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Under Bed Shoe Storage: 8 Best Ideas

Whether you're looking for a simple box, a stylish container or a DIY solution for under shoe storage, this inspired collection of products and tips unlocks more space under the bed for all your essential footwear.

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Best Under Bed Shoe Storage for Big Collections

This large, clear storage bin will hold a lot of out-of-season shoes and boots for $17. Place two or more of these bins side-by-side under the bed or have one for each family member. The wheels are flush, so they don’t add to the height and won’t snap off easily.

Pro Tip: When paring down your collection, donate the shoes you no longer need to DSW and get rewards. DSW donates shoes in any condition to Soles4Souls.

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Best Under Bed Shoe Storage for Summer Footwear

I generally don’t recommend under bed storage made of fabric, but these organizers from storageLAB (this is a set of two) got great reviews online and from a fellow professional organizer.

The sturdy sides and riveted handles make it ideal for lightweight flip-flops and summer sandals. Use the dividers to adjust the width between pairs. And they’re super low profile, so they work well for beds with as little as five inches of under bed clearance.

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Best Under Bed Shoe Storage for Kids

Storage for kids’ rooms should be sturdy and easy to use. Measure the height of the space under the bed and find a low plastic container without a lid. Shop in your home first because you may have one floating around (sans lid!). If not, here’s an inexpensive bin from Target. Open containers allow kids to easily throw shoes into the bin.

Pro Tip: Store out-of-season shoes separately in a closed container to keep them dust-free.

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Most Attractive Under Bed Shoe Storage

These under bed storage drawers are a splurge at $170 for the pair. They’re pricey because they’re wheeled, sleek, finished drawers that look like they’re part of your bedroom décor. These drawers are also a little tall, so measure your space to ensure you’ve got enough clearance. Reviewers note they’re easy to assemble.

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Best Under Bed Shoe Storage for Hardworking Shoes

For easy access to shoes that are, um, fragrant, this metal under bed storage rack sits off the floor to encourage air circulation. Store workout sneakers, garden shoes and summer sandals here. If dirt falls through the wire, you can easily pull the wheeled rack out to vacuum.

Pro Tip: To freshen shoes, put essential oils on a couple of small cloths, or grab two dryer sheets and put one inside each shoe.

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Best Under Bed Shoe Storage for Dog Owners

Dogs often mistake shoes for chew toys. To keep your shoes safe and out of the way, this virtually unbreakable polypropylene bin with wheels has a locking lid that even the cleverest dog is not likely to open.

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Best Under Bed Shoe Storage for Dorms

This under the bed footlocker storage trunk offers shoe storage and more for college students.

Although the price is higher than some under the bed storage, this sturdy trunk features a push-button key lock latch with two keys to keep out roommates who like to borrow shoes. It’s 8-1/2-in. tall, so it’s great for a bed on risers. The inline wheels and side handle make for easy maneuvering.

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Best Under Bed Storage for Tall Boots

Storing leather boots can be a challenge, but these clear heavy-duty boot storage boxes do the trick. These one-piece construction boxes keep out dust and moisture, while the vent holes keep boots fresh. The longer length accommodates bulky cowboy, hiking and longer rain boots, as well as tall leather boots.

Pro Tip: Plastic boot shaper inserts keep tall boots from flopping over and becoming creased.

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Check out these entryway shoe storage ideas that will keep clutter at bay while ensuring your most-worn footwear is always easy to find.

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