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10 Best Ways to Get Rid of Big Furniture Before You Move

Save your back from some unnecessary work with these tips!

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garage sale signPaul Velgos/Shutterstock

Hold a Garage Sale

A garage sale is the tried and true way to get rid of items before you move. Some of your bigger items can fetch a good price, too. It might take a little effort to get something outside but if it’s out of the house, that’s a good start toward getting that big furniture gone for good. Here’s how you can have a successful garage sale to make sure most of your stuff gets sold.

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Host an Estate Sale

An estate sale is a great way to sell your stuff in one fell swoop, especially your big furniture. You’ll get a lot of people going through your house but sale-goers will get a better idea of how an item might look in their house.

If you like to peruse estate sales, these tips will make you a savvy estate sale shopper.

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Offer Furniture to Relatives

Chances are someone in the family has had their eyes on a furniture piece or two in your house for a while, so why not offer it to them. That way you’ll get rid of your big furniture piece and they’ll haul it out. These 14 tips will make moving big furniture a breeze.

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Where Can I Take Unwanted Furniture?: Donate Furniture

These places will take your unwanted furniture:

These are the places that will come pick up your unwanted junk.

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sellRalf Broskvar/Shutterstock

Moving Sale

Like a garage sale and an estate sale, a moving sale will attract people to come by, buy your big furniture and haul it away. A moving sale might bring a buyer seeking more of a deal since they know you’re up against a deadline, but then again you can always have someone come pick something up for a donation. Here’s how to pack and organize before a move.

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Classified Ad

Classified ads are still a viable option and will help get your big furniture pieces in front of a wider audience. Some newspapers will even offer deals if you place an ad and host a garage sale.

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craigslist sell your stuffCasimiro PT/Shutterstock


Craigslist is still a good place to try to move some of your bigger furniture pieces. It might be a little bit of a hassle to deal with prospective buyers but you’ll attract a lot more attention with an ad on Craigslist. Craigslist can be a great way to get rid of old appliances, too!

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be another tool at your fingertips to find a way to get rid of your big furniture. Additionally, there are often buy and sell groups on Facebook you can join to help you sell big furniture.

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Haven’t heard of Freecycle? The network is made up of people who give and get stuff for free and thus keep perfectly good items (such as cheap bookshelves) out of landfills. You can join the network in your own community. Teach your child basic woodworking skills with this DIY bookshelf plan.

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refrigerator on curb appliance pick-up Zachary Byer/Shutterstock

Leave it on the Curb

If all else fails you can always leave your big furniture on the curb and see if someone will pick it up. There are still plenty of people who will grab curbside items. These are the 10 best ways to save money on a move.

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