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Top Garden Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

Garden trends for 2020 are all about creating a garden that's good for all involved—gardeners, wildlife and the earth for years to come.

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Regenerative Gardening composting garden trendsl i g h t p o e t/Shutterstock

Regenerative Gardening

Regenerative gardening aims to put nutrients back into the soil used to grow vegetables. By infusing garden soil with more nutrients, our homegrown vegetables will also have more nutrients.

Practices such as composting, no-tilling and pasture cropping are all a aspects of regenerative gardening. These practices rebuild the soil’s organic matter, restore degraded soil, withdraw carbon and reduce runoff.

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frog garden trendsRudmer Zwerver/Shutterstock


A garden filled with amphibians indicates balance and a healthy ecosystem. The absence may indicate problems. Frogs and toads are an effective, natural form of pest control. These amphibians eat mosquitoes, slugs and plant-damaging beetles.

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dwarf pine tree plantsMaria Evseyeva/Shutterstock

Dwarf Plants

Growers are continually introducing new cultivars with special characteristics such as dwarf varieties of our favorite plants. So when considering landscaping ideas, you can grow a pine tree that matures to 1 foot or 80 feet tall. When you choose the former, you end up with enough space to add companion plants. Learn more about space-saving trees for today’s smaller yards.

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Houseplantsrattiya lamrod/Shutterstock


Houseplants are having a moment. They clean the air, reduce stress, bring life to a room, enhance creativity and connect you with nature. According to Euromonitor, the largest proportion of houseplants sold are succulents. They are easy to grow and keep alive indoors. Tall indoor plants are also popular.

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Not Just Some Fungi

Mushrooms are one of the most health-promoting superfoods that exist. From helping you clean up oil spills and absorbing pollution to fighting off smallpox and flu viruses, mushrooms are nature’s recycling system. Gardeners will be growing their own mushrooms to boost immune system health and longevity, improve digestion and reduce weight.

We explain these lawn mysteries (and how to fix them).

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living wallFamily Handyman

Vertical Gardening

A popular trend in small yard ideas is to garden vertically. There are many off-the-shelf products that allow you to grow plants vertically, such as these wall planters. Or you can come up with a creative idea yourself. Either way, it creates gardening space out of thin air.

10 balcony garden ideas you can use.

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Planting For Wildlife

Help protect pollinators such as butterflies, bees and hummingbirds by planting pollinator-friendly plants like milkweed, lavender and lilacs around your home. Learn more about which plants to use to start a pollinator-friendly yard.

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Gardening Tech

More and more gardeners are turning to garden tech to help keep their garden green.Your modern green thumb will love how much easier gardening is with these gadgets and tools. The Parrot Flower Power is a wireless Bluetooth indoor/outdoor gadget that can sense levels of sunlight, moisture, temperature and fertilizer in your plants’ environment. Check out the latest high-tech gardening tools here.

Buy the Parrot Flower Power on Amazon.

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Be Soil-Friendly

Erosion and deforestation have washed away 1/3 of the world’s topsoil and, consequently, the soil has been stripped of its nutrients. Here are some tips to be more soil-friendly:

  • Reduce waste by composting and create a probiotic for your soil. Composting can reduce household waste by about 40 percent.
  • Test soil. Replenish with organic fertilizers such as Espoma Organic.
  • Till garden soil with worms and biochar.
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garden water feature garden trendsFamily Handyman

Add a Water Element

An attractive, low-maintenance water feature is trendy and makes any yard more inviting. Check out these beautiful water element projects, along with the complete how-to instructions, and select the one that would be perfect for your yard.

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Blue salvia flower field background beemerrymuuu/Shutterstock

Indigo Plants

Indigo plants continue to be the most sought-after hue in the garden—from hydrangeas to salvia. Ornamental edible berries are also adding blue tones to the 2020 landscape picture. Expect to see indigo in containers, pillows and other outdoor decor this year.

Next, check out these 49 colorful plants to brighten up your landscape.

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