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Trendy Paint Patterns to Spice Up Walls

If you're looking for a less permanent pattern than wallpaper, look no further than these trendy patterns for wall paint and tips for ways to create unique looks with just wall paint and few simple supplies.

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Removing WallpaperFamily Handyman

Removing Wallpaper

Preparing your wall for paint might mean removing wallpaper first. Here's the best way to remove wallpaper.

One of the best tips for removing wallpaper is to use the right wallpaper removers in the process.

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Preparing WallsFamily Handyman

Preparing Walls

Wallpaper isn't the only problem you can encounter when preparing your walls for paint. Make sure to fix common flaws before beginning your paint technique for a flawless finish.
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Perfect Colorhohotun4ik/Shutterstock

Perfect Color

Sometimes the perfect paint color is enough to add character to a room. Use these tips on how to choose paint colors.
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Dry EraseRust-Oleum

Dry Erase

Rust-Oleum's Dry Erase is a fun and functional surface for office walls or children's rooms. Here is more information about unusual types of wall paint.
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Chalkboard isn't just for the classroom anymore. A number of manufactures make chalkboard paints in black and other fun colors. This surface is a retro and customizable texture for the kitchen pantry, office or kid's playroom.
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This technique for a gingham plaid uses glaze to vary transparency within the stripes, and can be adjusted to create a variety of plaid patterns. Photo: Teresa Odland
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High Gloss

High Gloss

Adding a high gloss medium to the base wall paint color and painting a pattern with this mixture will add a subtle texture to the wall that's picked up with light. Photo: Teresa Odland
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StencilJ Boutique Stencils


Stencils in trendy patterns can be an inexpensive way to add interest to any wall. Purchase stencils at local hardware and craft supply stores, or online like these found on Amazon. Photo: J Boutique Stencils
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StripesFamily Handyman


Using painters tape to mask off stripes, either straight lines or with character, can create an illusion to make a room seem taller or larger.
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SpongeFamily Handyman


The sponge technique is a great way to add texture and interest to your walls, and can vary from subtle to dramatic. Try this tutorial on How to Sponge Paint a Wall.
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Faux Stone

Faux Stone

Use a stencil or sponge cut to size to create a brick or faux stone pattern with paint. Photo: Teresa Odland
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The easiest way to pattern a wall with the least commitment is by using peel-and-stick wall decals like these found at Home Depot. This is a great option for children's rooms that might change style frequently, or for quotes and hand script that's perfectly legible, even if yours isn't. Photo: RoomMates Decor
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Clean UpFamily Handyman

Clean Up

Its easy to skimp on cleanup once a paint project is finished, but proper cleanup will add life to your paint supplies and ensure they're ready to use on that next project. Use these tips for how to properly clean paint brushes.