decking colors. Using a dark color for the contrasting border, for instance, will make the whole deck stand out. Check out these 14 DIY deck add-ons that are seriously cool.

Photo: Courtesy of Omni Construction

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Living Room: Large Format Tile

On-trend for 2019 is innovation at its finest, including the use of large format tile for various purposes.

According to Mar Esteve, director of marketing for TheSize Surfaces, a large format tile manufacturer, “With its 100-percent natural composition—and several exhaustive quality controls along the chain—Neolith is able to produce large format slabs, which means greater uniformity and continuity in finished spaces, easier handling and minimized joints for aesthetic and hygienic benefits.”

“Thanks to its slim surface, it allows contractors to transport more than double the amount of surface per container than with thicker products. Slimmer slabs also allow for Neolith to be directly applied onto existing surfaces. This saves contractors from costly tear-outs while reducing landfill waste.” It won’t always work, but sometimes you can successfully tile over old tile. Here’s how.

Photo: Courtesy of Marva

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Garage: Floor Tiles

A popular choice for garage floors continues to be tiles — rigid plastic tiles, wood composite tiles, flexible rubber and plastic tiles. According to the experts from, people seek out tile for its ability to provide even more variations compared to using paint, allowing them to accent their garage with a more personal style. Here are more garage flooring options.

Photo: Courtesy of Overhead Door Company of Kansas City

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